Left Zoey to Survive

~Black Dragon41~

Disclaimer: I don't own Zoey, Francis, Bill, Nick, Ellis, Coach, Rochelle, or Louis. Yes I listed the latest Left 4 Dead characters, but that is only because I have been playing too much Left 4 Dead 2! And No they are not in this fic, sorry. Although, I will somehow encourage someone to write a fic with all of them in it, I just know it! Anyways, enjoy L4D2 and this chapter.

Sum up so far: Zoey was captured by a smoker and hauled up a building, luckily the rain let up and Francis was able to get her down. She then returned to Francis's side before he got boomed on, and Louis killed the boomer when Zoey was too close to it. Both continue to struggle with oncoming attacks of the infected, and Bill is still missing. He could be in trouble, which means they need to find him and fast! That is if he isn't dead yet. Is Bill dead or seriously FUBAR? Gotta read and find out!

Shit! There's way too many infected! Did we have to be in a city when all of this happen? I don't even know if we are even going to survive long enough to get on the helicopter, lat alone to the helipad. The rancid blood and bile continued to fill my nostrils, making my head spin. I couldn't concentrate anymore. "Shit!" I cursed aloud, continuously shoving and shooting infected.

"It's alright Zoey! Just get behind me, okay!" Francis shouted.

"Thanks!" I move behind him. He's been smacking and shoving zombies left and right all this time, and he still has the energy to continue? He's very strong, I truly envy him. Louis continued to mow down a lot of the infected with his machine gun, no telling when he's going to run out of ammo now. At least we are holding up a little, we have to find Bill soon. I hope he's okay, he's been missing for too long, all alone taking on hordes of zombies. We can't stay here any longer. "We need to find Bill!" I screamed.

"I know! But we are stuck here for the moment!" Francis yells out. "Sorry, but Bill has to wait!"

What?! "We can't wait this out Francis, we need a break from the infected!" He pulled out his pistol and drops a few infected then turns to me, while Louis takes over.

"He was last seen at the ramp right?"

I nodded. "Yeah, that's what Louis said."

He turns back around and drops a few more infected. "Stay here with Louis, I'll go find Bill okay!" He said with a grim tone in his voice.

I can't let him go on his own, what if he gets smoked, or pounced? Then me and Louis would have to go find him, which could get us killed in the process. "Francis, you can't go out there by yourself."

"Try me." He replied back.

Damn! Does he have to be so stubborn? "Your still covered in bile!"

"So, you are too. But you'll have Louis to cover for you, besides it's my fault that grandpa Bill is out there dead or struggling to survive. I should of never left him, but now's a time to make it up. I'm going out there, so get over it!"

"Francis?" He really wants to do this. "Thank you," I whispered. Bill really needed help, maybe Francis is the only one that can actually save him now. "Okay, now go out there and bring him back." I said with a tear in my eye, knowing Francis is risking a lot.

"Don't worry, Zoey. I'll protect you." Louis switched places with Francis. Louis crouched down in front of me and held his gun tight. The countless infected let up a little, only small amounts were running about. This was Francis's only opportunity.

"Wwwrrrggghhh!" A hunter lunged out of nowhere and a made a leap for Francis. I instantly pull up my sniper and shot the jumpy bastard before it even touched him. The body went crashing into the biker, knocking him down. That was a close one.

"Thanks Zoey, but next time. Kill the bastards before they fly at me, okay?" He said tossing the dead corpse to the side. He picked his auto shot gun back up.

"You could have been shredded up like me, then what would we do? Hey, it's better that it didn't attack you!"

"Yeah, like a good one hundred pound body coming flying at me as a wrecking ball isn't any better?"


"I have got to find Bill okay? Lets argue about this later?" He said with an odd smile on his face.

I wanted to laugh at his silly smile, but I don't want to ruin his semi good mood. He does have a soft side, this proves it! I return a warm smile and he jogs out into the open.

I watched as Francis made a turn around a building that connected to the ramp, he disappeared for the moment then came sprinting back towards us quickly. He had such a grimace expression, his face filled with untold horror. This meant only one thing. My heart stops for a long moment, Bill is dead. I could feel myself sink to the concrete when I seen the look on his face, not Bill. Why did this have to happen to Bill? I nearly burst into tears in that second, it was my plan that got Bill killed. I couldn't hold the tears back any longer, my face was soon flooded. The rain came pouring down again, just like our current situation. It's over.

Francis begins to breath heavily, leaning up against the wall beside me. "We are fucking screwed!"

Bill is dead, of course we are screwed! I wanted to yell, but I was overtaken by the reality that this was the end for all of us.

"Louis do you have a Molotov?" He quickly asked.

"No, all I have is this pipe bomb. Why do you ask?" Louis said with concern in his eyes.

"To cremate Bill's body, why else?" I interrupted, still saddened by the loss of Bill.

Francis pulled himself off the wall. "What are you talking about? We need a Molotov to kill the tank quicker!"

I instantly felt relief, Bill could still be alive!… Wait, Tank?! "Shit! That's why you came back in such a rush."

"Yeah, and I am completely out of ammo for my precious auto shot!" He still clung to the empty barreled shot gun, looking around vigorously.

I quickly stood up and leaned back against the wall, trying so hard not to freak out. I was low on ammo, Louis was low on ammo, Francis had no ammo, except for his pistol, and Bill was still missing. No wonder Francis said we were screwed, cause we are! It's not long before we all hear a loud roar that echoed from the building that we entered from, the tank was here!

Wooorrrhhhhhhaaaaaa! The tank bellowed out loudly, before jumping down onto the helipad.

The jump vibrated the concrete underneath us, even the building that I was leaning against was shaking from the impact. The muscular beast stormed down the ramp huffing loudly and looking around with haste, searching for us. I could barely see him from my point of view, I then crouched down and prayed that he wouldn't find us. The rain had finally came to a stop, it was then when I could slightly hear a cry for help under the muffling of the tank growls.

"Somebody, anybody! Get your keester over here and pull me up!"

"Biiilll?!" I screamed aloud. My mind completely focused on Bill's voice alone, I couldn't think of anything else. The tank had slipped my mind completely as if it didn't exist, nor did anything else. That was the most biggest mistake that I have ever made so far, I gave away our hidden position and now… the tank was coming after us.

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