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The Evening Sun Hill

Part 4

It rained in the morning. Pouting, I went for a bath, preparing myself for school. I was never a big fan of rain. I hate getting wet and the last thing I wanted was for my bag or clothes to be damped. I would be miserable for the entire day if I were soaked, which was definitely likely considering how hard it was pouring out there. I wasn't looking forward to this, not at all. Not even after all the expectations of spending the day with you.

The thought of studying with you had kept me up all night. I knew that I didn't have enough sleep. But at least, I was still extremely excited with the fact that I was going to talk more with you. I wondered what topic we would talk about today. Ever since I knew you, I began to wonder a lot—about this and that—about unnecessarily sweet subjects, everything about you.

And then, I wondered if our plan of studying together would be cancelled. It was a rainy day and I didn't expect to…

I hoped not…

I headed out of my house, holding a small umbrella. I sighed a bit at the sight of the pouring rain. Then, I forced myself to smile as I walked out. I wore slippers, not wanting to get my shoes wet. My backpack was heavy because I brought an extra school shoes to change into when I arrived at school. The small umbrella wasn't enough to keep me dry.

Taking in a deep breath, I breathed out in relieve at the sight of the hill. Just a couple of blocks more and I'll finally arrive at school. However, I paused.

You were there…

I could have sworn that my jaw must have dropped open in shock. I didn't expect to see you so soon. My heart leapt in anticipation though my legs screamed to turn around and run.

"Good morning," you greeted gently.

I took in a sharp breath, shouting at myself to reply you. "G-good morning," I looked away, at the ground, at my slippers, at my toes, at anything but your eyes. "I-It's raining," I stated the obvious.

"Yeah," you breathed out a small sigh. "How are you doing today?"

It was such a simple question. I really didn't know why it took me 2 full minutes to answer it. "I'm good?" I ended up asking uncertainly.

You laughed into the air. It was then that I noticed you had brought a big umbrella that could easily fit two persons.

"Want to…" you paused, seemingly reluctant to say the rest of the sentence to me. "Uhm, we can use the same umbrella while walking to school together," you offered reluctantly. I grin when I saw the bright, apparent blush in your face. Maybe it was the rain sending me imaginations, but for now, I wanted to pretend that you were blushing, that you actually had the same feeling as mine.

Even if it was just a foolish imagination of mine…

I quickly ran over to your side, smiling so softly. I took in a shaky, nervous breath when the skin of our arms touched, leaving a small tingling feeling. When I was already safe in below your shelter, I closed my umbrella.

"Stay close," you grinned, pulling me closer by the wrist so I wouldn't get wet.

"A-alright," I stuttered.

Then, you wrapped your hand in mine. I smiled, staring at the floor all the while, watching the water trickling down and forming a small, thin puddle above the asphalt road. Suddenly, I didn't hate the rain as much anymore. I didn't care if my legs were wet or my backpacks were damped… all that really didn't matter. What matter was you were there beside me.

And we were walking down the hill, making our way to school.

Our footsteps sloshing against the water making beautiful rhythm in the wet day. I remembered wondering about so much more… again, trying to read your mind. I returned your smile when you look at me. You pulled me close, looping your arm against mine. We touched, skin to skin due to our short sleeved school uniform…

I can't help but feel special somehow, felling the fluttering butterflies in the pits of my stomach.

I can feel the heat on my cheeks. Silently, I wished that you wouldn't turn your attention to me at that moment. I just want to stay there with you. Together, side by side.

And then, you let go of my hand as we reached a dry area within the school.

I released a small chuckle when I saw how wet you were.

"Don't laugh," you commented playfully, shaking the umbrella off of water and placing it to a plastic bag.

Despite your comment, I kept on chuckling. It was really such an amusing sight to see you wet only at the left side of your body. But then, I wondered… were you trying to keep me dry? Was that why you were wet while I was completely waterless?

Then, the school bell rang… once and then twice, calling us, telling us that it was time for our first classes. I smiled at you, unable to bring up anything to say.

And you, once again, easily break the silence between us by using your smooth, flawless voice. "Well then, Roxas. I'll see you around lunch?"

