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Chapter 1: Day 8: The Icing On The Cake Of Wonder

The dark morning in the World That Never Was became apparent after Roxas woke up in his rather boring-looking room.

It has been roughly 8 days after he was admitted (or born) into the Organization XIII. Roxas didn't exactly know how he ended there, but heck, it was better than nothing. However, he still remembered the rather devious smile Xemnas gave him the day Roxas was presented at him.

Maybe Xemnas liked Roxas? This question made the Nobody shrug uncomfortably at the thought.

What about N. XIV, who just recently joined the group of black coated people? Roxas, again, was met with yet another devious smile from the XIV Nobody.

Was he that precious to girls...and boys like Xemnas? He hoped neither to be true.

For some reason, "nothing" was far more tempting than "better" for Roxas as he made his way to the room where Sáix gave missions to everyone else…except probably himself.

The room was dully named Grey Room, again for some reason.

The blue-haired Nobody looked at the XIII Nobody coming from the dark alley while some members stared at him from the nearby couches. "Roxas," Sáix began as he walked forward to the boy. "Welcome."

"..." Roxas remained silent.

"This is going to be your first day to work on missions. We here issue missions to each member to do many different tasks such as making you pointlessly stare at clue-places and to defeat Heartless while doing it. The Organization expects you to carry on these missions."

Roxas looked up at him.

"Today, though, Axel will show you the main basics of what you need to do in missions. You have a lot to learn before we put you to fight big-ass monsters."

Roxas decided to break the silence by speaking. Preoccupied, he started by asking "What is...basic?" ignoring the risk of dying by a big-ass creature.

Sáix looked at the eight Nobody approaching him from his left as he ran a hand in his spiked red hair. "Hey, why do I have to be his mentor?" Axel asked as he looked at Roxas. "Why do I have to take care of zombie boy here? Do I look like a babysitter to you?"

"You look like one to me," was Sáix's response. "Now, take Roxas to Twilight Town. I expect him to learn the most basic teachings."

"Man, you had to go and pit me with him..."

Roxas looked away in embarrassment before the red-haired Nobody moved his right hand forward, calling forth one of the dark portals that they used to travel between worlds. "Well," Axel began with a grin as he looked at Roxas. "Ready for it, Roxas?"

Roxas felt a little bit unsure about stepping into the darkness of the portal before him.

Axel frowned. "C'mon, it's not gonna bite you or something. Go."

The boy looked unsure before he finally decided to step into the portal. Axel and Sáix shared looks before a scream was heard from within the portal.

"UAH, I'M BLIND! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!" Roxas was heard yelling.

The members in the Gray Room (which were only Zexion and No. XIV) looked over their shoulders at the portal before some chuckles came from the bookworm Nobody. Axel could tell Roxas was literally going to be a very curious Nobody after the yelp he did just a few seconds ago.

Now Axel wished Roxas wouldn't lower his reputation.

"...Roxas," Sáix began with a tone of annoyance. "You're obviously not going to see anything as you see darkness with open eyes."

"...Oh..." was Roxas's response. "...Sorry..."

Axel looked at Sáix. "And here I thought he was silent..." he commented.

"He's in your hands now, Axel," Sáix told him. "He's your responsibility."

Axel rolled his eyes at this. "Yeah, yeah, whatever..." he trailed off before stepping into the portal, leaving Sáix and the rest of the members behind.

Roxas unfortunately forgot to ask about No. XIV's name. The only thing he knew well was that all the members surely had a codename or just simply a name with an X in it. The boy made a mental note about asking it to Axel.


The next moment, a shocked Roxas noticed that he, along with Axel, appeared inside some sort of underground tunnel in some place completely different than the room they were previously in. A gate, shuttered, was just to his left as some other ways, above big steps, were located in front of them.

Axel, grinning, took a step forward to turn around and look down to Roxas. "All right, let's start by talking about what we do on missions," he said.

"U-um..." Roxas looked confused.


"W-well..." Roxas stammered a bit. "...I...wanted to ask which was No. XIV's name..."

Axel scratched his head. "Hmm... I think her name was Xion..."


Axel frowned. "No, you're pronouncing it wrong. Think there's the sh- sound and read the name again."

Roxas tried to say the name again. "...Shion..."

Axel knew Roxas pronounced the name wrong. "...Close enough," Axel said as he rolled his eyes. "Okay, let's get back on topic here. Ahem, Roxas, missions are..."

Roxas blinked in some anticipation for the VIII Nobody to explain him what missions were. However, Axel himself didn't know what the heck missions were.

"...So?" Roxas asked.

