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Silent Tongue Chapter 9. A Remembered Memory

Let me tell you a little something about Ikuto Tsukiyomi.

He's a seventeen years old boy, has blue hair, blue eyes, and is a little bit above five foot, ten. He lives with his parents and sister and is completely happy.

I could say that, but that would a complete and total lie.

Ikuto, is in fact a seventeen year old boy with blue hair and eyes, and is of that height.

Truth is, Ikuto does not live with his parents or his sister. His parents were murdered right in front of him, his sister ran away and is now a pop superstar, and he is not happy, not at all.

Ikuto now lives with me and my family, the Hinamori's.

He doesn't speak much anymore due to mental trauma.

He has a silent tongue.

OXSilent TongueXO

"…mu, Am…, Amu." I heard someone call my name. My eyes slowly fluttered open. Papa was in font of me, gently shaking my shoulder. "Honey, we're home."

I turned my head towards the window, it was completely dark. Mama was standing outside the door with Ami in her arms, Ikuto stood besides her, he looked like himself again, uninterested in the world around him.

"Papa… I'm too tired to move…" I said in a low whisper. I could feel my father put his arms around me and pick me up like a baby. I heard the car door slam shut behind us and could feel the movements of my dad walking.

"Damn, I forgot the keys in the car. Here, take her." Papa's voice said and I felt a new set of arms holding me. They were too strong to be Mama's, who was already holding Ami, so that meant I was in Ikuto's arms!

Surprisingly, his arms were very comfortable and warm.

That's when it happened, I fell asleep and my memories began to flow.

OxSilent TonguexO

"Ikuto! Ikuto! Ikuto!" Utau's childish voice came from the hallway. She quickly ran into the living room where Ikuto and I were watching the cat, Yoru. Our mother's were talking in the kitchen.

Ikuto looked up with a disappointed expression on his face. "What do you want, Utau?" He asked in an annoyed tone and began to play with Yoru with a cat toy.

Utau jumped on top on him. He let out an oof. "Can I have a kiss?"

"No, it's not right if I kiss my sister."

"You never kiss me!" Utau whined and started kicking her feet. I could see tears forming in her eyes. Ikuto began to reason with her, which then turned into a loud fight.

"What's a kiss?" I curiously asked them. They both stopped immediately and looked at me with dumbfound expressions.

"A kiss is what you do when you love someone and want to show it! Like what I do to Ikuto!" Utau cheerfully said, followed by a large amount of giggles.

"Utau… I think you're confusing a kiss with something else, but it is a sign of affection." Ikuto begins to explain. "Maybe it's better if I show you."

Ikuto slowly leaned in closer to my face, I could feel his warm breath come onto my lips, I closed my eyes and soon our lips touched.

"Ikuto!" I heard his mom yelled.

"Amu!" My mother yelled at the exact same time.

OxSilent TonguexO

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I was in my room, in my bed, the moonlight shone through the window.

I slowly moved around in my bed and rubbed my eyes. Suddenly, there was a loud shuffling sound.

My eyes snapped to my desk and widened when I saw Ikuto in the chair, reading a manga.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked as I sat up in my bed and patted down my hair.

He simply shrugged. "I was bored." He said, tuning the page of the manga.

"'I was bored'" I mimicked him, "Can I ask you something since you're here?"

He shrugged again, his eyes focused on his reading.

"Did we ever kiss when we were little?"

He puts the book down and gets up, quickly making his way towards the door. He yanks it open but stops before heading out.

"I'm not someone you would like to be in your dreams." He said without looking back.

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