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She rubbed her wrists as she managed to pull the chains off of it. Pale hands roamed her own body searching for a weapon of some sort but frowned when she found none at all. Must have took everything when I was knocked out, concluded Sakura. She then slowly reached her bra and smirked when she grabbed hold of a small bobby pin.

"Good thing they didn't check everything." she whispered to herself as she stretched out the bobby pin a bit before crawling over to the door and sticking the small object in. Sakura struggled for a few minutes before the lock finally clicked. Victoriously she smiled brightly despite her situation and opened the door. The hallway was dark and cold. Cautiously she walked out of the room and walked to her left, since the other way was a dead end.

Her short pink kimono was easy to move in but wasn't all that great if she was forced into battle. Sakura thanked the lord that she was smart enough to wear black skin-tight spandex under. As she continued to walk her mind was alert hoping to see any sign of her friends. Her chakra sensing skills weren't that great but if she focused hard enough it would be easy enough to pinpoint their location.

Emerald eyes shone brightly as she opened a door to her left and found Tenten who was in the same situation as her - chained as her chakra was being sucked out of her. Quickly she ran to her and undid the locks on the chain with the bobby pin she still had, "Sakura?" Tenten groggily asked opening her brown eyes.

The said girl nodded and when to undo the other chain, "Do you have any idea where Hinata may be?"

As the two walked back into the hallway in their small outfits Tenten looked at the door across from her. Without any words spoken they opened the rusted old metal door and quickly unlocked the chains that were binding her wrists.

Hinata regained consciousness momentarily.

"This is bad. We have no weapons, no chakra, and we have no idea how to get out of this place." observed Tenten looking around the small room.

Sakura then tried covering up her cleavage of her kimono, "Hinata can you use your byakugan?"

Hinata complied and then spoke to her two companions, "Sasuke, Karin, Suigetsu, and Juugo are discussing some stuff right now. They seem pretty unaware that we've escaped. The way out of here is passed them but it's going to be pretty difficult considering who we're up against. Isn't Karin a tracker?"

Tenten was the one who responded, "According to the reports she is. Karin should have noticed that we've broken out the second we did."

Sakura knitted her eyebrows together, "Unless she wants us to leave. Think about it we're three pretty powerful females. He might just rape each and every one of us to make the Uchiha line even more powerful. The fact that they're married well you guys see we're I'm going right?"

The other two nodded, "If she wants us to leave then I'm taking." murmured Tenten walking back to the hallway.

"That Suigetsu guy is coming downstairs!" panicked Hinata looking at her two friends desperately. All three hearts began to pump faster and faster as they nervously looked at the door knob which turned. Sakura and Tenten hid against the wall next to the door as Hinata laid limply on the floor acting as if she was knocked out.

"Oi! Sas-" he began to shout but then Sakura moved to place two fingers where a pressure point was located, "Hm. I see you three got out." he commented his bright purple eyes turned to look at the pink haired girl.

Tenten then unstrapped the large sword that was on his back. For a moment she admired it, Tenten was really into weapons. Obviously. She then tossed it aside and the groaned at the weight of the thing. The weight of that thing was pretty heavy. Even for Tenten.

Sakura rose a fine pink eyebrow, "You don't seem surprised."

"I'm not." said the male honestly grinning widely - flashing them his sharp white teeth, "Ya know. You three are pretty hot. How bout we get to know each other?" Tenten made a disgusted vomiting noise.

"Sweet dreams." whispered Sakura in his ear before successfully knocking him out. Or so she thought. As he laid limply on the floor Sakura turned to the girls and their skimpy outfits, "We really need to get out of here now. We can't really go into battle in these outfits."

Urgently they walked out of the hallway and then up the staircase their footfalls quick but silent. Tenten ordered Hinata to keep an eye on Sasuke and his other two teammates. They glued themselves near the wall in a dimly lit hallway with five doors. The one a few yards in front of them was probably the only exit out of here.

They didn't dare say a word. Since Hinata and Tenten were low on chakra they didn't have to lower their chakra levels so Karin wouldn't notice. Just then the door creaked opened and out came the Uchiha himself. The three girls held their breath hoping he would just continue walking. They pressed their bodies closer to the wooden wall.