I nodded in response, staring at the floor.

I yipped when you suddenly took my hand and squeezed it gently. It was then that I realized how cold my hand was and your warmth course into my being. I enjoyed it. So, so much that I was tempted to hold your hand close, hug it, never letting go.

"I'll be around. You have to go to class soon too. See you!" you grinned brightly. When I took a quick glance to your face, I remembered seeing the faint blush on your cheeks. And it was then that I merely stood there, watching you run away to the opposite direction, heading to your class.

I laughed softly, calmly walking to my class.


I couldn't wait.


Come lunch and I found you waiting for someone just outside of my class. I tilted my head to the side, feeling my heart skipped a bit. I wondered who you were waiting for… could it be a girl that you liked in my class? Could it be one of your buddies/friends? Could it be… the math teacher? Who were you waiting for?

I was hesitant to head out. I pretended I didn't see you and waited, taking extra time to pack my books into my back pack. I wanted to know who you were waiting for. I didn't know why… I just wanted to know.

A gasp tore my lips apart when I heard your voice.


I jumped a bit, immediately turning one eighty to face you. "Axel?" I swallowed, calling out timidly.

Wait… were you… waiting for me?

"Is everything okay?" you asked, worried.

I looked around to find the class already empty. Everyone had already vacated to the cafeteria. "I…"

"Did you lose something? Did you…"

"No no…" I shook my head, reassuring you.

"That's good," you gave me a warm smile, enveloping your hand in mine again and then releasing it. "Up for lunch?"

"Sure," I tried my best to give you a grin, so as not to look rude. I wondered if my grin turned out to be really awkward and ugly… I hoped not.

"Let's go then!"

You lead the way, laughing a little.

Where were your friends? I thought you always hang out with them?


Sushi was the best food ever invented.

This is especially true when I would spend my lunch eating sushi with you.

You ended up treating me due to my inability to refuse your kindness…

I felt really guilty inside. I really shouldn't have let you pay for me. That was just completely inappropriate of me. And what should have been a happy lunch was ruined by my pout.

"Are you upset?" You asked carefully, carrying the plastic bag holding our sushi while we headed to the school's rooftop to have our lunch.

"Upset?" I blinked a couple of times, trying to comprehend what you were trying to say.


"No, of course not. It's just… I feel bad for letting you pay. I mean… I should pay you back." I was ready to pull out my wallet when you grabbed my wrist.

You released a small laugh.

"Roxas, really. Don't worry about it!"

And I saw your wrist wearing the watch I gave you.

I smiled, suddenly feeling very happy. "You wear it."

You released your grip on my wrist, staring at me in confusion. Then, using my index finger, I pointed to your wrist, telling you what I meant.

"Oh this?" You grinned. "Of course! I love it! I'll wear it every day and keep it out of harm."

I laughed out freely. "You'd better make sure of that," I commented playfully.

"Hey," you called out softly.

"Huh?" I smiled, throwing my attention to you. You have the most beautiful pair of eyes. They were emerald, gorgeous jade that never failed to remind me of the nature.

"That's the first time I see and hear you laugh like that."

I blushed brightly, not exactly sure if it was a good thing or not. I immediately hid behind the collar of my uniform, but ended up failing immensely. "I-I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, turning my back against you to hide my burning cheeks.

"What are you sorry about?" You laughed. "I love your laugh. It sounded really nice and soothing. Roxas…" You took my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I want to always be able to see your laugh and smile… everyday. Without exception."

I blushed even more if it was possible.

"What are you…"

You chuckled. It sounded like a very nervous chuckle to me compared to your usual ones.

"Roxas, if it's possible… I want to be the one to make you laugh and smile."

"Huh?" I lifted my head despite my shyness.

"Roxas, I really really like you. Would you be interested in becoming my…"

You paused, seemingly at a loss for word.

"Be my date?"

… Date?

Did you say date?

The… girlfriend/boyfriend date?...

My mind drew a blank.


I must be dreaming, right?

Wh-what should I say to you?

It is being common. To miss such happiness.