I wonder if I'll be able to talk to you someday and maybe… just possibly… AkuRoku. Fluff. High school fic. Based on Yuuhi Saka, Vocaloid Miku's song.

Based on: Yuuhi Saka—the Evening Sun Hill by Vocaloid Miku Hatsune. I love that song. So touching and beautiful.

Thanks: to MeiLynn 64 for reading it over.

Disclamer: I do NOT own Vocaloid or make the song, Yuuhi Saka. They belong to their respective owner. And also Kingdom Hearts. They're not mine. The italics are from the song.

Warning: Fluff and out of characterness.

The Evening Sun Hill

Chapter 1

I've noticed you since the first time I saw you. You are so different from the others—from the other people that I know. You stand there in the bus stop, looking up at the sky, ignoring the crowds amongst you who are chattering amongst themselves. You don't wear headphones nor have those mp3 players like other students would have. You are just really calm and quiet. You look so blissful in the sea of the people that doesn't have a single care about the world.

It's a while until I noticed that we are students in the same school. I start seeing more of you. During the lunch break, during the time I would intentionally pass by your class by taking the long route around to mine. You are there, studying silently.

I wonder if you have friends. And I wonder if you would like to hang out. Maybe go and grab some lunch or sandwich together sometimes or at least, a soda. That would be nice. In the cafeteria… and maybe both of us can talk, spending our time together. But I don't have the courage to ask… since I know that it would be too awkward… too awkward to ask.

After all, wouldn't it be too awkward for a boy to ask another boy out? I could only wish that gender isn't a problem…


I can't seem to get through each day without at least seeing you once. I would start to worry and sweat for not seeing you. It's rather peculiar. I don't know what is going on. I love watching from afar. I love watching you study and I love watching you talk. Your smile is so sweet and so caring and gentle. And sometimes, you would make fun of others too, but I know that you would always take care to not hurt their feelings.

You are always so gentle when choosing your words. I know that.

Because I bumped to you one time and you didn't become angry at me like others would. It was my fault, but you just smile so sweetly and asked if I was okay. I was so stunned by your kindness that I couldn't form my speech. You helped me with my papers and books that were scattered around the floor. I didn't even thank you. In the midst of my fluttering heart and the confusion, I have forgotten to show my gratitude.

And since then, every time our eyes met, I always look the other direction. I am afraid… afraid that you might be upset at me for not saying thank you. I want to talk to you, but I can't. It's very difficult. I can't even think straight when I'm with you, let alone talk.

But I'm happy that you are comfortable with your friends. I know that a lot of people must be happy to be your friends. You are so nice after all.


Just as I thought that I should give up on you. You suddenly called out to me one day when the school was over. I was about to run away. I have no courage to face you. But instead, I stopped and paused, not doing anything, merely standing there with my back against you.

My heart must have skipped a beat when you rested your hands on my shoulder. I turned around, to find you smiling at me, panting softly. I blushed in your presence.

"Y-You left something."

I looked down to see what you're holding. A book, my math notebook. I gasped. "This… how?"

"Sora gave it to me and told me to chase after you."

"Oh…" I replied coldly. It really wasn't my intention to be cold to you, Axel. It wasn't. I just didn't know how to behave in front of you. I don't want to look foolish and say the wrong thing. "Yeah…" I took the book, about to run away again. The blush on my cheeks and the beats on my heart were so unbelievable. I couldn't stand it anymore… I have to get away from you.

"Hey wait, not even a simple thanks?" you asked.

I was shocked, my breath was stuck in my throat. "I…"

"Never mind, I was joking. See you around, Roxas."

You smiled and ran away. You… you knew my name…


I was becoming more and more in love with you.

Your smile, your feature… your beautiful red mane. I wonder what it would feel like to touch that hair of yours. I wonder if it would be soft or hard. I wonder what it would be like to touch your hands. Your hands must be so warm and big…

"Roxas, are you okay?"

"Oh, Sora."

"You have been zoning out since this morning. Did you catch the flu or something?" Sora looks at me, honestly worried.

"I am okay, Sora. Thanks for the concern," I reply with a simple smile.

"The final exam is nearing, Roxas. Concentrate!" Hayner suddenly come up, smirking. "You little daydreamer."

I laugh. "Quit it, Hayner."

"Yeah, Hay. We all know more than anyone that Roxas is the one that's preparing the hardest for the finals. So much more than a certain somebody we know," Olette suddenly appears, giggling.

"Hey! Don't speak to me like that, 'Lette."

Sora chuckled.

"You know that the only reason why I can't concentrate is because I am always thinking about you," Hayner complaint.

Olette blushed. "Stop making excuses. You have to prepare for the finals! Don't go getting C's and D's on me," she pinched Hayner's arm.

"Ow Ow! Okay okay!"

I laughed. Hayner and Olette, they are such a perfect couple. A couple… shouldn't a couple consist of a male and a female? A male and a male certainly wouldn't make a couple… right?

What am I thinking? Even if I love him… that doesn't mean that he would have the same feeling as me… if any, he should hate me for…

"Hello?! Roxas?!"

"Ow. Yeah, Sora?"

"Axel said that he'll be treating over to pizza tonight. You want to come?"

"Axel?" I shook my head. Who's this… Axel? My heart leaped. It can't be him. Must be another person… Sora's cousin or something.

