Chapter 6

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I laughed loudly as I ran beside Hige. He was grunting and huffing as he pumped his legs. He narrowed his eyes slightly and growled lowly. Blue streak by us, intent on our prey. A female deer. I left Hige behind me as I followed the black wolf. I came up beside Blue and we watched as the deer dashed through the woods. She gave me a short bark and she took a sharp left and leapt over a group of shrubs. I stayed behind the deer, leading her onwards. I was panting for breath as my ears twitched at each sound.

I was listening to the deer's rapid moments and heart beat. As the deer made a sudden change, Blue lunged out of the bushes and grabbed the deer's neck in her jaws. Using her weight, she pushed the deer to the ground. I came up beside her and grabbed the deer's muzzle in my jaw, holding her head. We held it still as it took it's last breath. I let go as I heard Hige running up beside us. I looked at him with wide eyes.

"You did it!" he cheered, a smile on his face. He swept his hair away from his face and walked towards us. Blue glared at him with a frown on her face.

"You don't get any" she stated. I sat back and giggled as I saw Hige's face. His mouth dropped open and he looked devastated.

"What?" he whined. I placed a hand over my mouth to hide my laughter. Blue stood and crossed her arms in front of her.

"We" she pointed me and herself "Took down the deer and what did you do?" he opened his mouth to defend himself but she interrupted him

"Grunted like a man" she rolled her eyes as she turned around to knell beside me, murmuring under her breath about men and pigs. I thought Blue was joking around but when she didn't talk to Hige again, I knew that she was serious. I dug my hands into the warm meat that Blue had ripped open and took out a large chunk. I stood, walking over to Hige to offer the food to him. He accepted it with a smile. I walked back over to get my share and walked back over to him. I sat down beside, against a tree trunk and dug in. I took care not to get blood on my clothes.

"What's wrong with Blue?" I asked in a murmur to Hige. He sighed after he swallowed.

"She's slightly uptight about leaving home" he answered "She misses her work and her friends" I instantly felt bad. I frowned and looked down, not feeling very hungry anymore. Hige saw this and brought his hand up to rub my head.

"Don't worry pup" he teased "This isn't your fault, we would have found out that we were wolves one day" I still felt bad. They lived a perfectly normal life before I showed up, I was selfish. I wanted a pack so badly that I didn't care who's life I changed. We all ate in silence until the carcass was cleared of all meat. Blue stood and threw away a rib bone.

"Come on" she said and started off down the game trail. I stood and nodded.

"I'll meet you at the end of the trail" I said "I need a drink" they adults hesitated but I was already in the bushes, my paws hitting the dirt and my nose bringing me to water. A familiar smell, it triggered something in my heart but my brain told me I have never smelt something like this before. The scent made my instincts scream at me to run. I stopped and lowered my head to the ground. Paw tracks had my eyes widening. Feline paw prints were in the dirt, leading towards the watering hole. I sniffed the scent.

'Where have a smelled this before' I wondered as I walked towards the water. I stepped through the forest and up to the stream. I lowered my head and lapped at the water. I drank until my belly was about the burst. I lifted my head and licked the drops from my lips. I heard a slight, whiskery chuckle from behind me.

"Kitty cat, Kitty cat, meow meow meow" I stiffened the voice. It couldn't be. Not here. I turned my head and my ears folded. A golden furred feline strutted out from behind the trees. I rolled my eyes and lowered my head. Now I remember where that scent was from. Kiba rescued me from this same sort of beast when I was a pup in my previous life. This puma, mountain lion or cougar as some prefer, was male, the other that Kiba fought was female. The difference between the two was easily scene. This guy was large, slightly bigger then me and a scar stretched over his right eyes and his left ear was a tattered mess.

"Hello big boy" I growled and showed him my fangs "What are you doing here?" he looked at me with wide golden eyes.

"I was just going to get a drink but now" he looked me over and I snarled "I just found a juicy piece of meat" I snarled louder.

