Arron's POV

As he walked out the, I felt like, for a while, I wasn't tlaking to the Nanami Akashi I knew...but as bizarre as it feels,, he sounded and his aura felt like a girls'.

Stupid ees, making me think too much.

By then, I had lost the interest in composing, instead, I took a shower and prepared to hit the hay. It was about 15 minutes later when I finally drifted off to sleep that a small click awoke me, followed by a presence in the room. I kept my eyes closed and ignored it. "Asleep already huh?" I heard him say. I was too tired to answer. He opened the mini fridge by the desk and placed something inside, once again, I didn't check. he picked up something, I heard the rustling of paper. He was reading my compositions, of course, I didn't get much done.

"You're back?" I asked, my voice was irregular from sleep.

"Yeah," He replied, "I got caught up by Hiro. I'm gonna go wash up now. G'night."

"Good night." I said, sighing contently, now I can sleep. What's with him anyways? Hiro this Hiro that. I wondered if he had connections to Hiro-senpai afterall. That reminded me of before. "Arron-sama." That's what the fangirls call me. Truthfully, I didnt' like that form. It's so so abnormal, I didn't like it. "Sama" was always meant for royalty of some sort. I didn't like having peope 'under' me. My eyes closed as I thoguht about it. Was there some hidden meaning behind it? Because no guy has ever named me with 'sama.' Of course, this room mate of mine was one of a kind, so abnormal, but I eny his straightforwardness.

I felt a gaze on me. I never liked being watched. "Can't sleep?" I asked, I manged to open one eye in time to see him fling his head back onto the bunk on top. So feminine.

"Yeah, I got a lot going through my head." He said, sighing at the end.

"Same." I mumbled. There was silence. The most silence I've ever had with him in the perimeter in that one day. I heard a faint giggle which made me frown. "I always seem to be missing a joke around you." I said jokingly, but it almost sounded like a complaint.

"Neh." Both of us said at the same time.

"You go first." He said.

"No, you go frist." I insisted, I hoped by now she'd figured I was stubborn, I wouldn't give in if this continued. Did I say she? I meant he..it's easy to mistaken at times. I turned to my right and found him there beside me.

"I know we had a rough start today." He said. No really? "But I dunno, maybe it wouldn't be so bad being friends." he took the words right out of my mouth. Except of course, I sound a thousand times more stubborn when it comes to the truth.

"My sister, is like your biggest fan and she begged me to come here because she was worried. She said that your stage performances looked strained and not like you. So she wanted me to fix it. Now me, I'm a big fan of yours too, so i came here to fulfill her request because she loves you a lot and she's dedicating her piano and musical future to you. So...let's be friends, okay?"

How many times in there had he mentioned his 'sister.' I could tell lies from reality. There was no sister. Which led me to think...why lie to me? Had I not been lied enough to with all the rumours in the media? So the one person that I felt the need to trust lied to me too. Of course, I'd been deceived and lied to so many times that I no longer cared. They all say they love me, but really, they don't know how much I go through. They all call me that spoiled ass just because I'm a celebrity but who can I trust anymore? Not even my fans. My last manager cheated me of my money but then again, I'm just that spoiled ass right?

Their reaction, at least you have fans that love you. My reaction, how many fans really love me? How many times have they lied to me? But when I looked back in her eyes, I answered my own wyestion, those eyes were innocent - like hers - it's okay to lie - like hers - my beloved ex-girlfriend. They were the eyes that told me that she's not a guy but a girl, one that made sacrifices just for me.

"Alright, let's do that." I replied, holding out my hand. I'm hoping to never be deceived again, the sacrifices this one fan gave to me foming in an all boys school, I'm hoping her love for me is not as a fan but because he loves me for Arron Wu, the way those rich eyes loved me. To my surprise, she ignored my out stretched hand but instead, seconds later, i found myself in an embrace. it was the type of warmth I'd never felt in a while other than coming from my supporting and loving bandmates and family.

"G-gomenasia! I'm just...I was just caught up in the moment." She jumped off of me. Such a reaction, typical of a girl, I wouldn't be suprised if everybody here found out she was a girl. I laughed, replaying her reaction in my head. "You're so weird!" I choked out in between laughs. She scowled at me in return, her face slightly pinkened. "Well 'scuse me ."

"Long word for someone so short." I almost snapped back. But I yawned and pulled my blanket over my head. "Good night." I mumbled.

It had almost bother me the whole night, the next day, I decided to confirm this with Hiro-senpai. I caught up with him during breakfast. "Senpai, do you have a moment?" I asked.

He turned to me, suspicious. "What is it Arron?"

"Some place private?" I hinted, eyeing his friends from the corner of my eye. He nodded to his friends before getting up. I didn't wait for him to think twice before leading him towards the lobby. "It's about Nanami-chan." I said directly, not meeting his gaze. He leaned casually against the wall.

"What about Akashi-kun?" He asked, almost emphasizing the male suffix. He was grinning, a small grin, but still noticable. I sat down, unable to confirm, waht if she's not a girl? Would be reasonable, but my judgement on lies was always correct.

"You knew." I accused. Hiro frowned. Wast true then? He did know! "Senpai, you knew that Nanami-chan was a girl all along didn't you?" He stared at me in mock horrow and confusion but I read the liesi n that.

"What're you talking about?" His voice was almost convincing.

"Senpai, I've heard enough lies, been lied to so many times in the past, you'd netter know your place." I contined in triumph. "Last night, she professed her love to me. I can't say I didn't expect it. She has a temper like a girl, her looks, her voice. She puts up a good act, but I was suspicious from the start." With that, I left, people were gonna start coming soon anyways.

At that time, I didn't say it. But I left out one line I should've said. "Senpai, keep her sage for me while I can't, you're the only one that can make her happy." The bell rang for lunch, did I really sit here for hours thinking about that? I really gotta get my life back on track. I can't avoid her for life, but I shouldn't be thinking about her 24/7. Am I thinking about her 24/7? No, it's gonna pass. Afterall, life can't get anymore twisted as it already is. It's time to just take life as it goes.

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