This was written for a tag "I did that once!" from ten's ncis forums.

disclaimer: i do not own ncis or their characters.

Tony and Ziva volunteered to proofread McGee's latest books, for a variety of reasons...Gibbs was out for coffee and McGee is tapping away on his computer. Tony bursts out laughing.

"Ziva! You'll never believe what happened in this book,"

She looks up reluctantly

"Pimmy Jalmer slept with the enemy's daughter, Lee Chelle, in the back of her daddy's weapons carrier!!"

Ziva froze. Jeanne? Rivkin?

Tony realised what he said. Rivkin... he thought. She slept with the enemy, and he was making fun of it -

However, she smiled shyly and said, "I did that once!"

What?! Now Tony was confused...

Ziva looked down, embarrassed by Tony's reaction.

McGee stopped clattering on his keyboard to say, "Ziva's first time was in a weapons carrier."

Both their heads shot up.

" McGee!"

"You told McGee, but you couldn't tell me?!!"