Breaking Twilight

Synopsis—Edward left Bella seven years ago, and never returned. Now she and their son, Edward Jacob, have moved to Alaska. What happens when the past doesn't stay forgotten? Can a hidden secret force a family deeper into darkness?

Disclaimer—I do not, nor have I ever owned Twilight, all rights belong to SM.

Chapter One


Edward Clarkson

I've always thought of my father, who he was, how he was like, and more importantly, why he left my mother seven years ago. When I was growing up (though that wasn't much long ago) I had always asked my mom about my father. I would listen intently as she described him; how fast he could run, how strong he was, and how he always acted, as if he could easily fit the world onto his shoulders.

I remember very well, how much I wanted to be like him, for him to be proud of me one day. But that was years ago, and now all I felt towards him was hatred and pure loathing.

My name is Edward Jacob Clarkson, a bit of stretch I know, but my mother says that there is meaning to my name. My middle name is Jacob, because of her best friend, who she no longer sees but always talk fondly of. My last name and my first, however, I don't know about.

She down right refuse to tell me why my first name is Edward, and Clarkson was just a name we made up. My thoughts trailed away suddenly as I glanced at the large building in front of me, it's brown bricks and other seduced colors, did not comfort my boredom of being there.

My green eyes lazily flickered from the ''Home of the mighty cougars'' banner to the sign in front of the school, the letters were supposedly the current school colors of blue and gold. And they were of the large bold kind, something that could easily be seen from up the street. Kodiak High School I read, frowning with great distaste, under the large letters were a few school announcements, like the upcoming Homecoming game and dance.

Although it was already October, just the scratch before exams started, I was a new student, in fact today was my first day. I was lucky enough, that today was a Monday so everyone would be starting their week off. However, I was not looking forward to catching up on a month worth of needed work. Not that the lessons would be a problem for me, just thinking about this made a small smile grace my pale face. No, I had a gift—something that would make it almost too easy to pass through high school.

I had a photographic memory, not the normal human one's that you may hear about. No, I could just touch something, a book, for example, and I would know the entire contents without even flipping the cover open. This gift also worked on people, I could just look them in the eyes, and know everything they were thinking, along with what they would be thinking after that.

This however, was a bit subjective in many ways, for one, I may only be able to see people future thoughts up to a minute and nothing more. And if they had a powerful, strong will, then I wouldn't be able to see their minds at all.

My mother always chided my powers, saying how much they were of my father's in a way.-- Suddenly, the sound of engines moving into the parking lot made me glance, and realize that I was still in my car. I loved my vehicle almost as if it was my own sibling, it was a gray Chevrolet Camero, with slight tinted windows.

Although my mother wanted to purchase me a Honda for my birthday, I wouldn't have it. I liked to drive fast, and I would not be shunned to drive the excruciating slow limits, that she does in her modest 08 Toyota Camry.

It wasn't long before the students began to admire my car, although there were other vehicles just as nice (especially the Volvo, and the BMW parked not far from me). I sighed before grabbing my book bag, and leaving the car. The instant I looked into a random girl's eyes I regretted it, because I was hit with her thoughts like a brick wall.

"OMG he is so gorgeous! I love his green eyes! I hope he's single--"

I quickly shoved her thoughts from my mind with a smirk, I already saw how things would go, I would be classified as the mysterious new guy, the girls will flock and the guys will hate me. If only this random girl knew my real age, and what I was.

I doubt she would still find me attractive at all.

Instead of going to the side buildings like the other students, I made a bee line to the main office, opened the door and was instantly bombarded with more cougar banners, this time they were much larger.

I had a fleeting thought to rip them away, quickly before anyone saw me, but a middle age woman, with dark black hair behind the desk, had already spotted me. She smiled kindly, and from looking in her eyes, I could read her thoughts of wanting to just do her job. Introducing a new student to the school. Although, there was a small future thought, of how strangely handsome I was.

"Hello, welcome to Kodiak High." she greeted me with a smile. "You should be..." she glanced down at some papers quickly. "Edward Clarkson, correct?"

I smiled in return. "Yes, my mother just enrolled me over the weekend."

"Well, she couldn't have picked a better school for you to attend, Edward."

Ah, so she was even going to throw in a quick advertisement of the school. I could tell from her future thought, that she was, and of course, I wasn't disappointed.

"You know, our sport teams, including basketball and football, are undefeated. Have been for the past year, We are even rooting for a Championship game this year. So, if you were interested in joining the teams, it's not too late."

