Warning: This is a MATURE adult fic with male robot / human femme interaction. NO SLASH. It is done with taste and reasonableness but still about physical connections. Done for a challenge by a reader of a former fic. Based on the movie verse where Bumblebee is both a bi pedal robot and a yellow and black Camaro. Humans are Sam Witwicky and Mikeala Banes, set at least two years post Revenge of the Fallen.



The young Autobot scout waited, reviewing all safety protocols for what he was about to attempt. The quiet of the two-car garage and workshop reminded him the Witwicky parental units were away on a trip. He had free access to the garage but not the house even if he had been able to fit inside. Bumblebee might feel at home, but he knew he was not truly welcome. Too much injury, too much pain had been inflicted on their son despite the Autobot's best attempts to protect him.

'Spring break meant time to enjoy my friendship with Sam and Mikeala,' he processed. 'Simple human things like our picnics by the lake. We would talk, remembering the wonder of our first days together and learning to work through the differences of being worlds apart.' The yellow armored scout replayed the moments, treasuring each data bit of learning even as he grieved for their short live spans.

Both humans entered the garage at the time asked, keeping their distance from each other. Sensors detected the finest details from the microscopic composition of the dust filtering in the sunlight to the creaking of the ceiling beams as the roof cooled in the descending sunset. The distance between them physically, the lack of pheromones and the tenseness of their body language practically shouted to his enhanced systems.

Their relationship was straining as his college moved into third year. Sam blamed the intense schoolwork and studying, Mikeala blamed his desire for a new life by deliberately ignoring those who tied him to his old. Bumblebee did not understand, seeing only his two human friends shutting each other and him out.

"This might be our last time together for awhile," he began, bright blue optics focused on them as he sat on the garage floor in his robot mode. His yellow armored legs stretched to the sides and his weapons hid in subspace. Even his arm cannon remained hidden and unpowered, locked under triple redundant safety coding. "I have a very personal request."

"How can we help?" Mikeala asked, brushing her long hair back. Clad in her usual white tank top, tight jeans and boots she was beautiful to a human male. Unfortunately, his attention was not on her. Sam waited, both hands tucked inside his jean pockets, college sweatshirt hanging loosely, the emblazed logo another reminder of their differences.

"Trust me, relax and enjoy our time together," the mech vocalized, lying down on his back plates. His hands reached out, armored yellow digits curling around their soft bodies.

"Hey now," Sam said. "What are you doing?" Both protested as his hands lifted them effortlessly up onto his chest plates.

"I want you to mate," he started.

"No!" Sam yelled.

"You can't force us 'Bee. I don't love him like that anymore!" Mikeala snapped, pushing against his metal grip before slamming a fist into his armor gap.

"I meant mate with me," Bumblebee stated, retracting two plates in his chest to the sides. The punch registered dimly on his pain sensors triggering cautionary protocols. A small silver cable lifted up from each port by them. Mikeala's sensor cable folded over its end, softening with a rounded tip. The one by Sam did the same. Neither moved once revealed.

"Whoa! No way, I am straight and you know what that means!" Sam practically screamed, leaning against the metal fingers than held him. Bumblebee relaxed his grip fearing the boy would injure himself.

"Are you serious?" Mikeala asked, holding herself still and eyeing the end near her.

"Yes. I love you both. I want you both and would never recklessly endanger or force you. Those lines are the same I carry in my wrist for direct interfacing with another Cybertronian. They contain thousands of microscopic sensors directly linked into my core systems and spark. Refitting is specifically for your physical needs. I have over fifty safety protocols and system limits in place to make this fun for you without injury. Do you understand? I am offering the most intimate experience of my race and yours. Not for lust or curiosity but as the ultimate expression of trust and love. Please understand," Bumblebee practically begged, his inner chest plates unlocking as his spark surged. The shimmering white energy reached out, tendrils seeking the source of his rising emotional need.

"I want to spark with you and only you. With my chest plates open, a single impact can offline me permanently. We share our sparks very rarely. I have never shared with any other bot for love. Only once with a Autobot femme and she was a medic to teach me safeties for when I would truly mate later. You are my first."

"Bee let me go! Don't rape me!" Sam commanded in a near panic. The metal appendage near him changed, the end sliding back to reveal a long hollow padded tube.

"I would never force you Sam and the way you were thinking of would create an unwanted injury," Bumblebee stated, the hurt showing in his vocal tones. "Is it because you think of me as male?"

"Male, female makes no difference," he pointed over at Mikeala. "She's female and I don't want her either!"

"Sam!" she snapped. "You are such a jerk! Do you understand what he is asking? I never refused you and your fumbling attempts with me. I was patient because I loved you. Bumblebee has fought for us, nearly dying to keep us safe. "

"I don't care! I want no part of this!" he struggled; pulling away the second Bumblebee's hand released him to prevent self-injury. His body slid towards the floor, landing roughly. "I don't care what you want! I want a normal life! College, girls, and parties! No responsibility and no commitments! Where no one knows me and expects me to be anything on this world or any other!" He ran out of the garage and straight for the empty house. Bumblebee vented softly and closed the door with the tip of his footpad. He released Mikeala, ready for her refusal as internal systems locked down his hurt.

She licked her lips then knelt before sliding her knees out slowly. "You guarantee no injuries and we do this on the same level? Pleasure and love?"

