Author's Notes: Thanks for the reviews. Yes, the story continues. Sorry for the delay in posting, life has been crazy. This is intensely Bumblebee and some Optimus Prime with a few technical references but not many. Heavily references both TF live action movies regarding the Allspark cube then shards. Bumblebee, before arriving on earth, was tortured by Megatron and his vocalizer destroyed. The time flashback predates that, when he had a voice like the others.



Bumblebee stared up at the ceiling, idly tracing the patterns of Cybertron stars painted across its surface. Originally meant as a novel idea for her from his past, they became a source of comfort. Lying on his back plates on the recharge berth, his helm rolled to the side to gaze at Mikeala. Sensors monitored her heartbeat, pulse and breathing rate as thermal imagining registered temperature and skin perspiration. But he wanted to see her physically, her naked body relaxed and warm against his side. "Small, fragile and totally mine. Now I understand what Ironhide meant." Sound asleep, she never moved as his optics dimmed, his focus turning inward. Bumblebee searched for the appropriate memory packet, retrieving and opening it. His optics darkened as the room disappeared in a white flash.

Ironhide smiled, slapping the table between their chairs with his hand. The recreation room held only a few mechs, the sounds muted and faint as their conversation continued. Outside the window, the stars blurred by, their sparkle lost in the hyper drive corridor of the spaceship's travels. "You will in time," Ironhide reassured.

The young scout vented deeply, frustrated at not understanding what seemed a simple concept. His legs swung freely as he sat, a habit carried over from his time as an over active sparking. Optimus continued discussing routes with Prowl at the far table, star charts and coordinates laid out before them. Bumblebee needed more information but hesitated to ask those two officers his questions. Especially on this subject. Ironhide would have to do. "I still don't understand. How will I recognize I love a femme when I can't find any definition of the lines of code to identify? Every thing else we do is logically dictated and reviewed."

His guardian sipped at his energon cube, the smile twitching the edge of his lip plates. Another sip hid the mirth before Ironhide returned to his explanation. "Bee, you are the youngest mech here and if Primus is listening, that will change. For now, the best I can explain is that love affects your processors in ways no logic protocol can define. Even a mech like Optimus," he began.

The yellow armored scout leaned forward, both elbow plates on the table top, totally entranced with the sound of the weapon's specialist voice. "Optimus has the kindest spark, able to give a second chance to even the worse Decepticon. Responsible and duty bound to a fault even before he became Prime. But where Elita is concerned, that is different. When they first met, he as Orion and her as Ariel, he had the biggest spark surge her way. His leg cables weakened with his struts feeling like caber jelly after a single smile."

"Is that how he knew he wanted her?"

Laughing, Ironhide dampened the volume when Prowl turned his helm their direction. "Youngling, Optimus wanted a lot of femmes and got more than his fair share of them at your age. Elita was different. Her grand sire, Commander Kup told me how they met at the Centennial Senate Gala. As Iaacon Police Chief he had to attend and invited her to show her all the clans represented across Cybertron in the Senate. The Gala, like the Senate, is neutral territory where anyone can attend without threat or conflict. Optimus attended with his sire Alpha Trion, the leading councilman. The two of them hit it off and never left each others side the whole night. About time to go, some military mech comes up to her. All bragging and rude."

"A Decepticon?"

"Nah, they didn't exist then. Not by that name at least," he frowned, wondering if that mech joined the Decpticons later. "He grabbed for Elita, telling her she needed a real mech of a worthy clan. Faster than you could process, Optimus reached, his hands grabbing the mech to swing his worthless chassis around. With one hand he pinned the larger mech against the garden pillar as his energon sword dropped out of subspace in the other."

"He did that?"

"You ever touch her again and I will take your spark,' he threatened. His optics had red streaking them when the mech dropped to the ground. Optimus stood in front of Elita until the mech stumbled back inside."

Bumblebee's optics widened, imagining his leader being angry at anything outside of a battle. "And Elita?"

"Loved it. Femmes want to be fought over and see big weapons waved around. And Optimus has the biggest swords this side of Cybertron," Ironhide grunted.

"That's not all she loves me for," Optimus regal baritone interrupted them. Sheepishly glancing up, they realized he stood next to Ironhide. "Telling stories old friend?"

