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Freddie Benson was just finishing up cleaning out his locker. Today signaled the last day of school, so he just wanted to make sure that he didn't leave anything important behind in that locker. He looked on the inside of the door and saw a picture of him, and his two best friends Carly Shay and Samantha Puckett. Now if you were to ever look at Sam and Freddie interact, you would think that they were the best of enemies. They bicker, insult, prank, and fight each other. Well Sam beats up Freddie, but you get the idea. No he's not a wimp, he was just taught to never hit a girl. Now if Sam was a guy, it'd be a whole different ball game. Maybe.

He smiled at the picture. They took it after their first webcast of iCarly. Carly was standing between Freddie and Sam, and the two looked like they were about to fight. That was back in 6th grade. They're going into their junior year come September. The bell rang, signaling the end of the day, so he made his way to Carly's and Sam's lockers.

"Hey Carly," said Freddie enthusiastically.

"Oh, hey Freddie," said Carly with a smile.

"Hey Freddork," said Sam while eating a ham sandwich.

"Hello Sam," he said flatly.

"So wanna go to Groovy Smoothie?" Carly asked.

"Sure," said Sam.

"I'm in," said Freddie.

"Of course you are Fredweird because Carly's gonna be there," said Sam.

"You know what Puckett-"

"Guys," interrupted Carly before another fight broke out between the two. "Let's just go okay?" The two reluctantly agreed and left with the brunette.

Freddie used to have the biggest crush on Carly for the longest time. That's right, used to. All of that changed after the kiss he shared with Sam. He thought nothing of the kiss, and he and Sam acted like they normally did. But after dancing with Carly that day at Groovy Smoothie he realized that he no longer liked Carly in that way. Dancing with her actually felt more awkward than a relief.

Don't get him wrong, he still thought Carly was hot. Carly's hair grew a little more than before so it now stopped at her lower back, she still had smooth pale skin and a beautiful face. Her curves were more accentuated too. But for some reason, she just didn't compare to Sam. Sam's beautiful blonde hair now stopped at her ass, her blue eyes became brighter and clearer, her skin tanned a little and her curves were so much better than Carly's.

He just played along with the whole "I still have a crush on Carly" thing because it was normal for all of them. No one knew of his feelings for Sam, and he planned on keeping it that way too… for now. He didn't need Carly blabbing to Sam about it and he didn't need Sam to try and break his arm either.

The trio made it to Groovy Smoothie 20 minutes later and hung out there for a while. After that, they all went to Carly's apartment. They weren't surprised to find Spencer working on another random sculpture. They'd be more surprised if he wasn't. Carly, Sam, and Freddie went upstairs to the iCarly studio to relax and talk for a bit.

"Ah, I'm so glad school is over," said Sam as she relaxed into one of the bean bag chairs.

"Sam, you have to go to summer school. Again," said Freddie as he sat on a bean bag chair too.

"Shut up Fredifur," said Sam.

"I can't believe we're gonna be juniors!" said Carly excitedly as she handed her two best friends a bottle of water each.

"Yeah, one more year then goodbye Ridgeway!" said Sam with enthusiasm.

"So, what are you doing this summer Carly?" asked Freddie.

"Well, my grandma in Yakima wants me to spend time with her so I'll be there for the next 2 months," said Carly. "What about you Freddie?"

"My mom is sending me to a tech camp," said Freddie.

"Wow a 2 month long dork convention. Sounds boring," said Sam. Freddie glared.

"Sam, be nice," said Carly sternly.

"Fine," said Sam as she sighed. "What are we gonna do about iCarly then?"

"We'll just tell them that we're going on vacation," said Carly. "I'm sure they'll understand."

"Sounds like a plan," said Freddie.

Hours passed, and Freddie and Sam decided to go. Carly said her goodbyes to them and closed the door.

"See ya dipthong," said Sam.

"Oh shut up Sam," said Freddie as he put his key into his apartment door.

Sam grabbed Freddie by the collar and pushed him against the wall.

"No one tells me to shut up Fredward," said Sam menacingly.

"I'm sorry Sam!" said Freddie fearfully.

Sam punched him in the stomach then let him drop to the floor. Freddie clutched his stomach and watched as the blonde girl walked away. He was getting tired of her constantly beating him up, and he was even more tired of not doing anything about it.

He was so glad that he wasn't really going to that tech camp. He just used it as a cover because he didn't want them to know where he was actually going. By the time their vacation was over, Freddie Benson was going to be a new man. He will get his revenge on Sam Puckett.

And it will be sweet.

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