I gave her a false smile, though she didn't see to notice. "No, thank you. I'm not much for sports." this was true, and a lie together. I really did like sports, a lot, but I knew playing on any school team. Even one that was 'undefeated' wouldn't be much of a challenge to me.

The lady frowned, clearly disappointed by my lack of cougar spirit. But nevertheless she quickly threw on a smile again, as she handed me a small pile of papers.

"Here are your welcome papers." she said joviality and I fought the urge to roll my eyes. "You're find a quick, but intensive brochure on the school, along with a map, your schedule, and lastly, a sheet of different clubs, and after school activities that we offer."

I took the papers and gave her a quick 'thank you' before leaving the dreary blue and gold decorated office. Outside, the parking lot had filled immensely, and mostly everyone was running into the school, with fears of being late for class. Kodiak high school was very small, with a total of 839 students.

That wasn't even half of the population back in Seattle. Although the small country like atmosphere was nice, and with the majority of sunless days, my mother could come and go as she please in the daytime, without fear of standing out.

It still wasn't better than Washington, though I knew how much my mother hated it there. This reason is why I didn't complain when she wanted to move to Alaska. Without realizing it, my quiet thinking had lad me pass the parking lot, and into the other building. Even though I was seconds from entering my class, I didn't bother looking through the papers in my hand for directions. I had touch them, thus, I already had all it's knowledge in my head.

My first class was on the first floor, ironically enough, and would be U.S History, a class that I wasn't really fond of. As I entered the correct building and floor, I could see that classes had already started.

'Just great.' I thought unamused. 'my first day, and I'll have to make a grand entrance.'

From my mind, I pulled the room number to the front of my thoughts, room 105. I arrived at the prison like door and knocked, relieved that it wasn't a large class.

But as I opened the door at the teacher's ''Enter'' I smelled it. The smell was unmistakable, I could pick it out if I was blindfolded with a gas mask on. My mother had the same smell, though hers was different, more feminine, this smell was masculine, but not something new to me. It was a vampire scent.

"Welcome." the teacher's voice momentary broke my thoughts. "Mr...?"

"Edward Clarkson." I replied to him, noticing that someone in the room stiffened.

The teacher looked confused for a moment, before realization covered his face. "Oh yes, you're the new student. Well take a seat, class has just started, so you haven't missed much."

I did as I was told and took a seat (luckily) in the back, along with three girls who were currently battering their eyes at me, and a guy strangely enough with the exact hair color and style as me. Not only was this unregular, but he had pale skin which was close to mine, but exactly like my mother's, and golden eyes.

I frowned as I unpacked my bag and flopped my notebook on the desk carelessly. On the other side of me I could hear the girls whispering, but I didn't bother using my hearing to eavesdrop on their mundane conversation. Now that I was ready for a boring day of class, I looked through my mind until I found the teacher's name.

Mr. Garner.

It was simple enough, I wouldn't have to look into my mind every time, to know who he was. Now with the name and unpacking out the way, I began to concentrate on the vampire smell that lingered around me like smog. Being only half vampire myself, I could smell different people, but I couldn't trace them to the person.

So I knew there was a vampire in the room, but yet, I didn't know who it was. Obviously, I thought of the guy sitting not far from me, he had too many features like my mother to not be a vampire.

"Mr. you know the answer?"

Damn it. I reluctantly looked to the front of the class, there I found Mr. Garner looking straight in my direction. Which was exactly what I needed. I stared at him for a slight second before the answer came pouring from his mind like a weak waterfall. Not only this, but a future thought, told me that he was testing to see how smart I was.

"There is no wrong or right answer." I replied quite smug with myself. "Some at that time, thought that the draft was very wrong. While others, were willing to fight for their country."

Mr Garner looked surprised and clearly caught off guard. He nodded and told me that I was correct, before continuing his lecture. I smirked silently to myself, but before I could returned to my thoughts I heard him think something else.

"Always know the answers, just like those Cullen kids."

I frowned at his back, not really understanding what he meant. Again, I noticed someone stiffen and this time, I caught a glimpse of the guy sitting a couple seats from me.

His right hand was bawled in a fist, and his face held a mixture of confusion, cautiousness, and suspension. The rest of the class went on uneventful, and I couldn't wait until I was free to go home.

Almost as if I willed it to be, there was a dull ringing noise, signaling the end of the class. I almost jumped from my seat, a bit too quickly, remembering there were a good fifteen human witnesses. I slowed my pace, only being beaten out the room by the strange pale guy. My next class (Math) had no vampire scents to greet me as I made it on time.