"Ain't stories if they're true. Bee here is asking about knowing which femme is the right one."

"There is no one line of code to tell you. Femmes trigger the best and worse in our sparks. Elita and I waited to spark merge, nearly too late. But it only confirmed what I knew from that very first night we met. An existence without her was not worth enduring," Optimus said.

"Then I should spark merge to know?"

"NO!" three mech voices shouted, Prowl having joined the conversation once the star maps and guides stored away.

"That should be the final commitment to your relationship. You can merge but if your sparks lock, no other mech can merge with her spark or another femme with yours. You are truly one existence in two sparks and will reject any other. You can interface or overload with a different partner though why you would want to is beyond me," Prowl explained.

"The energy signatures literally intertwine and become one essence. That is why spark mates rarely survive the others offlining," Optimus reminded.

"And a merge after an interface with any femme can make sparklings," Ironhide added, smirking at Optimus. Their leader twitched behind his silver battle mask, imagining that scenario!

"Why mate then? Sounds easier without a femme around," Bumblebee said, knowing only two femmes in his short existence, both as caregivers and never anything romantic.

"And easier with them. Your spark will recognize her and every processing focuses on her energy pulse when she's laying alongside you. Interfacing is excitement and release, it's the after effects that bonds you as a couple. Sparklings are the universes way of extending that love, creating another generation to learn and love," Optimus corrected, narrowing his optics at Ironhide as if daring him to say different.

Access memory file attachment link # 985? flashed across Bumblebee's optics, his system making the connection between the old ship memory with key word sparkling and the current situation with Mikeala laying against his side.

Yes, full memory replay. And the room disappeared into blazing light.

His inner optical iris triggered settings adjusting automatically to tone down the bright light of med bay. ::Ratchet? Can I ask you a question?:: With his vocalizer glitching, Bumblebee knew better than to try and talk instead sending the message over their internal comm, regular frequency.

"You just did," the faint reply echoed back, the medic concentrating on the delicate part on the workbench before him. Fingers trans-morphed, his mini laser welder sealed the connection as the wires spun out to wrap around each to the future nerve junction. Blowing at the lingering wisp of smoke, Ratchet sat the part aside and reached for the next blank template. "Is it an emergency?"

::Not yet though I fear it could be:: he sent, his mental tone teasing.

"Then make an appointment."

::It's not for me. Well, it is but not yet::

"Get to the point please. I have nine junctions to make to repair the twins after their latest jet judo attempt," the medic complained.

::I want to make a sparkling with Mikeala::

Startled, Ratchet nearly fell off the work stool, his precise hands fumbling for the metal shape as his processors skipped around. "You want to reproduce? That's not possible with a human. Are you slagging insane?" He spun the stool around to stare at the younger mech.

:No and here is how it could work:: Bumblebee continued, explaining his idea more fully.

"What do you need me for? Go find a turkey baster and get a human male drunk. Catch the sample. You didn't need me for interfacing, why bother me now?" Ratchet grumbled, turning his back plates to the young scout before retrieving the half finished metal component on the workbench.

::I was wrong then and need you now. Please help? I want the human sparkling to be perfect and so many things can go wrong:: he sent, using Ratchet's own phrase back at him. The medic bowed his helm over the workbench, considering for only a space of astro seconds.

"Collecting samples will not be difficult, the humans trust us. Did you have any particular human in mind to be the male half?" the medic asked.

::Captain Lennox, plus four other males. Take the best of their DNA chains and combine into one specimen:: Images flashed with the words, designating the traits each human had.

"And then?"

::I interface with Mikeala. Wheeljack designed a small injector coil on the end of my sensor tip. It will release the fluids necessary. Her own lubricants will do the rest:: Bumblebee explained.

"Only Wheeljack would make a Cybertronian version of a turkey baster," Ratchet grumbled, retrieving a digital copy of the design and upgrading it with a softer tip and lower ejection force to protect Mikeala's inner tissues. Three weeks later, they would put their plan into motion.

