Title: Shades of Gray

Author: AnnieVH

Summary: Rick has some opinions about Alex.

Rating: PG

Genre: angsty, flashfic

Characters or Pairing: Alex Delaware/Milo Sturgis, Milo Sturgis/Rick Silverman


by vakair_dar: Alex/Milo, in the end, it's always only the two of them.

also very much inspired by the reviews of coral_67 .

Warning: un-betaed - volunteers?

Notes: *deep sigh* Vakair, you gave me a real challenge!! This was impossible to write about! It was written for our little LJ FicBattle.

Spoilers: for OBSESSION.

Disclaimer: don't own, just wish I did

It is absolutelly wrong to feel like this, Rick thought, though part of himself was trying to convince him otherwise.

Truth be told, it wasn't the first time he thought of Alex as an intruder, but that was the first time he actually felt like kicking him out, maybe even literally. And the worst part was that Rick couldn't even blame him, because, when Alex came into the room, Milo was the one to say, "Hey, Alex, stick around for a while." Adding a "please" to the end of that sentence, almost like a need, and that sent Rick on the verge of stomping his foot on the floor and crying out, "No, I don't want him here!" Just because he feels he's supposed to be enough.

Jealousy is a bitch.

On a regular day, it's under control and makes Rick feel silly and guilty. They are, after all, best friends - they have nothing but a purely non-sexual relationship. He can tell himself that over and over.

But that day was anything but regular, because Milo's got shot and, even though he's talking and grinning and making his sarcastic remarks, he's got a bit of fear inside his eyes for the past few days. He hates hospitals, hates even more being a patient.

Rick knew it was not the time to be selfish, but whenever his arm stang, Milo grimaced and looked for Alex, as if the sight of him was enough to make everything fine again. They probably had talked it over, Alex always got the sharing. Richard got Milo's "I'm fine" and "You don't have to worry" and the silence. Always the silence. If something's bothering him, he'd never tell Rick willingly.

Still, Rick let Alex stay a little longer and chat, politely kicking him out when visiting hours are up - pretending not to see Milo's disappointment and coldness when he finally leaves. Conversation has died.

A purely non-sexual relationship. That's all.

Sometimes, sex has nothing to do with anything.