"Missions...are..." Axel tried his best to think. "(God, I hate this...)" Axel thought. "...T-they...um..."

The XIII Nobody, somehow, found some sympathy for Axel as Roxas smiled a bit at him. "Oh, I guess you don't know like me as well..."

Axel looked annoyed at him. "What, you're criticizing me now?"

Roxas looked away. "N-no..."

"Talking is dumb, though," Axel said, having to admit his opinion. "It's better to get our hands dirty than explain things."

Roxas blinked and looked around. There was a shallow dark pool just behind him. Axel tilted his head in confusion before the young Nobody went to it to brush his dark gloved hands against the pool. Axel, hiding a chuckle, watched as Roxas came back and showed him his dirty hands.

"There," Roxas said. "My hands are dirty."

"R-Roxas..." Axel's lips twitched. "I-I didn't mean it literally..."

"..." Roxas looked at his hands. "...Oh..."

Axel shook his head. "O-okay, shake your hands and follow me. We're gonna start your training."

Roxas shook his hands as he watched Axel jumping over the so-called steps of 4 to 7 feet each. The young Nobody blinked in surprise as he ran to Axel, but didn't jump to reach him. "H-hey, Axel!" Roxas yelled from below.

"Yeah?" Axel asked, moving his head from the big step.

"How did you...jump like 9 feet?" Roxas asked.

Axel chuckled. "Well, you see, Roxas, we're very important that we have the unusual ability to jump inhumanly high," he explained. "Besides, when you think about it, these steps are that big because we can jump so high. Nowadays, people jump."

Roxas raised an eyebrow at this explanation. The only thing that Roxas had was common sense, and this surely wasn't common at all.

However, he nodded at Axel. "O-oh, I think I understand..."

"Glad to hear that. Now jump."

Roxas thought he didn't have the same ability as Axel did, but surprise, he jumped so high that he managed to reach the VII Nobody without problem. Axel looked at Roxas's shocked look before he put a hand on his shoulder. "Feel better now?"

"W-what?" Roxas asked. "H-how did I..."

"Look, don't get so worked up over something I don't even know how to explain right, okay?"

Roxas looked confused at him. "Wait...you don't even know?"

Axel gasped mentally before he looked away. "E-er...forget what I say..." He looked back at Roxas. "Un-memorize that, please."

"..." Roxas shifted his eyes around. Something inside him wanted to ask Axel about the response he gave him, but how could Roxas tell? He was only 8 days old, and he barely knew what a Nobody was.

He, however, thought a Nobody was a person without a body... Then why did he have a body?

"The World That Never Was to Roxas, hello," Axel called to the distracted Nobody. "Congrats, you passed your first test."

"I...I did?" Roxas asked, suddenly looking relieved.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer, no," Axel admitted. "You can't just jump and run around during your missions. You hafta look around, you know. Sometimes what you're after is sitting right under your nose."

Roxas looked at his nose.

"NOT LITERALLY, ROXAS," Axel said annoyed, making Roxas look back at him. "Geez, you have a long way to go, don't ya?"

Roxas looked depressed as he looked down. "Sorry..."

"Meh, no worries about that," Axel said, lifting his shoulders a bit. "Okay, it's time for you for a road test."

"Road test?" Roxas asked. "Am I going to drive a machine like...a car?"

Axel looked miffed at Roxas. The boy was just too clueless for Axel's good.

"...No," Axel said bored. "What I mean by that is that you have to find a treasure chest somewhere around this underground tunnel."

Roxas blinked at the easy task. "That's all I have to do today?"

"Yeah, and I'll be following you so you don't run straight to a wall," Axel explained. "Look around carefully for it."

The young Nobody knew that the task was very easy. He was sure that finding a treasure chest in the underground passage was going to be one of the easiest tasks of the world. Roxas, with a chuckle, began to look around for the treasure chest as Axel followed him from behind.

When Roxas turned around a corner, he found 3 black and white thunders blocking the path that lead to the stairs to outside. Stopping, he motioned at Axel to stop. "Axel...what is this?" Roxas asked to Axel.

"Roxas, this is a barricade," Axel said. "We're not supposed to go this way, so they're here to recall you to stay focused in what you're doing."

"But..." Roxas stared at the 3 bolts of odd-colored lightning. "...Somebody can slip through them..."

Truth to be told, the barricades didn't even look like barricades. Roxas figured out that the bolts were so far-spaced from each other, enough for someone to just duck or slip right through them.

"Oh, Roxas, don't do that," Axel said. "That's cheating, you know. It looks so far-spaced, but nobody does that. Besides, I don't know who does that sort of thing in the Organization."

