Title: The Captain and the Reporter
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or Superman, and I do not make any money from these fictions.
Rating: M
Summary: Clark Kent (aka Superman) can live indefinitely without aging as long as there is a yellow sun. In the 23rd century, he interviews Earth's new hero – James T. Kirk. His world will never be the same. Clark/Jim slash.


"Nice to meet you. I'm Clark Kent," the reporter introduced himself, reaching out a hand in greeting.

Jim let his eyes wander up and down that tall body. Most people would think the man was lanky, but Jim could tell that it was just the carefully-designed cut of the suit. There were some serious muscles under there - muscles that the man didn't want anyone to see.

Jim knew all about hiding in plain sight. He hid his genius IQ underneath his playboy facade - this man apparently hid his muscular physique underneath sloppy suits.

The real question was why.

Jim was going to find out - by getting underneath that suit.

"James Tiberius Kirk," he purred in response, shaking the man's hand in a firm grip. "And the pleasure is mine."

The man - Clark - blushed adorably. Jim admired the attractive features hidden behind the clunky glasses.

It was actually kind of cute.

"So what do you want to know?" Jim asked, sprawling on the sofa in his San Francisco apartment.

If he had to give interviews, he might as well have fun while doing it, right?

And it was certainly fun watching Clark's intense blue eyes rake quickly up and down his prone form before averting with a blush.

The shy types were always so much fun to seduce - and almost always more than worth it in the end.

Clark cleared his throat, taking out an old-fashioned notepad and a pen. Jim admired the reporter's large, well-formed hands as he fumbled with the paper.

"I just have a couple questions, Mr. Kirk," Clark said shyly, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose as they slid down.

"Please, call me Jim," he replied with his best seductive smile and sultry bedroom eyes.

Clark blushed deeper. Jim thought he saw a flash of red in those blue eyes before the man slammed his lids shut.

"We already have the details of your heroic rescue," Clark said, turning their attention back to the interview. "But the readers want to know more about you personally. Do you have a significant other, Mr. Kirk?"

"I'm looking right now, Clark," Jim replied with a grin. "And if you insist on addressing me by title – it is captain now. I find that's much sexier than 'mister' - wouldn't you agree, Clark?"

The reporter squirmed in his seat.

"J-jim," he stuttered. "Please answer the question."

"I already did, Clark - weren't you listening?" Jim asked saucily. "I don't have a significant other at the moment. I'm looking."

The two men locked eyes through Clark's thick glasses, and Jim smoothly rose from his prone position on the sofa to straddle Clark's lap.

The man didn't push him off.

"Mr. Kirk - Jim," Clark corrected himself. "This is unprofessional."

"Of you or of me?" Jim asked with a grin, squirming a bit in the reporter's lap.

Clark was so warm - his skin was even hotter than Spock's, and that said a lot. Jim pulled back a bit to look at his pretty face once again - those lips were only second to his own - and reached his hands up to remove his glasses.

"Superman, huh?" he questioned glibly. "That's actually really sexy. I like my partners strong - my male partners, at least."

Clark sputtered.

"C-captain...Mr. Kirk - I do not know what you're talking about," he denied.

Jim smiled.

"Genius-level IQ, Mr. Kent," he stressed the last bit with a smirk. "Even though I try to hide it. I'm not quite as oblivious as everyone thinks. You're hiding in plain sight as much as I am - though your secret is admittedly much larger."

"How did you know?" the man asked, his posture straightening and his jaw tensing and his eyes narrowing - the change in just his body language was remarkable, and if Jim didn't know for certain that he was Superman before, he definitely knew now.

And you just don't refuse to answer Superman's questions. That's not on. Because even though Jim saved Earth - it was only the once, and Superman still has hero seniority here.

"First, I noticed right away that your suit is purposely designed to hide some serious muscles. Second, your eyes momentarily flashed red before when I turned you on. Third, your skin is very warm - too warm. Warmer than my Vulcan friend. Fourth, your glasses don't actually have a prescription. They're clear - to help hide your distinctive eyes. And five? I accidentally kneed you in the groin when I climbed into your lap and you didn't even flinch," Jim concluded with a smirk.

That got him a single blink in response.

"You just did in minutes what took my arch-nemesis years, my wife months, and my best friend hours to figure out," Clark said in a shocked voice.

Actually - Superman said that. Superman had a much clearer voice, and he didn't have Clark's Midwest accent. He didn't have an accent at all, actually.

"Hm...well, arch-nemesis is Lex Luthor - I know that healing factor of his extended his life indefinitely," Jim mused. "I don't know who the wife is - or was. You have been around an awfully long time. And I'm guessing the best friend is Batman aka Bruce Wayne aka the man who implanted his consciousness in a robot so he could fight crime forever."