"Just try it and I will rip you a new one" I warned him. He laughed and slunk out from the bushes, walking around me in a tight circle. I followed him with my eyes, not liking this at all. He leaned over and sniffed my tail. I tucked my tail close to my body.

"Oh, little puppy" he coed "I wasn't thinking about killing you" I froze, my mouth dropped open. Was he serious? I closed my muzzle and flattened my ears.

"Sorry kitten" I spat "I don't date outside my own species" he threw his head back and laughed. I took this time to turn around and ran back to the game trail. His laughter was still loud as I left him. I shook my head as I stepped out onto the trail. I followed my nose to where Hige and Blue were waiting for me.

'Disgusting cats' I grumbled 'All their good for is a good chase' well, Heidi's clan wasn't that bad but.. I ran down the trail and emerged from the woods. Hige and Blue were waiting for me, nuzzling each others neck. I smiled and walked up to them.


Blue led us to a town called New Fields. The sign that we passed said it held more then a thousand people. We would stay here for a while, gathering information on where Kiba, Tsume and Toboe might be. We walked into the town in our human forms. I looked down at my self in disgust. My clothes looked awful. It had been a week since we left Blue's town, a week since I last washed my clothes.

They has patches of dirt on it when Hige and I wrestled in out human forms, and blotches of dried animal blood. Hige had snagged a map from a couple of tourists and was now flipping the map this way and that. Blue groaned and grabbed the map from him and looked it over. We were walking down one of the main roads, moving around humans with ease. It was easy to do so because human instincts made them fear us but they didn't know why.

"Where are we going?" I asked her. She looked at the map again and folded it.

"Hige and I are going to look around town for news about sighting of wolves" she said. I started to protest but she held her hand up "You will be in a room, having a bath and resting" my jaw dropped. Was she serious? She was locking me up like a disobedient pup? Hige decided to step in.

"Come on Blue" he protested. She shook her head and continued to walk forwards, looking for a hotel. I narrowed my eyes and held back a growl. Hige sighed and patted my head.

"Sorry Shita" he said "Something is up with Blue. She's acting all... weird" I huffed unhappily as we followed Blue to a hotel. She pushed opened the door and walked in, we stepped up behind her. She booked us two rooms for a week.

"Lets go" she said and started up the stairs. I sighed and followed her with Hige behind me. We stopped at the first floor and walked down the hallway. We found doors 104 and 105. she unlocked 104 and held it open for me. I walked and Blue followed.

"You need a bath and I will order room service well you bathe" she ordered. I glared at her and stalked into the bathroom. What was wrong with Blue? She was acting worse then Cole when I got into play fights with the other pups from my old pack. I fiddled with the tub's handles. Warm water started to fill the tub. I quickly put the plug in the drain and watched it slowly start to fill.

"Male sure you wash your hair!" I heard Blue's voice told me. I suppressed a growl.

"Yes Blue!" I shouted back. I stripped my clothes off and threw them into the corner of the bathroom.

"I'll bring your clothes downstairs to get them washed!" Blue said. I rolled my eyes and groaned. What is wrong with her? I grabbed my clothes and opened the door, I threw them outside and slammed the door closed. I shut off the taps and got in. Half an hour later, I was clean and smelling good. I got out and patted myself dry. Since I didn't have any clean clothes, I wrapped a towel around me and walked out of the bathroom. Hige and Blue were gone. I huffed but my mood lifted when I saw a steaming plate of food and I saw a bag of clothes. I opened it and lifted out the first things I saw.

It was a white t-shirt with a little black bat on it. Underneath it said 'I love the nightlife', there was also blue jeans and black converse sneakers with black paw prints up the sides. There was also a few pairs of underwear and a few bras. I slid those on and then the clothes. I saw down and ate my lunch, clicking on the television and watching cartoons. Hours passed but Blue and Hige didn't show up. I fidgeted on the bed.

