Nanami Akashi

"I can't believe you're doing this." My brother lectured, "You know this isn't gonna be good. They're gonna find out." I sighed as the bell rang. "Are you gonna not let me be late for my first day? It helps." I said sarcastically.

"I guess this is good-bye." He said. I sighed. "Whatever." And walked away, towing my luggage with me as I enterred this prestigious school. High class, and famous, both inside and out. Walking through the courtyard, I couldn't help but feel self-conscious. After all, I am in an all boy's school.

Let me explain. My name is Akashi Nanami. I was born in Tokyo, Japan but moved to America at a young age. Now, I'm back here in Tokyo attending Shitenhoji, an all boy's boarding school, better known as the "Home of Entertainment." Many celebrities that are famous now, as models, actors or singers, had attended this school for training. Of course, because of the number of famous students here, the tuition fee is off the hooks along with the number of cross dressers, i.e. people like me. It's not really all that strange in a school like this, where once in a couple of years, there would be a girl that got caught going to this school. Fan-dom is something that can't be avoided.

So why am I here? A few months back, my favourite idol/singer has announced that he would be taking a break from acting and press conferences to join this school. I wasn't 's been losing interest and stage performance level for years now. The words that came out of his mouth no longer have the emotion in them. I'm here to fix that. But the thing is, I've joined my previous school for its music program. I no longer held the same piano interest as when I started going there. With Aaron as my main source of inspiration, I'm here to gain that back. And I'm not planning to leave until I'm attached again. Absolutely not.

"You! Hey you! You're a girl aren't you?!" I widened my eyes as the guy a few meters away ran towards me.

"I-i-ikenaiyou!*" I protested. He stopped in his tracks and stared at me.

"Nani?*" I said, keeping up my act, "Are you gay or something? Do I look that cute to you?"

"Honto kawaii-desu neh?* ... Have I seen you somewhere before?" He replied, still looking me up and down. That's when it hit me. Hiro... Mizushima Hiro?!

"Nyah! I mean... no you haven't, of course not, I just moved in from... England." I lied.

"Usoh!* You were the girl from America! The crazy one with the funky eyeliner and blue hi-lights!" he declared triumphantly.

"Are you stupid?!" I snapped back on instinct, it's not my time to lose everything I've begged for to get here. "I'm a friggin' guy!" I can't lose now, especially to this ubberly famous actor and model, especially not to my--

"You think I can't recognize you? Nanami-chan! My cute lil ex-girlfriend!"

...especially not to my ex-boyfriend. We dated for a while before, him being the hier of a big company (several, might I add), he spent all this time at the club I used to work at. He'd visited regularly and when we'd gotten together, he'd stopped playing with other girls. But not long after, he moved to Japan and while I was visitting, found him with many girls. He's a top model now, but I'd never imagined him being in a school like this.

"I-I've gotta get going! Later!" I ran. Please, I begged, Please, don't tell anyone.

I ran into class.. quite literally. "Senimasen!*" I said, yanking open the door. "Nanami Akashi desu! I'll be attending school here from now on. Yorone Onegaishimasu!*"

The whole class stared at me with bewildered expressions. Scanning through the room, I held my breath in anticipation as I looked for him. My hopes dropped when I found out he wasn't there. Well that sucked. Same school, different class. Hopeless. All those dreams that I've been dreaming up to this day, all hopeless.

"Move it shorty." All those dreams. Reality is a pain neh?

"Yo. Move" If only one day, I'd wake up finding Aaron here beside-- "Hey shorty! I said move it!"

"Nandioh!*" I glowered back, turning around to find him there behind me. I had enough. "Just because you're famous, I'd never thought you'd be a jerk!"

He looked at me accusingly. "What did I do?!"

"Move it, move it. Some manners would help!"

"Who the hell are you anyways? Oi! Sensai! Do you mind? Letting in trespassers is prohibited!"

"Trespasser?! Who do you think you are?! Leave me alone--" I snapped.

He cut in. "Well then, if it's not clear enough to you. I'm Aaron Yan--"

"What does you being Aaron Yan have anything to do with me?"

"You asked!"

"Rhetorical question!"

"Just leave it." he said, I could tell he was holding back from snapping all together. He turned and walked down the hall. "Oi! Yamate!" I began after him, hearing the teacher call behind me.

My dreams have officially turned into nightmares.

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