Clark blinked.

"How - how did you know THAT?" he asked - and this time it was Clark's voice.

The peculiarities in this man were just...fascinating, to quote Spock. Jim thinks that he has finally met someone who can keep him entertained.

"I was the only genius-level repeat offender in the Midwest, back in the day," Jim admitted, still grinning. "I hacked into the Watchtower database once upon a time - found a lot of sensitive information, and nobody ever caught me. There was a lot of information on Batman - including his secret identity. It gave me enough information to connect him to that mysterious figure in Gotham that everyone swears can't die. Oh, and if you kiss me to try to suppress my memory - let me tell you right now that one of my best friends is a telepath, and the next time we meld he will just unlock it all again."

Clark blinked once again in shock.

"You're something else, Mr. Kirk," he admitted with a wry grin.

"Call me Jim or call me Captain," the Starfleet officer requested. "I refuse to answer to Mr. Kirk. It makes me feel like a cadet again."

Strong hands came up to grasp his hips and intent blue eyes gazed into his own.

"You can call me Kal," the alien whispered softly before scooping down to steal a chaste kiss.

It was Jim's turn to blink.

"Kal," he breathed softly, rolling the alien name on his tongue. "I like it. Now - let's see if you can make me scream it."

With that, he fisted his hands in that silky black hair, pulling Kal's head forward for a kiss. It was so hot to know that he could not have budged the man had he not acquiesced, and Jim could not help but squirm in arousal at the thought of all that tightly leashed power fucking into him.

He pulled back with a gasp, panting for breath, and whispered, "Bed."

The next second he found himself naked on his back on his bed, an equally naked Kal braced on his forearms above him.

Jim blinked dizzily.

"I think I'm going to like this whole superpowers thing," he purred sexily, reaching up for another passionate kiss.

One of Kal's warm hands pinched a sensitive nipple, and the other trailed down his stomach to grasp his erection. Jim broke away from the kiss, wondering how Kal was suspended above him without bracing his weight on the bed - and then he realized something.

"Holy fuck - you're floating," he gasped in pleasure, Kal's warm hand stroking him softly. "You can fly. Why are we doing this on a bed? I vote for mid-air."

Kal stopped for a second, blinking down at him.

"You're not scared I'll drop you?" he asked in disbelief.

"Fuck no. First, danger only gives me a thrill. Second, you're Superman - which means there's only an illusion of danger. Even if you somehow managed to drop me, you're way faster than gravity - I'd be caught before I hit the ground," Jim responded glibly, fisting Kal's hair at the nape of his neck and trailing his other hand down to caress that muscular chest.

The next thing he knew he was about a foot from the ceiling, looking down into playful blue eyes. His gaze went past Kal to look down upon the bed, and he shivered at the thought that his lover was fucking floating.

"I want you to fuck me," he whispered throatily.

Kal chuckled, reaching up to suck and lick and nip at that sensitive point behind his ear. God - he could probably see his nerves and blood vessels with that vision of his. It was cheating to find hot-spots that way.

But Jim definitely approved, especially when Kal pulled back to blow lightly on his neck.

The air was chilly - ice breath during sex.

And then that hot mouth leaned back down to suck marks onto his neck, and Jim shuddered at the pleasurable difference in temperatures.

There would definitely be no getting bored with this lover.

Jim sucked his own fingers into his mouth as Kal set out to make necklace of bruises to decorate his skin.

And that just made Jim think about the fact that there was absolutely no way that he could mark Kal - but that didn't mean that he couldn't try.

James Tiberius Kirk did not believe in no-win scenarios, after all.

Though as Kal manhandled him so that his chest was even with that hot mouth -it was sucking wetly on his left nipple as a hot hand pinched his right - Jim began to think that this was an all-win scenario.

A super-strong, gravity-defying, perfect bodied (and faced) lover with super stamina and hidden depths - such as an eidetic memory, hotspot-defining vision, ice breath, and an above-average temperature?

Jim was already thinking about making this arrangement a forever kind of thing.

He would even be willing to give up all other lovers to do it, if this fuck turned out to be as mind-blowing as he suspected.

Jim took his fingers out of his mouth and quickly stretched himself with one, two, and then three fingers.

A quick glance down told him that he maybe needed a fourth - but he was about two seconds from coming with just his sensitive nipples being stimulated as a hot, hard body effortlessly held him mid-air - so he removed his fingers from his ass to gather the pre-cum from the tip of his cock and add it to Kal's, smearing it over that hard, hard erection.

It would have to be enough.

Jim tried to squirm his way down that body to line up that cock with his hole, but Kal held him tight.

And there was no way that Jim could move if Kal didn't want him to. Matching his strength against Kal's would definitely not work.