"They should have been back hours ago" I murmured as I looked outside. The sun was setting and the city was coming to life. I stood and walked over to the window and looked down. My instincts surfaced, telling me to stay put like Blue said but another part of me said to go find my missing pack members. The defiant part of me won my instincts over. I turned away from the window and grabbed my scarf from the back of a chair. I tied it around my neck and left the hotel room. I walked down the stairs and across the lobby. I stopped at the front desk and leaned against the counter, looking at the desk man.

"Hello Miss, what can I do for you?" he asked me. I smiled at him.

"I'm going to the park. Can you tell my parents that I'm gone?" I cocked my head. He started to protest. I set my eyes on him and let a speck of gold show through.

"Please?" I said. He relented and nodded "Awesome, my room number is 214. My parents are Hige and Blue Wolf" he nodded again and wrote the information down.

"Thanks" I said with a smile and walked out of the hotel. I stopped at the door and sniffed the air. I frowned. I could barely smell Hige and Blue over the smell of gasoline, humans and animals. I looked around me and saw a few people giving me weird looks. I glared at them and they turned around and continued to walk. I sighed.

'I just can't track them in my human form' I thought 'It would look weird for me to be on my knees, sniffing the ground' I walked down the sidewalk and slipped into an alleyway. I looked up and down, looking for any gazing eyes, other then a few rats, I didn't see any. I changed into my wolf form. I opened my eyes and breathed in deeply and picked up the scent of Blue and Hige, leading down the alleyway.

'What luck' I murmured 'They came this way' I turned and followed the scent. I kept my nose to the ground and followed the two scents. I stopped within the shadows of the alley. The alleyway opened up into another neighbourhood. The streets were filled with playing, laughing children. Parents kept a look out from their houses, folding laundry or gardening. I lowered my ears and swished my tail. Here goes nothing.

I stepped out of the alley way with a few wags of my tail. Some of the children stopped and stared at me. I wagged my tail harder. They suddenly launched themselves at me. I stayed still as they petted and hugged me, cooing in my ear. I wagged my tail and licked hands. I showed them that I wasn't mean. They left me after a few minutes. I lowered my nose and continued to follow Hige's and Blue's scent, out of the neighbourhood and into another back alley. I picked up my pace until I was jogging down the alley. Hige's scent was clear, I could almost taste it, he must be near here.

"Your mine Bitch!" I heard a loud, angry voice behind me. I jumped out of the way and landed on the other side of the alley, I crouched down and my eyes widened. A large male Pitbull was crouched down where I just was, eyes wide with crazed fury. I laid my ears back and swept my tail under my legs.

"I mean no harm" I said to him "If I was near your home, I didn't mean to be" but I knew it was no good. He was to far into his lust for blood. I really didn't want to fight him, it was hard enough fighting Rouge and he was a cat and much smaller then this dog. My pack did teach me how to fight but this would be much harder. The dog seemed to perk up when a window above us opened and laughter echoed the alley.

"Hey! Look at this! Fang found a mutt!" I glanced up and saw a dark skinned man with dark eyes and baggy clothing lean out the window. Beside him, a light skinned man stuck his head out of the window and howled in laughter. He had dark brown hair and light eyes.

"Dude! That dog doesn't stand a chance. Fang will tear her apart!" I glared at the humans. Some humans were a disgrace to the human kind. Wolves were like humans in that sense. Some wolves were normal, well others stole meat from other packs, kill pups and steal pack members.

"Get it Fang!" the dark skinned man yelled "Rip it to shreds!" Fang lunged at me. I tried to get out of the way but he was already on me. I felt his fangs dig into my scruff and, using his weight, tried to take me to the ground. I yelped and growled, my face snapping forward to grab his beefy shoulder. He let go with a deep throat growled and backed away, his muzzle dripping with my blood. I panted but showed him my fangs.

"Down Fang!" the man yelled from the window. Fang glanced at the human and back at me. I could see that he still wanted to kill me but he followed his master's order and sat down. I looked up at the human. Why the hell did he stop the attack.

