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Sam Winchester and the Seven Dean's 2: The Eighth Dean


Once Upon a Time


Ah, the most well known and clichéd words ever written, once upon a time. I hope, my dear readers that you remember me. Yes, that's right; the Narrator has not left, considering this is my series of tales to tell.

I hope you also remember the last story I spun for you. The one of Dean, Smartass, Happy, Grumpy, Paranoia, Sweetie and Cry-Baby. Of Kat and her angelic heritage and of the demons trying to get her for their own use. Ah, yes, it's coming back to you now, isn't it?

Believe it or not Dean and Kat have made it almost two months. Now, that may not seem like a long time to you or I, but to Dean Winchester –who's longest relationship prior only lasted two weeks- this was quite a big deal.

Kat was being taught how to hunt in baby steps. Starting with simple ghosts that could be killed with a single shot of rock salt. She was about to move up to ghosts you actually have to salt and burn.

She had seen nearly every side of Dean that she had met that first week. Smartass and Grumpy seemed to be the most popular. Paranoia was hidden in the background nearly all the time. Happy she saw on occasion, and Happy quickly changed to Sweetie in those, um, heated situations.

She had seen Cry-Baby once, and only once. And it was only a week after Ruby's spell had broken.

Castiel had come to get her one night, telling her that Dean was in the hospital but would not say anything else.

"Cas, what happened?!" She had bellowed. The angel remained silent, staring at the floor as if he were in trouble. Kat flexed her jaw, controlling her urge to slap Castiel then and there, angel or no angel. "Fine. Take me to him," She demanded. He looked up at her. "Please." Castiel touched her forehead.

Seconds later she was standing in a hospital lobby, Castiel nowhere to be seen. She stalked up to the counter, her face hard.

"I need to see Dean Lennon." She said forcefully, remembering the fake name Castiel had told her.

"Mr. Lennon is in the ICU. Are you family?" She asked, sounding bored. Kat was horrified that anyone could sound bored talking about someone in the ICU. Her heart was clogging her throat, fear accompanying it.

"I'm, I'm his wife." She lied, swallowing her heart. The nurse sighed.

"Room 502." She said, pointing down a hallway. Kat raced toward it, thinking of nothing else but his well being. If someone had hurt him this bad…

She saw the room number and came in quickly.

"Alright, Dean what the hell is going on?" She asked. "Castiel won't tell me anything and I can't get a hold of Sam and-" She stopped short. Dean's head was turned away from her, his eyes shut tight, tears spilling from his eyes. She quickly sat down next to him, pain and confusion in her eyes.

"Dean?" She turned his head to face her. She saw the bruises decorating his face, the gash on the bridge of his nose where it split, the dark color surrounding his eyes. And the pain in them. Tears spilling over the brim. She touched his cheek, being careful of the bruises. "Dean, what's wrong?"

"Kitty." His voice was hoarse. She brushed tears out from under his eyes.

"Dean, please, what's wrong?" His lower lip trembled. "Please, baby, I can't fix it if I don't know what's wrong." He shook his head.

"You can't fix this." He told her. Everything. Torturing Alastair, getting beat up like this, and what Castiel told him.

"It's my fault," He gulped. "It's all my fault." Kat had to blink several times to get her own tears to disappear. She shook her head.

"No, no Dean. You didn't know. There's no way that this in anywhere near your fault." He didn't believe her, she knew that. But at least she said it. She held him close, not daring to even try and let him go.

That was the last time she had seen Cry-Baby anywhere near his expression.

At this particular moment he had one arm wrapped completely wrapped around her waist, the other holding the keys to her truck just out of her reach.

"Dean!" She whined. He laughed, swinging her around and moving the keys once more.

"No, I won't let you leave." He said.

"Dean Winchester, give me the keys right now or I'm never kissing you again!" She barked. Dean sighed and set her down, handing her the keys.

"Cheater." He grumbled. She smiled smugly.

"You'll see me as soon as you and Sam finish up this Wendigo thing, okay?" She said. Dean frowned, pouting.

"That could take, like, a week." He whined. She smiled, grabbing her bag off the floor.

"Then hurry up." She said.

"Why do you have to go to your mom's right now?" He asked. She sighed.

"Because we've been doing this every year since I was three. It'll be fun," She wrapped her arms around his neck, dropping the bag again. "It's out in the middle of nowhere. Nice big lake. Really big house. Lots of rooms where no one can hear us," She waggled her eyebrows at him. He grinned back. "No hunting, no angels, no demons, just you and me. And Sam. But he'll probably hook up with one of my friends. Just you and me for a whole week." His grin broadened.

"Alright, alright." He said, defeated. She bent down, grabbing her bag again.

"Wait a second," Dean said, glancing at his watch. "When are you leaving?" She bit her lower lip.

"Mm, now." She reached behind her, grabbing the doorknob.

"Hey, hey, hey, wait a second," Dean said, wrapping his arm around her waist. "Don't I even get to say goodbye?"

"Hon, if I don't leave in five minutes I'll miss my flight."

"That's not enough time, well, it's enough time, but it's not enough time to say goodbye." He said, trying to drop her the hint. She grinned slyly.

"And it'll be worth the wait, then." She pecked him on the cheek and disappeared behind the door.

Dean frowned.

"Aren't around chicks, don't get laid. Have a steady chick around don't get laid. Lose-lose scenario."

Dean shook his head, heading for the bathroom.

"Kat leave?" Sam asked, coming in the door. Dean nodded.

"Yeah," He paused, reaching for the door. "Hey, how long ya think this hunt is gonna take?"

"Few days, why?" Sam said. Dean sighed, shoulders drooping slightly.

"No reason."


"Well that was fun." Dean spat, shaking the blood off of his hands.

"God I need a shower." Sam said, sounding disgusted. Dean nodded, using his shirt to wipe off his gun.

"You go ahead and go first," Dean said. "I had dibs last time." Sam smiled thankfully.

Dean opened the motel room door, ready to collapse. The sight he met was not one he wanted to see.

He and Sam both stopped short, jaws dropping at the sight in front of them.

"'Bout time you guys showed up." Grumpy huffed. Dean looked around in horror.

"C'mon Dean," Smartass said. "You know you're happy to see us." Dean counted them off as he went. He could tell who they were just by the looks on their faces.

One, two, three, four, five, six…seven?

A woman stood next to Happy. She had long sandy colored hair, big green eyes, a killer body and a spatter of freckles across her nose.

"Who the hell are you?" Dean asked. "Happy, I swear to god if you paid her already-"

"Ouch," The woman said. "Sweetheart, I ain't no hooker."

"Then who the hell are you?!" Dean bellowed. She grinned.

"I'm you." Happy smiled up at her. Sweetie shook his head.

"Say hello to Deanne." He mumbled. Dean could only stare at her in shock.

Sam burst into laughter.

My, my, my. By a show of hands who really saw that coming? Don't lie now. This is going to be fun to explain to Kat, now isn't it?

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