The flash of white signaled the memory file closing. Now, Bumblebee rested on his recharge berth, scanning Mikeala for evidence of the new life. 'Still not there. How long does this take?' His blue optics focused on her sleeping face, imagining how her expression would change when he told her. 'You are carrying our child. Mortal and earth made but to be raised as ours. A femme. She will know the growing of your biology even as the wisdom and technology of my race guide that growth. The duties of a parental mech I accept to stand before her in conflict and at her side in life. We will be a family.'

Two days later Bumblebee's elation had nearly sunk into despair. His footpads, designed to be silent for his scouting, audibly plodded down the hallway to medical bay. His blue optics dimmed partially even as they remained downcast. The med bay doors opened, his arrival slow and lacking his usual excitement. ::It didn't work::

"Welcome to the fragile world of biology not mechanics," Ratchet grumbled, leaning out the doorway of his office. One look, even without a medical scan told him the depths of the sadness. Rising to his feet pads, the medic vented, the air flowing out of his intake valves as he considered the professional way to handle the situation as he moved closer. "We can attempt it again in approximately three weeks human time when her fertility cycle resets."

::I wanted it this time. How will later be different?:: Bumblebee crooned mournfully, slumping against the side of a medical berth.

'Slag the professional way. He needs comforting,' Ratchet realized. His face plates lightened, his armored arm going around Bumblebee's shoulder plating. He applied half pressure, giving the mini bot a comforting hug. "Humans do not conceive the first time or every time. Planet would be overrun if they did," he said.

::But her temperature and the hormones fluctuations were perfect! The injector worked and I confirmed the sperm fluids reached her core. The result should have been a viable fetus forming:: Bumblebee sent.

"Should, would, could and might maybe. Nothing in our existence is guaranteed," he reminded softly.

::Does Primus not want us to have a child? Is my destiny to always look and never find?:: He began when a large presence entered through the double doors. The blazing energy signature belonged to only one mech and he felt the wave of comfort and reassurance flow across his systems at the rumbling baritone.

"Primus never would deny you that Bumblebee," Optimus spoke. His large red and blue figure carried his power and battle ability at the same time he knelt down, like a caring parent.

::Everything was perfect:: Bumblebee sent, his optics half closing as his helm vent flaps flattened down.

"There are reasons we do not understand. I have been a medic over ten thousand years and lost patients for no reason I could determine while others survived with damaged sparks and shattered shells."

::But I worked out very detail down to the precise timing based on her bio chemistry! I planned every step and probability:: Bumblebee protested.

"To hear the universe laugh, first tell your plans," Optimus quoted. "I too have learned destiny defines the end result but the journey is ours to take. Battle plans that turned on a single event unforeseen by either side. I sent the Allspark into space to protect it, ensuring its destruction to prevent its capture. Yet fate yields us a new home on earth, with allies and friends."

"There is a solution of a different kind speaking of the cube," Ratchet admitted, looking over at Optimus who silently sent his confirmation.

::How different?::

"Mikeala absorbed Allspark energy from Sam after the fight at Mission City. I ordered you to keep them close to drain off residual energy, without them knowing," Ratchet began explaining.

::I did! They laid on my hood while recovering and slept in my backseat until the military released them:: Bumblebee protested.

"Don't remind me," Optimus wiped at his optics as memory cores replayed the images. He looking upward, sending to the call to the stars to any other Autobots hiding there to come to earth. Then turning to see the human boy and girl practically mating on Bumblebee's hood like a recharge berth made his optics widen. Sam's thermal glow bright with Mikeala's dim but increasing as the energy ribbons flowed around them. And Bumblebee draining it down into his system to speed up repairs. 'Sharing energy is our most intimate act done in private and the three of them are different species.' The ancient Prime looked back towards the stars, suddenly lonely for his sparkmate and her blazing spark. Ratchet's voice brought him back to the present.

"Mikeala also carried a Allspark shard in her purse before the encounter with the revived Megatron. It remained on her person but undetected by Megatron and Starscream's scanners."

::Their focus remained on Sam, not her or Leo. They wanted what was in his mind. And she never saw glyphs or flashes:: Bumblebee countered.

"The download to the human Sam was information only. The power curling into her was at a physical level. I recognized it through my carrying of the Matrix. The humans, especially the military would have considered her a potential threat or kept her for experimentation had we told them," Optimus explained.