He was cheering for Fang to rip me apart just seconds earlier. My question was answered when I felt a heavy metal chain go around my neck. I yelped and flung myself back. I turned in circles, snarling and yelped, I wanted this thing off. I was forced to the ground when a large weight pushed me over and sharp teeth dug themselves into my back. Fang was on top of me and I felt another metal chain go around my neck. I tried to struggle but Fang only bit down deeper. A rope circled my muzzle and my mouth was tied shut.

"Hige!" I tried to howl but it was muffled by the rope.

"Your mine now" Fang grunted through his mouthful of my skin "By the time we are done with you. Your look like a scrap of left over meat" I growled at him and glared at the human in front of me. I know knew what was happening to me. Scott told me about this, what some humans do to dogs.

They put them into a circle and make them fight for their lives. I was yanked out of my thoughts as the humans told Fang to release me. They hauled me up and started to drag me down the alley. I tried to stop them, digging my paws in and refusing to step any further but it was no good. I was hauled down the alley and up the stairs of a house that smelled like death.

Fang was trotting behind his human, a wicked gleam in his eye. The house looked like any other human's house but the smell, it made my eyes watered and I could faintly hear the cries and whimpers of very young dogs.

"She will be perfect to train the new dogs!" the dark skinned male cheered and opened another door. The cries increased as the door opened. I struggled harder but the humans yanked me forwards. I followed them down the stairs, knowing that by being dragged down the stairs would hurt.

At the bottom of the stairs was a large caged area that was surrounded by benches. The ground was stained with blood, new and old. I was led by this and into another room. My eyes widened. Dozens and dozens of cages lined the wall, the smell of feces, urine and blood was the strongest here. The humans dragged me down the ail of cages.

"Please!" a young female mix dog pleaded at me "Save me! I don't want to get hurt anymore!" I turned my eyes away and looked at a young male mix. He was cowering at the end of his cage and he was covered in scars.

"No more" he chanted "No more" I whimpered at what I saw. These were bait dogs. Dogs that was used to train the fighters.

"Please let me out! I won't escape the yard again! I learned my lesson" a small husky mix whimpered and pawed at her cage. The humans opened another medium sized cage and I was pushed inside. The chains were off and my muzzle was released. I let out a loud snarl and lunged at the humans. The cage snapped shut. My head smashed against the bars but I continued to growl. The human boated my cage and I took a small step back. He knelled down and smirked at me.

"You will be perfect" he said to me "You look big, you look like you can take a lot of bites" I narrowed my eyes at him and growled. He stood and left. I huffed and laid down. I couldn't sit down in this cage, it was so small. I looked beside me and saw another mix breed, most of the dogs inside the cages were mixed breeds. He was a little smaller then me but not by much. What really amazed me that he smelled of wolf. Not much but he did have wolf running through his veins.

"Hello?" I asked him and nudged the cage with my head. He turned his head towards me but didn't exactly see me. My muzzle dropped and my eyes widened. He was blind. His eyes were scratched closed.

"Your new" he commented. I nodded but remembered to speak.

"Yes. A dog named Fang caught me. I was following my friends" the wolf/dog nodded.

"You are like me" he murmured "I was following my master" I cocked my head. It doesn't seem like he knew he was a wolf.

"My name is Shita" I said. He flicked his ears.

"Bruno" he huffed out. We talked for the next hour. He explained to me what was happening in more detail. Two humans, the ones I met earlier, ran the place. They fought dogs every Sunday and every two days, trained the dogs. They had four main fighters. Fang, Killer, Slash and Rip. I rolled my eyes.

"Humans are so creative" I grumbled. Bruno chuckled and scratched his side, hissing when his paw touched an open wound.

"How long have you been a bait dog?" I whispered. I was interrupted when the lights over head turned off.

"I wasn't supposed to be a bait dog" he answered "But I wouldn't fight. I refused to fight" I laid my head down and sighed. How I wished I stayed where Hige and Blue left me. Why did these things happen to me?

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