Once he told Roxas that, from the other side of the barricade, there was Demyx, who surprised the 2 on the other side. Axel looked confused at the IX Nobody in confusion. "Hey, you guys!" the sitar wielding Nobody greeted them with his optimistic look. "Glad to see ya around these parts!"

Axel looked back at him. "What the... Weren't you supposed to be on recon?"

Roxas watched as Demyx slipped right through the barricade, looking normally as he smiled at Axel. "Yeah. But I decided to drop by and see how you were doing with Mr. Sor-I mean, Roxas, Axel."

Roxas looked at Demyx before he looked back at Axel. "Axel, he just slipped right through the barricade..." Roxas said.

"Barri-what?" Demyx asked.

Axel slapped his forehead and frowned. "Demyx, you were SUPPOSED to stay on task... This is like the 16th time you have slipped away from work."

"Hey, I wanted to drop by," Demyx said annoyed before rolling his eyes. "Why the angry look, anyway?"

"Look," Axel began. "Just return to your mission or else I'll tell Xemnas you're goofing around again."

Demyx looked angry at him. "Hey, don't tell Mansex that, he'll cream me if he finds out!" he said, looking troubled.

Roxas didn't know who the guy Mansex was. His head tilted in confusion at the name.

Axel looked bored at Demyx. "...I'll tell Xemnas you called him that as well..."

Demyx frowned. "Fine, fine, returning to task, Sergeant Job," he said annoyed as he slipped right back through the barricade before running away outside.

Axel looked bored at Roxas. "Okay, Demyx does that, but just him."

"Um..." Roxas looked miffed. "...Axel, who is this...Mansex guy?"

The VIII Nobody frowned. "That's what Demyx calls Xemnas when the guy is away from him. It's an anagram for Xemnas's name that Demyx came up with."

"Why did he change our boss's name?" Roxas asked.

"He thought it was funny," Axel explained.

Roxas looked away. "I don't see why it is funny, though..."

"Look, just don't try to know what sex is and you'll be just fine," Axel said. "Seriously, I don't want you to get injured."

The VIII Nobody looked at Roxas with a happy expression, making a point so Roxas wouldn't have to be curious about. However, for his dismay, a question that he didn't want to hear came from the curious Roxas...

"...What is sex, Axel?"

Now Axel just felt like he was Roxas's dad, which was not true for his fortune.

"Me and my big mouth..." Axel muttered.

"You have a pretty small mouth, though..." Roxas pointed out.

"Focus, Roxas, FOCUS," Axel reminded Roxas. "You have to find the treasure chest in this place."

Roxas nodded to him. "Oh, right," he said before he turned to the barricade.

Just before Roxas could run to it, an annoyed Axel didn't bother to look at him to stop Roxas by grabbing his left shoulder. "Roxas..."

"...Oh..." Roxas looked down embarrassed. "Sorry..."

Axel sighed in relief after Roxas returned to look around for the treasure chest. Roxas was asking to himself why Axel was grabbing his chakrams. The older Nobody surely wanted to do something ugly to the young Nobody.

Or probably he just felt like it.

However, something puzzled Roxas so much once he thought about the mission he was given by Axel...

What the heck was a treasure chest?

Instead of asking, however, Roxas knew that he could do this by himself. He knew Axel seemed to be annoyed by almost every question Roxas brought up from the blue. So, the young Nobody aimlessly looked around for a thing he barely knew.

Some hours later...

Axel just couldn't believe that Roxas just made him run like hell around the whole stinky place for 3 hours. He was asking so many times in his mind why Roxas didn't memorize the rather small tunnel.

How the hell was Roxas going to find the damn treasure chest? At this rate, Axel was surely going to leave him behind. But he didn't want to receive an "earful" by Sáix if Roxas hurt himself.

Once they ran to the same corner for the 38th time, Axel's calm state snapped out.

"ROXAS, DAMN IT," Axel's voice yelled at Roxas before pointing at his left. "THERE'S THE DAMN BOX OVER THERE!"

Roxas blinked in surprise and quickly looked to the left where the item he was searching for a long time rested quickly in front of another barricade. The XIII Nobody merely ran towards the item, Axel following behind as he sulked.

Once the 2 made it to the treasure chest, Axel, trying to calm down, decided to explain more to Roxas.

"Is this the chest?" Roxas asked as he looked down at the oddly-shaped chest. The chest looked like it came from some game.

"No, that's your mom," Axel joked. "Sure is..." he said annoyed.

Roxas kept staring down at the chest. "...Should I open it?"

Bless progress.

"Finally!" Axel said in relief. "Your mind is working on the right track!"