Fear tickled their spine as the three held their breaths as he stopped a few feet in front of them.

"I can't believe this. That forehead!" growled Ino as she quickly jogged to Shikamaru's room with full intentions of telling him what the girls planned. It's been about a day and they still haven't returned. Ino wouldn't admit it but it worried her to death.

Loudly, she banged on the genius's door - who was also her long time crush. Ino then barked, "Oi! Open the door! This is urgent!"

Ino's ears picked up more shuffling of clothes and then she couldn't take it. She turned the door knob, "Shika -" her voice trailed off as she took in the sight before her; her heart breaking with every second that passed by. Baby blue eyes watched as the shirtless Shikamaru finished pulling up his pants which seemed to be the only article of clothing he had on.

The female in the room - Temari - blushed in embarrassment as she readjusted her ninja outfit.

On the outside Ino turned her head to the side and acted like she didn't care but on the inside, oh god she was screaming, crying, and breaking.

"What is it Ino?" he asked as he slipped on his black shirt before her.

Biting her lip she remembered why she came here, "It's Sakura, Hinata, and Tenten!"

"What about them?" he asked and so did Temari both suddenly turning serious.

Ino gulped at their intense stares, "They went on their own to see if they could gather information about Sasuke and Naruto and their whereabouts. But they still haven't come back and they should be back! I'm worried."

Shikamaru's eyes widen, "Gather everyone and tell them to get ready in ten minutes. We're going to search for them." he said seriously after he cursed to himself for not paying attention to his mission and his team mates.

He then turned to Temari who also looked worried, "Temari. Can you get a message to Hokage and Gaara about the current situation?"

With a nod Temari ran out of the room.

As Shikamaru searched for his things he noticed Ino still haven't left the room, "Ino? Is there anything else you need to tell me?"

"I didn't know you two had a thing." she whispered sadly.

The man stopped his movements and then slowly attempted to walk to her but she of course stepped back, "Ino.."

"Don't." she warned glaring at him, "You know how I feel about you. Let's just find my girls and get this mission done with so I could go home." her voice was emotionless as Ino stared at the man she loved but then she turned and quickly ran to tell the others - her head held up high.

After the group was briefed and then were told of a plan. Soon they all headed out.

As much as the three of them hoped he would just continue walking and not pay any attention to them he turned back. His piercing onyx eyes staring directly at Sakura, "There's no use of attempting to escape." he stated.

Walking out of the shadows she glared at him, "I have all my chakra now." she reminded slowly transmitting chakra in her fists. Sakura was glad that Hinata and Tenten were still in the shadows. What's left of their chakra was low and undetectable.

"Your friends don't." he stated monotonously not sparing Hinata and Tenten a glance as they stood behind Sakura.

Sakura growled, "Where's Naruto."

"You are in position to ask questions." Sasuke stated turning fully to face her, his hand on his hip. The ring on his finger gleaming in the light. The pink haired girl got into her fighting stance but he just stared at her with no emotion at all. Deep jade eyes narrowed into slits as she glared at the ring for a moment, "When will you get over it." stated Sasuke as he caught her.

She growled and charged at him full force, her two friends staring at her in worry.

When they engaged in combat Sasuke almost yawned. He didn't even have to do much work. This only angered Sakura even more, "Look for Naruto and get him to Shikamaru!" she ordered her two friends. Sasuke managed to throw the two against a wall while single handily dodging Sakura's vicious attacks.

Hinata groaned quietly but then stood up slowly. Using her byakugan, she located Naruto in a matter of seconds. Of course he was knocked out cold. With a call to Tenten, Hinata darted in the direction where her long-time love was located.

She was relieved when she heard her two close friends run from the battle. The two kept their distance as they waited for the other to attack. Sakura quickly pulled out a kunai and held it firmly. Sasuke stood there just staring lazily at her movements.

Karin then walked into the hall and smirked evilly, "Let me deal with her, Sasuke-kun." she said to her husband eyeing the pink haired kunoichi.

Sakura growled and launched herself at Karin. The two girls with an undying love to a certain Uchiha engaged in a deadly dance. Their lover and ex-lover stood watching slightly interested. They didn't even look like they were in battle, it was more as if they were dancing - a dance that was rehearsed plenty of times.

