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Brand New Eyes

They were lovers once, both completely madly in love. Everything soon came crashing down as she figured out that he was already married - and it was not her. Instead it was this rich girl who goes by the name Danshi Karin. So outgoing, so fake. Haruno Sakura was nothing like her. Sakura wasn't fake. Not a least bit shy but she was rather sensitive. The only thing the two female's had in common was that they were both comepletely in love with Uchiha Sasuke.



The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you.



She threw the kunai as it embedded itself on the sound ninja's chest. Sakura was panting because she was already wasting so much chakra because she was being ambushed. Although it was her fault that she took this B-ranked mission with Naruto, it was still a bloody battle. Naruto was somewhere off to the west. She was thankful that he led half of them away while she took care of the other half.

"Damn it." she cursed violently as she was running around the area searching for any hidden chakras. The mission was simple, just steal a scroll from the Village Hidden in The Rain. Too bad it wasn't that easy, it was after all a B-ranked mission. Five years passed since she last saw that chicken haired man. Five years and now she is at the age of 21 along with Naruto and of course Sasuke.

Kakashi had passed away due to old age. Sasuke was still not found but him having a new team was old news. The brand new news is the fact that he was married to some unknown mystery girl. Itachi was dead and no one had the slightest clue of what he was going to do next. Uchiha's were unpredictable. She tried searching for Naruto's chakra but when she found him, she also felt another chakra but her mind was to fuzzy to actually focus on it.

Sakura ran towards Naruto and the unfamiliar person.




"Naruto! Are you all -!" She stopped mid-sentenced for the man giving her non-related brother Naruto a piggyback ride was non other then the famous Uchiha Sasuke. "S-S-Sasuke-kun.." she whispered mostly to herself the man walked passed her, Sakura was completely ignored. "What are you doing here? Let Naruto go. Now." demanded she.

Sasuke turned back to slightly look at her, "Pathetic. The first thing you should do when you see a crimanal is to go at them with all you got, not stand around demanding and asking questions."

Sakura and Sasuke used to be in love. They were lovers. The first time she encountered him when they were at Orochimaru's base was when they first fought, after a few fighting it turned into them making love. Since that moment, Sasuke would somehow find a way to be with her even for a few minutes. It ended when he said that it was to risky him being with her and broke it off.

"I'm only going to tell you this once Sasuke, put him down now." she said pulling out her black gloves from her back pocket. Her emerald eyes shined with anger as she clenched her fists tight.

"Do you really have the power in you to try and fight me? You're already struggling and you're just standing there." Sasuke held out his left hand showing a gold band around his ring finger, the pink haired girl's heart stopped along with the functioning of her brain. "I'm already married. So do move on."

Without thinking she lunged toward him, hoping to relief her anger and make him release Naruto. Sasuke just side-stepped, easily dodging her fist. The woman paused and threw a kick in his direction but he grabbed her foot and swung her forward having her fit body smash into a tree. "You're weak and annoying."

Out of the blue, she smirked. "You live in a cave," she started as she threw another kick which successfully landed on his broad shoulder, "While the rest of us, the ninjas in Konohagakure, try to bring you back. To help you - " she ducked for he aimed a kunai towards her head, "I don't feel sympathy for you anymore. Now, I feel anger." she took advantage of being thrown in the air to do some hand signs, "I don't have time for feeling sorry for you or me." Sakura pursed her lips as the trees around started trying to get a hold on the Uchiha.

All he did was dodge because it was kind of hard going into combat with a person on your back. The woman stood on a high branch watching as the male she loved was jumping, twisting, and running around with Naruto on his back. Finally getting tired of waiting she used a substitution jutsu and ordered her clone to have her go down there and fight Sasuke.

It was at the moment she remembered that gold band suffocating his fourth finger. Who was he married to? she thought heatedly. For sure it was no one in Konoha if it was then that person would immediately being taken to the interrogation room. Sakura heard rumours going around saying he was married but she didn't believe it, until now.

"Hn. What kind of kunoichi are you?" his voice whispered into her ear, her eyes widened at her foolishness but he slammed her into the trunk of a tree - immobilizing her. It was then she took note that Naruto was not on his back anymore. "You're not supposed to zone out, Sakura." he lectured sternly.

"Apparently, a weak and annoying one. Am I right?" she whispered brokenly. "I wonder.. was everything that happened between us just a simple lie? It must have been, right?"

"Hn." he smirked evilly and swiftly pulled out a kunai. "I'm not going to kill you, so you could open your eyes. You're a waste of my time. Die any way you want but it won't be by me. People who aren't up to my standards don't deserve to have my attention."

"Then why?" It was absolutely obvious that he knew what she was referring to. Those loving nights that filled them both with bliss. After about exactly five minutes it was total silence. It seems like the Uchiha was as well looking for an answer. His head leaned itself towards her until his lips were right at her ear, his steady breathing having her shiver.

"You were just a toy. A toy that should have been thrown away years ago." she heard before the world of black to over her.



It breaks your heart to see the one you love is happy with someone else, but it's more painful to know that the one you love is unhappy with you.



Sakura woke up and realized that she had been knocked out for the second time from that same Uchiha. He was married, and yet years ago they were lovers. If you could really call their relationship that. The woman he is with was probably some stunning normal looking girl with all the curves and most importantly - very strong.

Unlike her.

The pain was getting stronger everytime she thought about Sasuke with another woman. Like a wound without a gauze. Her whole heart shook and she felt like she was having a panic attack but no it was just her heart beating to rapidly. Was she really just a toy for his needs? It would make sense because every night they shared she said she loved him dearly while he just replied with a grunt.

Tears welled up in her eyes and they soon spilled over and she did nothing to stop them. Her heart clenched tightly and all she did was clutch on the bottom of her shirt. When she soon looked around tears still flowing down on her face she noticed that she was still on that branch and that Naruto nor Sasuke was no where in sight.

She couldn't even feel their chakra signitures.

Sakura Haruno had failed another mission and now had lost a friend to add to her misery.


By my eyes I met you. By my hands I touched you. By my lips I kissed you & by my heart I loved you.


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