Roxas sighed in relief as well. "I'm glad..." He looked back at the chest. "It would be pointless to just find it because...it has stuff inside for us to take, right?"

Angels were at Axel's side for this time. The new Nobody was starting to make an amazing (yet pathetic at this time) comeback by his curious mind.

"Of course," Axel said with a grin. "I want you to open it."

Roxas nodded. "Right."

"I'm not finished," Axel said. "Open it with your eyes."

"...Excuse me?"

"No, you heard me right," Axel said. "Open it by staring at it."

Roxas didn't know, but he could tell Axel wasn't making any sense to him. Staring at chests can make them open by themselves?

What was Axel thinking?

Why was the order so simple and yet so twisted?

How did Roxas know the work crack after addressing it with Axel?

"...But..." Roxas looked unsure. "...Just that?"

"What, you don't believe me?" Axel asked. "We have the amazing ability to open chests by staring at them, Roxas. Isn't that the coolest ability or what?"

"B-but..." Roxas knew Axel was probably losing it now. "Axel, that's...just impossible..."

"Well, Roxas," Axel said with a confident look. "If you don't believe me, why don't you go on a try it yourself?"

The young Nobody looked unsure, but once he looked down at the chest...it just opened, and whatever was inside wasn't even there because, once he noticed, there was a little vial of potion resting on his right palm.

Roxas gasped before Axel chuckled. "Good work!" Axel congratulated.

"B-but how did this...a-and how did the chest..." Roxas was at a loss as he stared at the vial. "W-what is going on here?"

"Roxas, Roxas, you're getting so worked up over this," Axel said. "Get over it."

"N-no, you get over it!" Roxas said. "T-this is literally impossible...I even know that very well!"

Axel chuckled. "I'm impressed you know the word "literally" myself."

Roxas blinked. "...What does literally mean?"

The VIII Nobody frowned. "Ugh, I had to go and ask..." he said before looking back at Roxas. "Okay, you can keep the Potion you found. It's yours to keep." Axel crossed his arms. "All right, time to RTC."

"RTC?" Roxas asked. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Axel chuckled once more. "It means Roxas's Too Crappy."

Roxas nodded. "Time to Roxas's Too Crappy?"

"Dude, it's a joke," Axel said with a small laugh. "It means Return To the Castle; our headquarters. Got it memorized?"

The young Nobody nodded before he rubbed his chin. "Wait...I don't think that's what RTC means..."

"Huh? Why is that?"

"I mean, there's the extra "the" in there..."

Axel rolled his eyes. "Roxas, let's RTC already."

"What about the extra word?" Roxas asked. "Shouldn't it be RTTC?"

"No, because it would mean Roxas's Too Talently Crappy otherwise, Roxas"

"Wait, then that's what RTTC means?"

"Ugh, Roxas, that was the joke here!"

"What was the joke? RTT or RTTC? I think RTTC sounds little bit offending for some reason. I mean, what's crappy, anyway?"

Axel was just about to rip his brain out with a chakram. Roxas was completely destroying every little single cell of memory inside Axel's mind.

Good thing he wasn't literally doing that.

However, he had to pull this through, or else Sáix would tell Xemnas, AKA The Big Boss.

With a sigh, Axel looked bored at Roxas. "Forget about that and lead us back to the portal where we came from..." He pointed at the hallway. "Go that way and please DON'T get lost..."


That was the only response that made Axel feel relieved. He have had enough of this already, and once they ran through the hallway, Axel stopped Roxas in front of a switch and a gate that was shuttered before them.

"Hey, Roxas, there's the exit right behind these bars," Axel said before pointing at the switch. "Go pull the switch."

Roxas was getting even more confused than before since he didn't see any switch where Axel was pointing. Instead of that, he found a black square on the wall.

"Axel, I don't think there's something there..." Roxas commented. "All I see is a black square..."

"...Roxas..." Axel sighed in depression. "I can see the switch right in front of you."

"B-but there's no switch," Roxas said unsure.

"JUST PULL THE AIR IN FRONT OF IT, DAMMIT!" Axel yelled loudly enough for his voice to make an echo.

Roxas hastily moved his hand forward to the invisible switch to pull it back to him.

And the gate thus opened.

"W-what?" Roxas was just about to be the most curious boy after Pinocchio in the whole world. "H-how did..."

Axel just wished to get over this, and by having that wish, he grabbed Roxas's wrist with force before he leaped down towards the dark portal. Once they landed, he snapped his fingers in anger before the portal itself rose up from the ominous dark circle.

Roxas was even more puzzled after they survived a fall of about 15 feet or higher. He looked down at his feet. "H-hey, Axel...how did we just survive that jump you made me do it...and why are my shoes a little bit too big in the tips?"