It's a good thing he was clever.

"Kal," he panted breathily, widening his bright blue eyes and sticking out his lower lip. "I want you to fuck me. Please, please fuck me. I feel so empty, and you're so big and hot and hard, and I can't wait for you to fill me up. And then I want you to tip us around so the only thing keeping me from falling to the beg is the strength in your magnificent arms and the way I'm speared on your gorgeous cock as you thrust into me again, and again, and again."

He finished his plea by grinding his own erection into Kal's washboard abs and rubbing his leg against Kal's stiff cock.

"You..." Kal panted as he detached his lips from Jim's aching nipple. "Are an insufferable tease. Be careful what you ask for, because I could literally fuck you to death if I wanted to."

And was it fair that even Kal's threats were hot?

Not that Jim took it for much of a threat, but Kal seemed pretty serious.

"I'll say 'Batman' if I really want you to stop," Jim promised, once again trying to squirm his way down Kal's body to get the gorgeous cock to fuck him.

"'No' and 'stop' work just the same," Kal told him as he flipped them over mid-air.

And yes, it was just as sexy as Jim thought it would be to be suspended in mid-air with nothing but those strong arms keeping him from falling.

"But after the third or fourth time I orgasm, I'm probably going to be saying 'no' and 'stop' - but I won't really mean it," Jim replied saucily, tilting his head another kiss.

Kal growled and complied with his unspoken demand for a kiss, ravaging his pliant mouth.

And then that beautiful cock found his spit-slick hole, and just - pushed.

Jim felt like he was on fire. Kal's skin was so hot against him and inside him, and he didn't think that he'd ever felt such a wonderful penetration.

"Please," he whimpered a bit as Kal stilled inside him, giving him time to adjust. "Fuck me."

And that last bit was an order.

One that Kal gladly obliged. He began to thrust in and out of Jim's tight hole at a frantic pace, his stomach rubbing against the human's fierce arousal.

It didn't take time at all before Jim released in-between their two bodies, and the contractions of his inner muscles made Kal orgasm as well. Jim shuddered as hot semen flooded his insides, bombarding his prostate and setting off aftershocks throughout his body.

Kal stilled inside him momentarily, and then he started moving again.

"Fuck," Jim moaned.

Kal was still rock hard.

Jim wrapped his legs around Kal's waist, thrusting up against that body and gentling the pace a bit as Kal slowed to the one he set. Jim was still too oversensitive from his orgasm, and he shuddered violently every time that gorgeous cock pressed against his prostate.

"How...how many times can you cum?" he questioned, panting.

Kal smirked down at him.

"I told you - indefinitely. As many times as you want until you say 'Batman'," Kal smirked.

Jim just stared up at him for a second.

And then he smirked back and purposed clenched his inner muscles around that hard cock.

It was going to be a long, long night...


A few hours later...

Jim shuddered through another orgasm as Kal slowly and gently penetrated him from behind. He was lowered face-down onto the bed as Kal resumed his long, slow thrusts.

Warm semen flooded his insides for the - Jim did the math with his sluggish brain - seventh time that night.

Jim had come five times himself, and he honestly had to admit his limits.

"Batman," he murmured softly.

Kal stilled immediately, pulling out gently and allowing his erection to soften. He laid down on the wet spot - temperature didn't bother him - and effortlessly lifted Jim onto his chest.

Jim melted bonelessly onto that warm, muscular chest as a strong hand ran through his mussed hair.

"Do you want to take a shower?" Kal asked softly. "You're covered in semen."

"Mmm," Jim hummed back. "I can't move."

"You don't have to," Kal reminded him. "I can hold you."

Jim smiled at him blissfully, nodding slightly and rubbing his face against that warm chest.

"You'll stay the night?" he asked softly.

"Of course," Kal replied as he gently picked Jim up and brought him into the bathroom.

He used the sonic shower - though Jim did have the option of water, Kal was not good at gauging what temperature would be acceptable for humans, and he didn't want to burn or freeze his lover.

Besides, he had a feeling that Jim would not let himself be towel-dried like a child.

So he gently maneuvered them both into the shower, letting it clean them quickly. He carried Jim back into the bedroom, setting him down gently on a chair as he quickly and efficiently stripped the dirty, wet sheets from the bed and replaced them with new ones.

And then he gathered Jim back into his arms, lying on his back with Jim's head pillowed on his chest.

His lover was asleep as soon as they got settled, and Kal couldn't help but smile fondly. What an interesting human...the first one to truly capture his attention in decades.

Kal wondered what it would take to keep him...

They would talk in the morning, and he would find out.

He had a feeling that Starfleet was going to get a special news correspondent aboard the Enterprise...