"All safety protocols are engaged," he reassured. "Say 'stop' at any time and I will. This has to be of your own choosing."

She hesitated before flipping her sandals off. One smooth motion and her jeans with panties inside went sailing over the side onto the floor. The metal cable swayed closer, her blue eyes watching it closely. It slid across Bumblebee's yellow armor and under her. The soft end tapped her lower back, making her jump. Barely moving, the sensor began tracing from her lower back underneath Mikeala's bare bottom to her front and across the lower edge of her stomach.

"Ohhhh," she moaned lightly, blinking. "Do that again." He complied, using increasing pressure each time it slid across her skin. The multitude of sensors fed his spark the way no physical touch could have done.

Mikeala began pressing down, her knees moving further apart. Bumblebee scanned her intently, comparing heart rate and moisture readings then made a decision. The tip stopped moving, aligning directly under her pleasure center then began rising. She writhed, feeling the pressure against her increasing wetness. Without hesitation, she stripped off her shirt and bra, reaching and grabbing to balance against his metal hand. Bumblebee's spark sang at her touch and the feedback the sensors were relaying. He circled her body with a light touch of his finger, over her breasts, down her spine and back around her stomach, adding a magnetic pulse to fire her nerves.

"More," she gasped, her inner core sliding down the sensor tip until it was fully covered. Embedded deep inside her the tip throbbed and pulsated. Bumblebee shuddered, the data transfer flowing from her into him hitting his systems hard. Panting, she began moving rhythmically up and down its length. "Bad bad robot," Mikeala whispered, his acute alien hearing caught her voice clearly.

'Good femme,' Bumblebee thought, his spark blazing in the air as her excitement pushed his systems faster.

"Bad bad robot," she panted, vital signs showing her peak was coming. "Bad girl want robot," she whispered. "Want you want more want," she panted. One more caress, another magnetic pulse and she arched, muscles seizing inside as she tipped over into full orgasm.

"Arrggh!" Bumblebee half screamed, his spark flaring out in overload, the power tendrils nearly shocking him into stasis lock. He fluttered, systems surging with ecstasy programming. Internal heating alarms triggered then subsided. The sensor tip softened inside Mikeala, relaying its final signals.

The young scout vented softly, systems steadying and tingling with pleasure after effects. 'Never has a power surge hit my systems that hard before. Now I understand what Prime and the others were trying to tell me. Why we share so rarely yet powerfully with those we care the most about.' Mikeala was unconscious on him, a single errant spark surge knocking her out. Readings confirmed her online, functional and undamaged. He vented deeply in relief. The thought of her damaged left him uneasy.

"One more thing to do," he processed. A metal fingertip retracted, sliding out a metal prong. In a second, it was super heated and glowed red. He hesitated then seared her left buttock cheek, wincing as it sizzled on bare skin. A quick check confirmed a solid imprint. The Autobot symbol several inches high, above two Cybertronic glyphs was there.

"The first glyph, my true name, translated as Bumblebee," he noted. "The second meaning my most valuable possession or prize. Mine and no other may touch her under my protection," he processed. A spray nozzle covered the burn with a healing gel, cooling and sealing it against infection. He tenderly picked her soft body up. Nannites began cleaning the glistening fluids off his chest plates as the sensors folded back inside. His processors replayed her comment about being 'bad.'

"Sam rarely disobeys but Mikeala, she could be a challenge to love and protect," he looked at her naked form, seeing a human body but the spark of a transformer femme in her courage and strength. He wrapped his hands protectively around her, tickling her chin until she began to wake. The intentness of her look reinforced the strength of her words. "Ohhhh! That was incredible," she practically purred, shifting to a sitting position. "Where's Sam?"

"In the house watching TV. He never returned. Calculations indicate he will ignore my request then return to college by this weekend with limited contact." Bumblebee lowered her to the garage floor, keeping one yellow armored hand wrapped around her for support. The other began retrieving her scattered clothing.

"Figures. Sam always finished first the few times we mated and left me bruised. Not rough, just clumsy and awkward. Tripped and fell on me once trying to get his jeans unzipped." She pulled her clothes on while talking. "Your mating was fast, intense with no over stretching or pain. You are a bad robot," she waved a finger at him before finishing pulling the tank top down. He made kissing smacking sounds from his central mouth speaker. "Hmm, keep that up and I will be yours. Dump that nitwit human boy and the human race as a whole."

"Really?" he asked. His blue optics narrowed in tightly as every system focused. "I would like that. And not sparking only. I want to learn more about you as a sentient and beautiful being Mikeala. What you like, what you do not. What gives you a smile or makes you cry for happiness and not sorrow. I have never had a femme partner of my own race. Would you be my first and only? Accept my mark?"

"Tempting this poor earth girl with fantastic sparking and a loving relationship? You are a bad bad robot," she patted his side, leaning on it.

"Give you a spanking," he vocalized then froze in shock. Sam had used that line to tease her without ever being able to carry it out. Her responses had included punching him, dumping him into the lake and upending the popcorn bowl on his head. The mech waited to see what she would do with him.

"Promise?" She giggled, wiggling her bottom then winced. "Think I pulled something." He made a whistling sound while tapping the floor with his fingers.

To be continued...