A month later…

"Kal," Jim gasped, throwing his head back in pleasure. "Please stop teasing!"

A smirk played along those full lips as his super-strong lover actually slowed down at his begging, teasing him further and making Jim writhe in desperation.

"Fuck you!" Jim spat, trying to flip them so he was on top.

But Kal didn't want to budge – so he didn't.

"Actually, Captain – I believe I'm fucking you," the Kryptonian responded in an even tone.

The bastard wasn't even breathing hard!

Jim tightened his legs around Kal's waist and started milking his inner muscles, trying to entice his lover to fuck him faster and harder.

"Then actually fuck me, goddammit," Jim demanded, bringing his hands up to force Kal's head down in a desperate kiss.

Kal complied, ravaging his mouth and taking control of the kiss. He only broke off once Jim was even more desperate for air than he was for a hard fucking – which was pretty damn desperate!

"Kal…" the blonde whined, shimmying his hips. "I need you."

"You have me," Kal reassured, giving in and gripping Jim's legs – moving them from around his waist to over his shoulders, and pretty much bending Jim in half.

It was a good thing the captain was flexible, and Jim was reminded just why he stretched so much when Kal began pistoning his hips harder, brushing his prostate with every stroke and pushing them both towards the edge.

"How bad do you want it, my star?" Kal asked him teasingly, even as his hips slammed Jim's ass with bruising force.

Poor Bones was going to get another visit in the morning…

"So bad," Jim gasped, reaching a hand down to fist himself – but Kal caught his hand before he could grasp his erection.

"No," Kal told him. "You will come on just my cock or not at all."

Jim could not hold in his whimper as Kal picked up the pace, thrusting dead-on against his prostate with every stroke.

"Please," he begged, head turning from side to side in desperation and pleasure. "Please."

"Shh," Kal soothed, even as his hands came down to pluck and twist Jim's sensitive nipple.

And that did it.

"Kal!" Jim screamed, shuddering as his cock released between their bodies, slicking their stomachs and chests.

Kal's own rhythm stuttered to a stop as Jim's muscles milked him to orgasm, and he filled his lover for the first time that night. Still hard, he remained inside the blonde as Jim recovered from his release.

"Mmm…" Jim hummed, satisfied. "Is it okay if we go to sleep now? It's been a long day…"

"Of course, Jim," Kal murmured in response, allowing his erection to soften and slip out as he flopped down on the bed and cuddled his lover to his side. "Do you want to clean up before we sleep?"

"Mmm…" Jim protested, and Kal could not help the smile that spread over his face at his lover's blissed-out form – he had really worn Jim out tonight.

Kal slid out of the bed to get a wet towel, and he quickly and gently wiped the semen off his dozing lover before cleaning himself and throwing the towel in the laundry chute. Then he lay back down on the bed, allowing himself to fall to sleep to the sound of Jim's breathing.


Jim gingerly walked into sickbay the next morning, and Bones cursed upon seeing his friend.

"I'm going to give that goddamn fucking machine his own tricorder and dermal regenerator so you're not cluttering up my sickbay every morning!" Bones complained.

Jim just smirked, dropping his pants and revealing the damage.

Bones couldn't help but whistle.

"Fuck, Jim. Could he try not to tenderize you?" the doctor remarked, healing the hand-shaped bruises on Jim's hips and the marks on his ass from where Kal's hips had slammed against him. "Anything else?"

"Nothing I want to lose," Jim replied.

Bones looked at his neck, but no hickeys were visible – that was all that really mattered, he supposed. Jim could keep any marks that he collected where the crew couldn't see.

"How often has he been coming around to use the UV bed?" Jim questioned as he pulled up his pants.

"Every day for a half hour – usually when you're on shift," Bones told him. "It was a good idea to get that installed."

"Well, he doesn't really need it – his cells have collected a lot of yellow sun energy throughout his hundreds of years – but it reminds him of Earth and keeps him happy. He belongs in the sun," Jim said.

Bones just stared at him incredulously.

"You're getting sappy," he teased. "And between the tanning bed and you, he gets plenty of sun. Doesn't he call you his 'star'?"

Jim blushed, reaching a hand out to push Bones's chest playfully.

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," he replied.

"Sure," Bones answered dryly. "We'll just pretend that he doesn't have a soppy pet name for you that basically infers that his life revolves around you – which it pretty much does."

Jim pouted, turning away to stroll out of sickbay.

