Pairing: Punkertaker

Disclaimer: I own neither CM Punk or The Undertaker.

Summary: Mark seeks to claim himself an award winning 'pedigree.'

Phil slowly walked back to his locker room. Along the way he got a number of, compliments from 'great job' to 'that was one hell of a match.' & a hellof a match it was. It was his first ever 'Hell In A Cell' match. However, his opponent was pretty much the damned inventor of the thing. The Deadman had practically thrown him into 'the cell' so many times it's a wonder he didn't have any open wounds. Once he reached his locker room, he slowly slid out of his wrestling gear & headed into the shower. He didn't plan on staying for the rest of the pay-per-view; he just wanted to get back to his hotel room & get a decent night's rest.

Turning the water off, he grabbed his towel & patted himself dry. Wrapping it around his waist, he headed back into the room. He quickly reached into his bag for some fresh apparel. Upon sliding on his 'INDEPENDENT' skully, he stopped. 'Was that there when I first came in?'He thought, noticing a black box dressed with a purple ribbon on the bench. He picked it up & began untying the ribbon. His brows furrowed as he opened the box revealing the contents: a black, suede material collar. The buckle was gold & hanging on it was a gold charm... The Undertaker's symbol.

Phil's eyes widened as he read the enscription, 'My pet, for all eternity.' He quickly slid it back into the box & shoved it into his bag. He grabbed his things & headed for the door. He had to get out of there, & get out of there fast. He hopped in his rental & headed for the hotel. When he finally found a suitable parking space, he gathered his bags & dashed inside. He slumped back against the cool metal of the elevator & sighed. He thought back to the black box hidden in his bag. 'My pet for all eternity? What the fuck's that supposed to mean? I'm not his pet, I don't even belong to him! Fuck it, it's nothing... it's nothing at all. I don't need to worry about this.'

When he closed the door of his room behind him, he dropped his belongings & fell across the bed. He winced in pain as his head made contact with something hard. Looking up he found another black box, with the same purple dressing as the other. Phil cocked a brow as he slowly opened the new box. In it was a long black leash with a golden hook. It was adorned with gold symbols across it, Undertaker symbols. Engraved on the hook was his name, 'Phillip Jack Brooks.' He shivered & tossed it back into the box, then placing said box onto the nearby dresser. He whined softly as he stared at the box. 'He's been in my locker room, & now my hotel room... what the fuck? How did he even get in? Did he sweet talk the woman at the desk? Did he threaten her?!' These questions amongst others plagued Phil's mind even as he drifted off to sleep.

Taker appeared from the shadows & walked over to where Phil laid. He crouched down staring at the angel's face. 'So peaceful, so pretty,' he thought. 'I can't wait until I take you home, pet. Then each night before I slumber, & each day when I arise,... I can look into your precious features. Soon my precious, you will belong to me. Soon, you will love the darkness.' He lightly kissed Phil's cheek & disappeared into the darkness.