It was as boring as History, and I was more than happy when the bell finally rung. Making Mrs. Nelson stop her slow lesson on Equations. I had only one more class (Chemistry) before lunch.

And I was at least happy, that we were doing a practical lesson and not a lecture. Ms. Anderson was a good teacher as well. She even manged to tell us a few things, that I hadn't even known beforehand. After we were done cleaning up our tables, of Chemicals and vials, we were allowed to leave, and I dragged myself to lunch.

The entire day so far, no one spoke a word to me, though I was surely the gossip on everyone's mind. Not only this, but during Chemistry I found, from another random girl, that the pale guy in my History class was named Edward Cullen.

Though I had never heard the name before, it seemed to strike a familiar presence to me. I was a bit surprised that his name was Edward as well, but then I remembered that I couldn't possibly, be the only person with the name. It was after all, very popular at one time.

So I stood in the long, and tedious lunch line, ready to buy some distasteful food that I was bound to eat—thanks to my half human side. I was just about to reach for a plate of pizza, when I heard someone clear their throat. I turned and saw a tall black haired guy looking back at me, with a curious expression. And from his letter jacket, I could tell that he was one of the football players.

"Your Edward Clarkson right? The new guy?"

I looked through his mind quickly, but I only found jumbles. Either he had a powerful mind, or he just wasn't thinking of anything. Though the latter seemed very more likely.

I smirked. So the rumor mill strikes again, I felt sorry for any more pathetic souls, who were cursed to be new at Kodiak in the future. "Yeah that's me, but call me Eddie." I told him, using the name my mother gave me since birth. "I see word gets around fast huh?"

He chuckled, obviously he was a bit more familiar to the rumors than I thought. "I guess it does, I'm Gary Larson by the way." he introduced holding out his hand. "Just moved to Alaska last year myself." he added, proving my earlier assumption.

I shook his hand reluctantly, my skin wasn't cold like my mother's, but it was hot, a bit warmer than a normal human temperature. I saw him wince surprisingly before letting my hand go quickly.

"So." he asked casually, as he too grabbed a plate of pizza. "Found any girls ya like yet? If so, I could hook you up. I have a good plug on a few nice ones."

I shrugged, though truthfully I hadn't even paid attention to the student body at all. Though, now that I glanced around, there were a few decent looking females. Still, I wouldn't be good for any of them, especially when I was thirsty. Gary however, seemed to take my shrug as a 'no' conformation.

"Well if you come sit at my table, I could introduce you to some friends. Their pretty high around here, so with my help, you could be laying with a girl by this weekend."

I hid my grimace at his low tolerance of respect for women, being raised by one, I would never go as far as to disrespect them the way Gary just had. But I remembered quickly, that this was the way most boys "my age" acted.

So I smirked and followed him to a table a bit farther in the back. Sitting there, were a group of five other guys and six girls who were clearly cheerleaders. When I arrived at their table along with Gary, they all looked up, and I quickly heard the ridiculous thoughts of the girls. It seemed I was right in my earlier assumption again, and that most of the girl student body, was comparing how 'gorgeous' I and Edward Cullen were.

"Hey guys, this is Eddie, the new guy." Gary introduced while patting me on the back.

"Hello Eddie." one of the girls, a brown haired said a bit too politely.

Soon after her, the rest of the girls welcomed me more than warmly, while the guys seemed reluctant. I knew they weren't oblivious to the attention. But soon enough, I was accepted to what I guessed was the popular, jock and cheerleader table, though I had no sports to my name. I laughed when someone said a joke, and nodded or shook my head along with their conversation.

But I was busy looking at the table, in the farthest back of the lunch room, even farther than our table. I saw the guy Edward Cullen, silently talking to a group of two girls and two boys. To any normal human, their conversation would have went on deaf ears. But I could hear them quite clearly amongst the lunch room chatter.

"What are you saying Edward?" asked the largest guy, a muscled boy with black hair.

"I'm saying that, the other Edward isn't normal. He doesn't smell like the rest of them."

I frowned.

"Now wait a second." injected a small pixie like girl with black spiky hair. "How could he not smell human? If there were any other vampires here, I would have seen it."

Edward Cullen shook his head, clearly irritated. "No, he isn't a vampire, not fully anyway. He's human too. I could hear his was moving extremely slower than normal humans...but it was there."

A beautiful blonde haired girl rolled her eyes. "You've obviously lost it Edward, I mean, yeah he does look a hell like you, but come on! Your talking about hybrids here! There is no such thing!"