"Be that way!" he huffed over his shoulder before disappearing through the doors.

Bones just shook his head at his best friend. The trouble that kid got into…

He was just lucky that Bones was both his CMO and best friend – he couldn't imagine another doctor having the patience to put up with Jim's version of love marks.

Anyone else would think Jim was being abused…not just fucking Superman.


"Captain," Spock greeted as Jim walked into the mess hall for breakfast.

"Mr. Spock," Jim responded with a smile as he bounced over to the food platters. "How's life?"

"Acceptable, Captain," the Vulcan replied dryly, secretly amused as always with the captain's enthusiasm for everything.

"Are you ready for the away mission today?" the human asked as he sat down next to his First Officer.

"Affirmative, sir," Spock answered.

Jim smiled at him fondly, shaking his head as he began eating his breakfast.

"You can call me Jim when we're not on duty, you know. I would actually prefer it," the blonde told him.

"That would be a breach of professionalism, Captain," Spock replied, a small smile attempting to pull his lips up.

But he had more control than to give into it…

"Fine, fine," Jim huffed, yawning and raising his hands over his head to work the kinks out before taking another bite of his food.

Spock looked straight ahead, a blank mask covering his face.

"Spock?" Jim questioned, unsure what had caused his first officer's change in mood. "Is something wrong?"

"You have bruises on your stomach, Captain," Spock informed him stiffly.

Jim blinked at him.

"Oh…" he trailed off. "Um…yeah."

Awkward silence fell between the two, before Clark put his tray down on the captain's other side and pressed his thigh against Jim's leg underneath the table.

"Good morning, Captain. Mr. Spock," the reporter greeted brightly.

"Mr. Kent," Spock greeted in return, while Jim brushed his hand affectionately.

"Ready for the away mission today?" Clark asked the First Officer.

"I am sufficiently prepared," Spock replied stiffly.

"Yeah. I'm excited too," Clark chattered as he began eating his meal.

Spock became very still, and Jim turned concerned eyes towards him.

"Captain…you are allowing Mr. Kent to accompany us?" Spock questioned, voice tight.

Jim tilted his head in measuring consideration of his friend and First Officer.

"Of course, Spock. He's come on away missions before," Jim reminded him.

"On Federation-sanctioned planets, Captain. This is an exploratory mission," Spock said. "It is a breach of protocol…"

"Spock," Jim interrupted, exasperated fondness apparent in his voice. "It will be fine. Mr. Kent was personally requested by the Federation President, remember? This mission isn't supposed to be too dangerous. Besides – Mr. Kent can take care of himself."

"And you," Clark whispered softly into his lover's ear, causing Jim to shiver and a blush to spread over his cheeks.

Neither noticed the frown tugging down Spock's lips – they were too caught up in each other.

Clark did forget about sensitive Vulcan hearing more than was statistically probable…


A few hours later…

"Fuck," Jim cursed as a spear grazed his side. "Not dangerous, my ass."

Jim, Clark, and Spock took cover behind a large boulder, and Jim spotted Sulu and Ensign Carter dart behind two large trees. So far, none of their small away team had been seriously injured.

Jim held in a giggle as fire mysteriously lit up under some of the native feet, allowing the group to get to the beam up point and call Scotty over their communications to transport them aboard.

The group waiting for them in the transporter room stared in shock and incredulity as all five members of the away team beamed aboard alive and without serious injury.

"You got yourself into and out of danger without anybody getting hurt?" Bones asked, disbelieving.

Jim pouted.

"A spear grazed my side?" he offered, showing the doctor his blood-soaked uniform.

Bones quickly sterilized and healed the wound, letting the nurses hold the tricorder over the other members of the crew while he pulled Clark to his side.

"A successful mission, all in all," Jim informed the gathered crew. "Everyone can go back to their stations now. We're getting out of this system now. Mr. Sulu, Mr. Carter – please write up a report on what you learned. Mr. Spock – you have the conn."

Bones frowned at the tricorder readings, dragging Jim to sickbay despite his protests – Clark tagging along.

"There was some sort of poison on that spear," Bones informed him after they locked themselves in the privacy of the CMO's office. "I think it may have been an aphrodisiac of some sort. Why would they tip their spears with aphrodisiac?"

"Um…they may have wanted us as additions to the queen's harem?" Jim offered uncertainly, while Clark stared on worriedly.

"Can you give him an antidote?" he asked.

