Author's Note: What happened if something went wrong in the backwoods that afternoon. I do not own Degrassi or the characters but if someone were to give me Johnny DiMarco, I most likely wouldn't decline.

Sweet Child Of Mine


I stared at the calendar on my wall and recounted the days for about the two hundredth, fifty-first time. Yep, still thirty-five days. But how could that be? I have been pretty regular the past months and each time it comes about the thirtieth day.

Why not now?

Maybe there was some sort of medical issue and I should go to the doctor but what if I am only overreacting? Then I would be a waste of the doctor's time and my parents' money. Then again, what if there is something seriously wrong?

My mind kept racing and so did my pulse. The only thing I was thinking was: oh my God what if I am pregnant? But then again how could that possibly happen? I hadn't had sex except for that one time with Johnny…

Oh crap.

But we used protection so surely I'm not pregnant but then again, protection didn't always work, did it? I sat down on my bed and put my head in my hands. I didn't know what to do or who to go to. If this had happened a few weeks ago, I would have gone to Johnny but that was a few weeks ago and a lot had changed since then – like Johnny and I breaking up.

It all started when he told me not to talk to him around his friends and escalated to me screaming at him in the halls with all the upperclassmen staring at me like I was some pathetic niner, which I am. I put my hands on my stomach and swear I feel something. Maybe I am just going crazy, yup – that's it. It's the only logical explanation.


Because pregnancy just isn't an option. I am only a niner! Niner's can't get pregnant! It just can't happen. And if I were to get pregnant…oh crap my parents! They'll kill me if they found out I had had sex, especially with Johnny DiMarco. What would they say…or do?

Would they make me give up the baby? I never knew where they stood on that issue. As for me, I don't think I could give up my own baby or have it killed. I just can't. It's my kid and I can't…

But how do I even know there's a kid inside of me? I could just be overreacting? I mean, I am young and lots of people my age still have irregular periods. Right?

But if I am pregnant…

Would Johnny support us? Will my parents kick us out?

I don't let go of my stomach. Instead, I curl up in a ball with my hands cupping my stomach as if holding a child to me. I have to do something, I can't just sit around not knowing. I grab my cell and dial Claire's number.

It takes four rings for her to finally answer.

Longest freaking four rings of my life.



"Ali? Is that you?"

"Yeah. Um…I have a problem."

"What now?"

"Claire…has your…um…period ever been late?"

"What do you mean late?"

"I mean has it been late!" I ask, growing frustrated.

"Ali…do you think you're…"

"Maybe. I don't know, Claire! I am so scared and I don't have anyone to talk to about this. My parents would murder me if they found out and Johnny wouldn't give a crap and…I don't know what to do!"

"Alright. Tomorrow we'll go to the grocery store and pick up some tests, okay? If they come back positive, I am taking you straight to the doctor, okay?"

"Okay. Claire…"

"I know, Ali. You need to talk to Johnny…"

"I can't!"

"You have to let him know what's happening to you."

"I can't face him," I argue, "Look, I'll just talk to you in the morning, okay, Claire?"

"Ali, I'm here for you, you know that right?"

"Of course. Bye, Claire."

I hang up the phone and throw it across the room. Tomorrow, after school, I'd know the truth. It was too much to bear. I had to know now! Was there really a little life inside of me or was I just imagining things? And what was I supposed to do about Johnny?


Crap, it's Sav.

"What!" I yell towards my bedroom door.

"Dinner is ready."

"I am not hungry!"

"You okay?"

"I just don't feel well, now please go away!"

"Fine," Sav gave in and I could practically see him rolling his eyes.

I am still clutching my stomach as I remember the fight I had with Johnny:

"Why can't I be around your friends?"

"Because, Backwoods, they are no good for you!"

"But you brought me to the woods with them! We hung out and we…"

"I know what we did, Backwoods and that's why we have to break up. I'm no good for you…"

"You just don't want to try! You are giving up on us like you give up on everything else!"

"What's that supposed to mean, Niner?"

"That you're lazy and full of crap! I can't believe I actually fell for you, DiMarco!"

"Yeah well I can't believe I actually nailed a niner. How disgustingly vile."

"You are a selfish whore!"

"Guys can't be whores, genius."

"There's an exception for you."

"Ali, you know you were my first…"

"You are such a selfish prick, Johnny DiMarco! I love you and you don't want a single thing to do with me!"

"Well if you weren't such an immature little bitch…"

"Oh so now I am a bitch."

"Yup. Now please, go away."

"Don't shoo me away!"

"So now you aren't talking to me?"


"I don't talk to niners…"

I just couldn't talk to him, not after that. It would be way too hard and besides, would he really want anything to do with me? It suddenly hit me:

I am completely alone.

And it sucks!