Cullen shook his head again, and ran a hand through his hair. "And that's not all of it...I know your going to think I'm crazy.—"

"Like we already don't?" snorted the blonde again.

He glared darkly at her before he continued. "But...I think he's gifted as well. Today in History, he was able to answer a question, from the answer in the teacher's mind, just like I can."

The last one to speak, a blonde haired boy tilted his head. "So your saying, he's a mind reader?"

Cullen looked lost for a moment, as if he didn't know if he believed his own words. Before he slowly nodded his head. The group was silent for a moment, before, to my great surprise, they all turned and looked directly at me. At that second I was bombarded with their thoughts.

"He looks so much like Edward it's eerie."

"Hey bro, can you read my mind?"

"He resembles Edward, but I see someone else too."

"I love his eyes, too bad he isn't a girl. I have the perfect dress that could match the color."

Hearing more than I needed to know, I quickly looked away and their thoughts promptly left my mind. Trying to remain inconspicuous, I grabbed the forgotten pizza from my plate and took a small bite.

I hated a lot of human food. There was a huge limit on the things I could eat without wanting to barf it back up. The only foods that seemed edible to me were, pizza, sub sandwiches, spaghetti, a few breakfast foods and some entrees. Other than that, I only had the need for blood, which seemed to overpower my urges for human food. I took another bite of the pizza, not really tasting it as the conversation at my table finally caught my ears.

"And so, David want's to throw a banging after party, once the homecoming dance is over." One of the guys, (Chuck, I found out) conversed.

"Hey Eddie, are you going to homecoming?" the brown haired girl who first introduced herself asked. I looked up from my food, and shrugged innocently. Maybe I would play the game for a little while, just so I can find some amusement.

"I don't know." I said, smiling as I gave my next excuse. "I haven't really thought about going, I am new here after all."

Her thoughts were running wild through my mind, I could see that she wanted me to ask her. Her future thoughts were all the same as her current ones. Though a few did hope, that I would rent a hotel for afterward.

"Err..." she hesitated. Everyone at the table, and probably others who weren't, was listening. "If you did want to go...I wouldn't mind going with you." Large flashes of hope sped through her mind, and I almost felt sorry for her, despite the fantasies she was currently having of me and her, in a room alone.

It was odd, how already being my first day, I had climbed so far up the student ladder. But in all honesty all I wanted was to be left alone. I took another bite of my pizza, I knew I was being cruel in a way, maybe even self confident. But her fantasies was really starting to annoy me, and now, I wouldn't mind down right telling her no.

I chewed slowly as everyone seemed to stare at me, it was nerve wrecking to be such a center of attention, even the Cullen guy was watching me. I finally swallowed the pizza and looked back to the girl, who hopes seemed to be hanging on a thread in front of me.

"I don't know if I'm going." I told her calmly. "But if I do, I'll certainly think of you." I even went farther and gave her a wink, which threw her thoughts to hyper drive.

At long last, the bell rang finally ending lunch and I couldn't be more excited to leave. Not because of the English class I had next, but to finally leave the eye sight of Cullen, his family, and the many people in the facility. I still had to remember to excerpt a normal human pace, as I existed the room.

Now with my fill of human food, I was more aware of the heartbeats, and blood flow of the humans around me. I sighed deeply, knowing that it was going to be a very long, rest of the day.

English class seemed to go on for eternity, and I fought very hard not to cry out in agony. Today we were reading on Shakespeare, which was a subject I knew front and backwards. Again there was no vampire scent—which meant no Cullen. I had long figured out, that they were vampires.

I had guessed it in History, but their little conversation at lunch obviously convinced me. Now that I knew, I just didn't have a clue what to do or how to proceed. I wondered if telling my mother was the best way, she would surely want to know. But something—deep down—told me not to tell her about this, at least not now.

Ms. James was as boring a teacher as Mr. Garner, and as she talked about the trials and tribulations of Romeo and Juliet, half the class was either asleep, passing notes, or doodling in their notebooks.

I was the first one out when the bell rung. My last class of the day was gym, something I wasn't keen on attending. I went to the boys locker room to get my new gray and blue gym uniform, I changed quickly, and arrived in the gym room with two minutes to spare.

Coach Jefferson welcomed me to Kodak, with much less cougar spirit then the main office lady would have allowed, if she was there.