Bones leveled a glare on the Kryptonian.

"By the time I synthesize it, it will have worked through his system. I'm going to quarantine you guys in the captain's quarters until this passes. And for god's sakes – don't swallow his sperm," Bones ordered. "I really don't want to have to deal with a super-powered, super-horny alien. I have no idea how this will affect your system."

Clark blushed, while Jim just laughed.

"We'll be good, Bones – promise," he informed his friend.

"Of course you will," Bones replied sarcastically. "Now get out."

Jim grabbed Clark's hand, pulling him into the hallway. He felt as his blood began to heat and his erection began to harden – the aphrodisiac was kicking in.

Jim wrapped his arms around Clark's neck, dropping his head to rest on that strong shoulder as he ground his hardness into his lover's firm thigh.

"Kal…" he murmured softly into that sensitive ear. "I…god, I want you."

"Not in the hallways, Jim," Clark reminded his lover, dragging him towards the captain's quarters and using his hearing to make sure the coast was clear.

There was no need for the crew to see their captain acting like a dog in heat.


Kal walked into the captain's quarters, Jim glued to his side and rubbing against him like a dog in heat.

"Need you," the blonde panted, grinding his hard cock into Kal's thigh. "Please."

The Kryptonian disentangled the desperate captain from their embrace in order to quickly strip him of his clothes.

"Get on the bed," he ordered. "On your back."

Jim swallowed roughly, eyes glazed and desperate. Kal was not sure if he would comply – and then he did, getting on his back and pulling his knees to his chest.

"Please," Jim begged again. "It hurts."

One hand snaked down to stroke his erection, and Jim moaned at the nearly painful pleasure. He was so hard…

Kal batted Jim's hand away, lowering his head to suck Jim in, to the base.

Jim shouted in pleasure, fisting his hands in Kal's dark hair – grateful more than ever for his lover's lack of a gag reflex.

Kal rolled Jim's balls in his hot hand, pressing firmly on his perineum – and that is all it took for Jim to scream, orgasming into his mouth and then falling back, limp and relaxed.

Except for his cock, which was still hard and flushed red.

"Kal…" Jim whined. "Too much. Too much."

Kal pulled back for a second to spit out Jim's semen – he didn't forget Doctor McCoy's warning, as he really did not want to test whether the aphrodisiac worked on Kryptonians.

Then Kal moved down to suck on Jim's testicles, nosing his way back…

It was going to be a long night…


The next morning…

"Remind me to stay away from natives throwing spears," Jim moaned, barely able to lift his head from his pillow. "And make Bones write me a sick note. And make him come here and heal me."

"You're demanding this morning," Kal commented fondly as he stepped out of the bathroom, a towel around his lean waist and a second rubbing his hair dry.

Jim opened bright blue eyes to glare at him.

"You orgasm eleven times in one night, and then we'll see how you act in the morning," Jim spat.

Kal chuckled, leaning down to press a kiss to his lover's forehead.

"You really are off your game this morning. You know I could orgasm eleven times with little effect in the morning," Kal reminded him, walking over to the dresser to throw on an ill-fitting suit and put on his glasses – effectively donning his 'Clark Kent' persona.

Jim just grumbled and threw his arm over his eyes, blocking out the light.

"Conceited jerk," he muttered to himself.

Clark just shook his head in fond exasperation, walking to the computer console to contact Dr. McCoy.

The doctor's scowling face filled the screen, and the frown only deepened when he saw Clark.

"I'm guessing he wants the day off and for me to pay him a house call?" Bones grumbled.

"It would be appreciated, yes," Clark replied, giving him his most winning smile.

"You ain't got nothing on Jim's pleading look," the doctor told him, sighing. "I'll be there in a half-hour. Do you want to let Spock know, or should I?"

Clark just gave him a disbelieving look.

"I think I'm the only person on this ship who gets along worse with Spock that you do," Clark reminded him.

Bones nodded, cutting communications.

"I wonder why," the doctor muttered to himself under his breath, forgetting for a second just who he had been talking to – Clark hearing had been honed in on his voice, and the Kryptonian could still hear what he was saying from the captain's quarters, even without the ships communications system. "It wouldn't have anything to do with a certain starship captain that you both are in love with."

Clark frowned to himself as he stared at the blank communications screen, listening in on the doctor grumbling under his breath to himself.

So he hadn't been the only one to notice Spock's infatuation with his lover…