"Get in the portal, Roxas," Axel said annoyed.

"B-but what about..."


Roxas looked so unsure and somewhat scared at the same time. His innocent look had some kind of power in Axel since the fire wielder's angry look began to fade away as he stared at those eyes...

Surely, Axel knew he wasn't gay.

"...You know what..." Axel said with a sigh. "...I think I was being a little bit rude to you, Roxas."

"..." Roxas looked down. "...Sorry..."

Axel looked at the portal before he made it lower down. He turned around before he chuckled. "Let's go to our hangout, shall we?"

The word puzzled Roxas. "Are we going to hang to something?"

It was better show him what Axel meant or make his brain explode with fire. "No, Roxas. Forget the portal. We don't have to go back to the castle," he said. "Follow me."


Roxas seemed to be at peace once Axel led him to the hangout place he hinted. The 2 Nobodies were sitting down on the clock tower, watching the red sunset's sun.

Too bad Axel didn't know Roxas had a phobia of heights. When you thought about it, sitting on top of a clock tower surely meant you wanted to suicide yourself at a big height.

Axel watched helplessly as Roxas tilted back and forward, trying his best not to fall down. This was amusement for the VIII Nobody.

But it wouldn't be funny if he returned with a Roxas broken with 2 legs, so he stopped Roxas from tilting by giving him blue ice cream.

"Here ya go," Axel said. "The icing on the cake."

Roxas stared at the ice cream, his eyes slowly drifting to the insane height they were. Axel shook the ice cream to make Roxas take it. The young Nobody gulped and took the ice cream as Axel rested his right arm on his right knee while looking to the sunset.

"Hey, Roxas," Axel called. "Do you know what this is ice cream is called?" he asked. "It's sea-salt ice cream. Now, please don't ask me how the hell salt and ice cream taste so good together. Thing is, they just do," Axel explained. "I wanted to tell you that you wouldn't ask me a bunch of questions like you have been doing all day." He took a bite of it. "It's salty...TOO salty for my tastes...but it DOES taste very good... And yeah, don't ask me where I got this either."

Axel was feeling quite relaxed after he didn't hear no response from the other Nobody. For once all he heard was the sound of waves swiping the shores of the whole town

Yes, he was at peace. Roxas was surely listening to everything he said rather than asking back.

Alex chuckled before grinning. "Man, it's been a whole week since you showed up," he said. "Today's where it all really begins for you, anyway. You knew that, right? Officially, you're one of us, Roxas. You're part of Organization XIII."

The VIII Nobody chuckled.

"...You've been pretty quiet," Axel remarked. "Heh, I like that silence around you, Roxas." Axel grinned before looking at Roxas. "So what do ya think?" Axel asked...

To the air.

The Nobody got surprised that Roxas wasn't there with him anymore. The only thing he found was Roxas's ice cream behind the small place where Roxas was sitting. "...Roxas?" Axel asked confused, looking around the place Roxas was once. "Hey, Roxas? Where are you?"

It was not long before the sound of something breaking some bones came from down below Axel's feet. There were no screams. With a gulp, Axel quickly looked down, wishing that the person that he wished was there unconscious wasn't...

"ROXAS!" Axel panicked as he tossed his ice cream away. "You dumbass, did you fall down?!" he asked by yelling. "Oh man, he's not responding! Damn you, Roxas!" he cursed before he jumped down to check on the badly hurt Nobody.

Bad mistake.

"OH SHIT!" Axel was heard cursing as he fell down.


Back at the castle, an annoyed Vexen walked to Sáix in the Gray Room. There was an obvious pissed look on his face.

"How are the 2 doing?" Sáix asked.

Vexen frowned. "The 2 idiots are alive."

Sáix sighed. "Good."

"You would think they were stupid enough to jump down that clock tower," Vexen said. "Be glad my medicine will repair their bones before tomorrow. They'll have to rest and get a checkup on their brains after the insanity they both did."

"As far as I know, you don't do checkups on brains," Sáix stated.

"Better yet," Vexen said annoyed. "What was Axel thinking? I knew Roxas would end up getting hurt and break his bones apart, but Axel?"

Sáix frowned at this. "Axel may be getting too attached to Roxas that his curiosity is leaking into Axel," he said. "Do check on them. Roxas is to be sent tomorrow again with Marluxia."

Vexen grunted and looked away. "Damn you, Roxas...stupid boy..."

The 2 Nobodies decided to leave each other, an annoyed Sáix wishing that Roxas wouldn't die before Kingdom Hearts would be completed.

If that happened...

"Axel is so dead," Sáix commented to himself.

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