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Silent Tongue Chapter 1.

It was half pass nine p.m. I cradled Ami in my arm as the red and blue lights flashed through my small bedroom window. She was crying, her salty tears were staining my pink pajamas. "Big sister, why won't papa and mommy come and say goodnight? What's wrong?" I didn't answer her, I didn't even look at her. My eyes were locked on my dark ceiling, I pretended to be distracted by the lights shining on it. I couldn't tell her, because I didn't know myself. The problem was Papa had told us to go to my room without an explanation, after someone had knocked on the door, then mama broke down crying. "Big sister?" I couldn't ignore Ami for much longer… I just couldn't, but I couldn't lie either.

About ten minutes later I finally gave in. I looked down at my little sister and rubbed her head. "Everything's going to be alright Ami. Nothing bad is going to happen." I put my lips to her ear and I then sang a lullaby our mother use to sing to us when we were little, and she quickly fell asleep. I put her in my bed and pulled the blanket over her small body. "That's a good girl. Six year olds aren't supposed to awake this late." I kissed her forehead and sat down on my pink carpet. I stared at my door, any moment Papa was burst through like he always does. Instead, my phone began to vibrate besides me. I opened it up and there was a text message from my dad.

"Fill the bathtub with warm water, quick." I looked at it dumbfounded, my entire family had already taken a bath tonight. I sighed and went to the bathroom. "I guess you can never be too clean ." I said to myself as I turned the faucet and the warm water came flowing out, it quickly filled the tub half way.

"Amu! Come here I need to speak with you about something!" I heard my dad yelling from the front door. I turned off the water, the water came out so fast that if you didn't watch it, it would overflow. I walked out towards the sound of my father's yells. Then more sounds came into my ears, my mother's tears and the sounds of police sirens. I saw my father standing in the doorway, his hand on the back of a boy, who was wearing a trench coat hanging from his shoulders, but closed in the front. He had crimson red hair. "Amu, this is Ikuto. Ikuto this is my daughter, Amu." He motioned to the two of us. "He'll be staying with us for a while. You don't mind if you share your room with Ami until we fix the guest bedroom up, right Amu? Ami's my other daughter. If Amu agrees you'll be sleeping in her room." He told Ikuto, who simply nodded.

"Umm, I don't mind. She's already asleep in mine anyways." I told him, my eyes turned to Ikuto. He looked no older than seventeen, only two years older than me. This boy was the reason for all the noise? My father was rubbing his hand on Ikuto's back, Ikuto"s eyes were just looking at our wooden floor.

"That's great! Now can you take him to the bathroom, so he can take a bath. I have to speak to the police about something. Excuse me." My father then stepped out the doorframe, out to the noisiest night I ever had in my life. Being alone with Ikuto for the first time was awkward. None of us spoke, until I had enough of the quiet.

I reached for Ikuto's hand. "Come on, the bathroom's this way." I didn't need to use any force, he came along willingly.

oXSilent TongueXo

I came back into the bathroom with a set of my dad's clean clothes and a new bottle of shampoo. I handed it to him, but he wouldn't take it. "You don't like this brand? Then, I supposed I can let you use mine." I opened the redwood cabinet under the sink and look through the mess. Luckily, I found a bottle of my strawberry shampoo. I tossed it to him, he didn't catch it, it hit his chest and fell to the floor. "You're supposed to catch it." He reached down and picked it up. "Anyways… I'll leave you to it." I started to walk out the door until I stopped. I looked at his red hair. "Is that natural, your red hair, is it natural? I never seen anything like it."

He squinted his eyes at me and spoke his very first words to me. "My hair isn't red." He walked over to the steaming water and dunked his head in. My eyes widened in shocked at the stupid thing he just did.

I ran over to him and placed my hand on his shoulders. "Stop it! You'll hurt yourself!" I yelled at him as I tried to pull him back. I looked at the water, which was turning red. I let go of him and fell back onto the cold bathroom floor.

He brought his head up and turned to me. "My hair isn't red." Which it wasn't, it was midnight blue, then I noticed it was the same color as his eyes. He then took off the trench coat revealing a bloodstained white collared shirt and blue jeans. I felt my body shake all over, I stood up and ran out the door, closing it with a slam. I leaned against it and slid down till I was sitting on the floor. I covered my eyes with my hands.

"Blood… so much blood." I felt my body go cold and I began to shake once again.

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Age Chart:

Amu= 15

Ami= 6

Dad= 42

Mom= 41