"Yeah, you know Axel!"

"Who?" I shake my head. My brain drew a blank.

"Axel! The redheaded person from the third grade?! You know him! He always talks about you. There's no way you don't know him," Sora frowned. It's as if this problem is the most important thing in the world.

I blush. No… he always talks about me? That can't be… Must be another person. "I don't think… Sora, I don't even know him. I can't go to his party and eat for free."

"Oh… I thought you guys know each other…" Sora pouted. "Because you know, he talks about you and all and he frequently asked me about you. Oh well…"

I can feel my breath stuck in my throat. Ask Sora about me? Why…? "What's the… occasion?" I asked hesitantly.

"Oh, I think… I don't know. Might be his birthday or something. I'm not sure. I'll ask him if you want to know."

"No, no. That's fine. Have fun with the free pizza," I smiled.

"You sure you don't want to go?"

I shook my head. "No, I don't want to be an uninvited guest."

"Hey! You know! I could ask Axel if he wants you to go."

I laughed. "Please don't, Sora. It's fine. I'll be occupied in the night anyway. I have to prepare more for the finals."

"Oh, poo, Roxas. The finals aren't until next month!"

I rolled my eyes. "Sora…" I sighed.

"Gotcha!" Sora laughed.

How come… you're asking Sora about me? Must be mere curiosity…

Right, Axel?


I was out of school late that day. My teacher suddenly wanted me to help him out with grading and I simply couldn't refuse. I know my teacher well, that's why they trust me and ask me for help once in a while. It took me until around five o'clock to finally be released and let out from school. I'm not complaining. It's a really valuable experience to work with teachers.

When I was out of the school building, I saw you. It was really hard to not notice you. Your red hair really stands out amongst all the colors available in the area. Even the color of the setting sun couldn't compare to the beauty of your crimson red hair under the shine of the orange sun. I wondered what you were doing there. Standing, leaning against the tree… you must be waiting for somebody.

Your girlfriend maybe?... Must be your girlfriend. There was no doubt about that. Someone as kind as you… must have a lot of girls who loved you, right?

I decided to walk right pass you, as if I didn't notice you. I feel pangs of hurt beating in my chest.

But then, as my back was already against you, you called out to me… "Roxas!"

I paused abruptly. I couldn't even begin to form what I would say to you. I turned around to face you.

"I've been waiting for you. I was beginning to fear that I might have missed you."

You grinned. Your grin is so warming. But why? Why are you waiting for me? It's already five… three hours after school was over. I didn't voice my question. I merely looked at you with a confused expression.

"Oh!" You straightened up. "I'm sorry, it must have sounded weird to you. I was… uh…"

You seemed really nervous. But then again, I am too. My heart was pounding wildly inside my chest. I couldn't even begin to form speech.

"I was wondering if you would like to come for free pizza tonight?" you asked through your gentle voice, your hand raking your hair.

I gasped a little. Did you just ask me to… but…

There was an awkward silence between us.

"I'm sorry. It must have been too sudden. Anyway, it's okay. Don't worry about it. Forget that I said anything."

I want to go! I want to! But I couldn't say anything…

"It's getting pretty late."

I want to go…

"Hey, Roxas. Could I at least walk you home? It'd be pretty lonely to walk alone."

I must say yes… please… someone… help me say yes!

I nodded timidly then, much to my relieve. My cheeks were still warm. They must have been really red… I couldn't look at him in the eyes. He walked ahead of me.


Behind the setting sun, on the road home.

Walking a bit behind you.

I keep staring down at my shoes, following you from behind. I wonder how you would know where I live when I've never told you anything about my residence. Or at least, you seemed to be going to the right direction that led to my house. I couldn't bring myself to walk beside you.

Facing the back of a tall person, who is you.

Your back is broad. It looks so strong. It was as if you were protecting me from any kind of danger by walking ahead of me.

Who usually takes big steps.

Your steps are so much bigger than mine. I couldn't catch up sometimes. But then, I noticed that you've slowed in order to accommodate to my pace.

Going up this hill. Together. Tightly.

I've finally caught up to you and dared myself to walk side by side with you.

Yet, immediately separating on the following road.

You casted your eyes down to me.

"So, we are almost there" while I look at your face. You hold out your hand to me.

I looked at your hand in disbelieve, eyes wide. You didn't look at me. I held my breath. I didn't know what to do. Should I take your hand? Do you want me to take your hand? Watching, I finally took in a deep breath and smiled. I took small little steps and put my hand on yours.

We walked side by side in silence. None of us uttered a word. It was comforting. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn't concentrate on anything else around us. Your grip on my hand was so soothing and so comforting. Just knowing that you're there beside me…

You look back, just as I was watching you.

I paused and merely smiled, pretending that I didn't just watch you all along while we were walking. We kept going on.

In contact in my hands, following the same pulse.

All of these were so very dear.

On the parting road, our hands separate.

Two of us, facing opposite of each other, start walking back.

Suddenly, I look back.

Only to no longer see you.


Go google "Yuuhi Saka vocaloid English"! it's such a nice and relaxing song. And you should definitely watch the vid and find out the sub of the song too. Until then…

Please, tell me if I should continue this fic or not. ^^ This is literally the first time in 3 years of me writing a fic like this. :3

Hope you enjoyed.

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