Never once did they miss a step.

As the continuously clashed Suigetsu woke and watched excitingly. Juugo on the other hand was ordered by Sasuke to make sure that the girls were unable to take Naruto Uzamaki away from his cell. Karin panted and raised her thick black glasses as a bead of sweat rolled down her forehead.

Sakura was in the same state but she was able to regain her breath quicker than her. Right when she did she launched herself at the redhead with chakra filled fist. Karin abruptly jumped away but was unfortunately pressed against one of the wooden walls of the hallway.

Luckily for Sakura it gave her a chance to collide her fist into Karin's pretty little face. Although she was stopped when another hand wrapped around her wrist holding it a few centimeters away from the girl with the black glasses. The said girl gulped and then let out a breath when her husband came to the rescue.

The pink haired girl yanked her wrist from his grasped and jumped back.

Tenten and Hinata desperately ran out of the house panting from being chased. Jugo was right behind them as an evil entity took over. His skin was now gray and his aura abruptly changed into something actually evil. The fact that Tenten and Hinata had hardly any chakra left just made things even worse - if that was possible.

Since their speed was pretty slow Jugo caught to them pretty easily. Quickly, his large hand wrapped around their slim necks and lifted them off the ground. Hinata let out a loud yell before her air supply was cut off.

Tenten gasped for hair as she cursed, desperately trying to claw at his hands.

She and her friend then slowly was fading into unconsciousness. The only noise that filled their ears was the constant apologies from the person who nearly killed them.

Emerald eyes were filled with slight sympathy as she watched the man crumble to his knees burying his head in his hands. The sympathy was gone the second she reminded herself that shinobi mustn't show any emotion. Sakura ran to her friends and performed medical ninjutsu. Sakura also gave them a bit of her chakra - just enough for them to run, "We just came for Naruto."

"You're not going to get him." replied Sasuke.

Sakura's eyes slowly filled with tears, "Why?" she focused her eyes on Hinata's neck, "What more could you possibly want from him?"

He didn't answer, "Suigetsu. Make sure Karin is okay. Take Jugo with you."

"Yes sir." mocked the shark look alike dragging the large man by the collar with a large sword over his shoulder. When he was out of sight Sakura asked again.

This time it was more desperate.

"He's going to be of good use in time," Sasuke explained monotonously, "it'll be better if he's on my side."

Sakura glanced at him in surprise, "And what about Kakashi? What about me? What about team seven?"

"Hn." he said. Onyx eyes spared a glance at the two fallen girls on the wooden floor, "Take them and go home. I won't kill you, you aren't worth my time. "

"I never am!" she shouted angrily, "I won't let you get away." Sakura growled.

Suddenly she was pressed against one of the walls a steel blade pressed against her neck. Sasuke's smirk dangerously close to her ear, "Do not test my patience. You of all people should know that."

She gulped as she clenched her fist. For a moment she wanted to hug the man before her but Sakura knew that that dream was just unrealistic. Sakura took a shallow breath before she did what she had in mind. Having her chakra filled knee connect to his groin, Sasuke stepped back and then fell forward in pain.

Taking this short moment as her chance she ran to her friends and quickly - yet carefully lifted them both up and placed their arms over her shoulders. Sakura groaned at the weight she had to carry. Her pale muscular legs pumped chakra as she quickly walked to the exit.

As they found themselves in the middle of the desert Sakura continued walking as fast as her feet could take her. Halfway through her travels Tenten slowly began to stir. Noticing this, Sakura gave a sigh of relief before laying one of her friends down on the sand dunes.

Emerald eyes scanned the area and spotted the village gates a few miles ahead, "What happened?"

Sakura's eyes didn't move themselves from the gates. Her back toward Tenten as Hinata still stood lifeless around her shoulders, "The mission was a fail."

"Figured. You four sure are troublesome." a familiar lazy voice said behind them.

The pink haired girl turned with her eyes narrowed, "I failed yet again."

"You'll always get another chance, Forehead." said Ino surely taking Hinata from her shoulder and laying her down on the sand.

"Probably not." said another voice from behind the search group. They all turned their heads to face Sasuke and his members.

Shikamaru sighed as he stared at them, "What a drag." he mumbled already planning some sort of strategy.