Everyone was currently doing laps around the gym today, and I sighed before joining them. I tried my best to stay at a human pace, but they all moved so excruciatingly slow. My mother had always told me that I inherited my father's speed and so, I could have ran a million laps around the gym, before anyone even thought to see me.

In the end, we had to record how many laps around the semi large gym we were able to complete, I beat everyone easily, but I lowered my score to sixty, so they wouldn't feel so bad. Especially the jocks who were only able to reach about sixty-two. I wrote my number down lazily before handing it in and leaving the gym room with four minutes left.

I changed into my regular clothes quickly, and left the locker room before it became crowded with adolescence. The air was still cold and crisp as I arrived to the parking lot, and the sky was foggy with a threat of snow. There were a few students congregating by their cars, and some were rushing to make it home before the prominent snow storm. None of this effected me, as I walked quietly to my Camero, the gray car seemed to welcome me back as I opened the driver door.

From the rear view mirror, I could seem more students leaving the building, and in the lead was Edward Cullen. He was looking directly at me with a curious expression on his face. I thought he was walking to my car, but instead he made a sharp turn, and arrived at the shiny Volvo parked a few spaces away.

I rolled my eyes, if our similar looks wasn't enough, he would have the exact same gray color as well. I closed my door and stuck the key into the ignition, the engine revved with strong horse power and I almost instantly relaxed at the sound.

It was silent but the car showed a promise of becoming fast if needed. Looking back quickly, to check that I had a clear exit, I slowly pulled in reverse, and drove out the parking space. I was almost out the small lot, when the gray Volvo pulled up to my side. The driver window came down and there was Cullen, looking at me curiously again, but there was now the same hint of suspension as earlier.

"Do you want to exist first?" he asked me in a smooth silk voice. I could see that there was two other people in the car with him, the short black spiky haired girl, and the blonde boy. Behind his Volvo was the red BMW, driven by the blonde girl, and in the passenger seat was the muscular guy.

I smirked, though I was more than surprised, by his sudden friendly manner. "No, you can go first." I replied, my smile growing smug. "I wouldn't want to hit your paint job."

Cullen raised a challenging brow at me and I raised one back. Suddenly, as if we both thought it at the same time, we hit the gas petals and our cars flew out the parking lot.

In almost a instant, much too fast for humans to comprehend, we were speeding down the street. I served around a slow Volkswagen and quickly sped up, I glanced and saw that Cullen had a small lead on me and I pushed the gas harder. I refused to lose, and for some reason I had to urge to beat him.

I served around another car, and we were now close to the small Alaskan freeway. My house was just the next two exists up and that's where I planned to beat him. The red BMW was behind us, not far, but it was clear that the car would not race against us.

Cullen glanced at me and smiled, cockily, almost playfully, and I wondered if he had been toying with me the entire time. I knew the answer, he could have beaten me a while ago. He was only humoring me since the beginning.

I pushed down on the petal harder, anger fired inside me like flames, licking at me with the embarrassing defeat of being played with. Cullen seemed to know that I had figured it out, because his Volvo slowly lost speed until I had passed him, and turned to the exist leading to my house.

I gripped the steering wheel angrily, almost causing finger imprints in the material. Even though I had beat him to the exist, it was almost a sick irony win that made my stomach turn.

This defeat somehow reminded me of my bastard excuse for a father. Of how me and my mother wasn't good enough for him; of how I couldn't live up to expectations of being his 'perfect' son.

I turned the corner sharply taking me upon the small suburban street of my house, no one was outside and the sidewalk was completely devoid of life. My house slowly came into view, and from the living room light, and the Toyota in the driveway, I could tell that my mother was home.

I parked behind the reddish colored car and quietly sat still for a moment. The cold air knocked against my window, but I barely felt it inside the car, and even if I was outside with the cold, I would only feel enough to tickle my skin.

Finally taking a long breath, I grabbed my book bag quickly from the passenger seat, and closed the car door behind me.

The front door to the house opened seemingly on it's own accord. And my mother was there, on the porch waiting for me to come inside, most likely waiting to hear how grand my school day was. Her mahogany brown hair floated enticingly in the wind as I walked up the stone steps.

"Eddie are you ok?" she asked, not fooled by my facade of a smile.

Her golden eyes seemed to look me over, as if assessing that I was completely unharmed and safe, though I was standing proof in front of her. Then she sniffed quietly, making me freeze on the last step. Her head tilted to the side, and a large frown graced her pale heart shaped face.

"You smell like..." she sniffed again, making sure her heighten sense of smell wasn't betraying her. "...Like you've been around vampires!"

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