"Which is why we," Ratchet nodded at Optimus. "Decided to restrict the information to a limited number of Autobots. Not even Mikeala knows. It is not random chance we allowed you to reassign as her guardian when the boy carries our knowledge."

::But not our wisdom:: Bumblebee

"While adapted by the Allspark, he could absorb energy like any Transformer, though on a temporary basis. In Egypt, before reviving Optimus, the human medics tried shocking his heart back to working with electricity while his body rested on a metal plate. The back charge should have endangered every human touching the plate. It didn't," Ratchet continued.


"We're not sure. The electrical current disappeared then flowed into Mikeala their next mating. If I had known, I would have warned Sam but found them after the fact. Both stunned unconscious and Sam slowly returning to normal functioning as a human. I hoped the data remains locked beyond his reach but it appears she had the greater effect biologically. To become more like one of us."

::That is not possible. Is it?:: Bumblebee began feeling hope.

"See for yourself. Open memory file extension 926 linked to the last data input of your mating with Mikeala," the medic ordered.

Curious, Bumblebee searched for the file before protesting it didn't exist. He knew every one of his data core files, cataloging them for any relevant data and to protect them against damage. There would come a time when all he would have of Mikeala lay in those files. His optics went wide as the file appeared in his holding que.

::Opening file 926:: Bumblebee sent then blinked as the world went white.

"Oh that sun is bright," he complained, digging into his purse for his sunglasses.

::What? I don't have sunglasses, or a purse!:: Flowed through his processors even as his hand felt around for them. The rounded hard plastic shape hit his palm, causing his fingers to close around them. A second later he sighed, the light easier to bear. A quick check in the front display window confirmed the sunglasses accented the tank top and tight jeans without being obvious.

::That's Mikeala's image staring back at me. Wait! This is Mikeala's memory!:: he realized, turning back and ducking to avoid the larger human laughing and not paying attention as he and his buddies walked along the sidewalk. "Jerk," he muttered under his breath, before continuing.

The corner open door caught his attention. Delicious smells of fresh pastries, brewing coffee and a hint of cinnamon spice odors wafted his way. "I need a caramel cappuccino right now."

::I can't drink coffee!:: he protested, feeling the breeze rustling his long hair as the door opened. He stood taller and moved slower letting the men get a good look while waiting in line. Minutes later, drink in hand he stepped back out into the sunshine to enjoy it. Sweet sugary flavor exploded over his taste buds, the warm liquid flowing down his throat. And the world went dark.

Bumblebee fumbled, his optics opening to Optimus and Ratchet bending over him. ::I saw! I felt!::

"A memory of Mikeala's," Ratchet confirmed as the his multi layered optics dialed in scanning the young yellow mech. "Memory transfer via a electrical current in her brain changed by Allspark energy compatible to one of our data file packets. The same way our knowledge downloaded into Sam's human brain." Optimus' arms lifted and supported Bumblebee to a sitting position on the medical berth.

::Can I send her one of mine? Share what I want?:: Bumblebee asked.

::Possibly but I will oversee any attempt. No arguing! Human brains are not designed to store and catalog our level of information. That ten minute sequence human time is how tiny a data packet on one end of a coding line of one memory core bar?:: Ratchet admonished.

::I understand:: Bumblebee sent. Three astro seconds of his scout work took up more storage than her memory.

"There is a chance, a slim one," Ratchet began. "That combining her energy with the Matrix and a Allspark shard could transfer her memory, all that is Mikeala's existence into a Transformer data core."

::And the power to create a spark for her? Make her a transformer? The shard Jetfire had, we have it now! How much metal do we need for her shell? Can I choose the armor colors? Or should she?:: Bumblebee jumped ahead.

"Easy youngling," Optimus chuckled at Ratchet's open jaw look of amazement.

"If it were that simple I would have done it by now! Try a deliberate transfer of memories without shorting out her brain then another and several without incident before getting all fluttery in your wing doors," the tall yellow green armored medic snapped, folding his arms one over the other. Secretly he was pleased at the other mech's easy acceptance of a potentially dangerous procedure. Who knew what lay in a human's memories or when the memory could become an adapted line of code. 'Bumblebee is a handful now, imagine if he tried wearing clothes or wanting energy drinks and soda,' Ratchet pondered.

To be continued…