Chapter 1

On all the days it has to rain, it had to be this day! A young pinkette thought bitterly as she ran from her car. I mean come on! My first day at this job and already bad omens are thundering down on me. A bolt of lightening whipped through the air and struck a tree a few miles away and Sakura jumped. Quite literally....

She glanced back over her shoulder at the sight of the tree slowly falling to the ground as flames licked at it's bark before jogging through a large glass door into the building before her while running a hand through her drenched hair. Seeing the tree burn made her feel bad for her former professor who had been a major supporter of the PEDA organization. Professor Yamato had drilled plant care into them day after day with the passion of an ex-botanist and the determination to teach.

During her years at Konoha University, Haruno Sakura had soaked up every ounce of information her professors could teach her. On the day that she had finally accomplished her degree in medicine and psychology, two of her professors had personally congratulated her. Something like that was rare in that University, especially from one teacher in particular. Hatake Kakashi, psychologist extrodinaire. It was hard as hell to pass his class, but once she did, him and Prof. Yamato held a small party for her which included gifts and close friends.

Her memory of that night is fuzzy due to alchohol, but she clearly rembered the navy blue bound notebook that Kakashi had presented to her. His twinkling mismatched eyes - which she had found odd, but he had explained as a wound from one of his many dogs - had appraised her as an equal instead of a student while he patted her shoulder a job well done. It gave her hope and had inspired her more than ever to pursue a job at a mental asylum in the next county and try her skills first hand with her own patients.

After sending in her resume she had spent one nail-biting week curled on her couch waiting for the call that would decide her future. It did quite a number on her twenty-two year-old mind, but she stuck it out and in the end, she finally recieved the call demanding her presence on this day in exactly five minutes.

And the rain helped not at all.

Sakura took in a deep breath, struggling not to gag on the strangling scent of bleach and amonia, and stepped away from the entrance to make her way to the counter where she could see a woman sitting behind a glass cubicle - filing her acid green nails.

The receptionist popped her bubblegum loudly as Sakura walked up and rolled her eyes dramatically. Flipping her curly brown hair over she shoulder, she fixed her with a lazy glare.

"Can I help you?" she asked with a nasal tone, fingers still filing away at each other.

Inwardly, Sakura groaned. God how she hated people like this. "My name is Haruno Sakura. I'm supposed to start working here today. Could you tell me where Ts - "

"Right, right," the receptionist cut her off, waving a dismissive hand. "Tsunade's down that hall and to the right. I'll have Danzou buzz you in."

Biting back a snide insult, Sakura nodded and turned to make her way down the hall only to be stopped by the woman's voice once more.

"Be careful, though, not everyone is as nice as me in this place, honey. And by the sound of it," she tapped a device hooked in her ear that had a cord running to the computer in front of her. "they'll be needing your help right about now."

Sakura gave a tight lipped smile and nodded, refusing herself the chance to give a smart remark. It was her first day and she needed to make a good imperession on everyone. Even annoying little receptionists with horrible chewing habits and a sour attitude.

Walking down the hall, Sakura's skin crawled and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. This entire place screamed fear and rage and it unsettled her severely, but she couldn't leave. Either she was incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid.

She shuddered as she believed for a second she could hear the paint peeling from the wall and crackling under her white nurse tennis shoes. Sakura shook her head fiercely and fisted her hands at her side. It was just the anxiety getting to her, she reasoned. The paint wasn't really dripping from the wall to the floor.

"Stop being ridiculous," she hissed to herself as she stopped in front of an iron door. A man with an oddly shapped 'X' scar on his chin and bandage over one of his eyes stepped from around the corner at her side and Sakura forced herself not to jump at his sudden arrival. Giving her a measuring look, he swiped a card on the iron door and buzzed her through.

"Have fun," he said in a mocking tone as she stepped through, slamming the bars behind her. This time Sakura did jump and looked over her shoulder at the retreating man's back in disgust. Was everyone in this facility assholes?

It was then that raised voices reached her ears and Sakura slowly turned back to look in front of her. She shook slightly as peering eyes looked at her from doors and archways lining the hall she was in, all glazed and distant yet still staring at her in a way that had her averting her eyes in guilt. Shame burned in her stomach because, though she didn't inject them with necessary or unnecessary medication, she did look like the nurses that dressed in the same pale green scrubs that she now adorned.

Swallowing thickly, Sakura began walking down the hall toward the voices coming from a rather large archway that led to a joining room. As she got closer, she could distinctly hear a demanding woman's voice full of authority. Figuring this was the Tsunade she needed to talk to, Sakura walked through the archway, and immediatly froze.

"Daichi! Hold him still!" A blonde woman yelled as she pushed herself from a wall behind her. Her hands clutched at a syringe full of gleaming liquid as she quickly placed herself next to a big, burly man who must have been 'Daichi'. Daichi flung a person away from him with a sharp cry and cradled his hand to his chest as Sakura watched the commotion with wide eyes.

Patients stood behind her whimpering and pressing close, forcing her to walk further into the room in fear of them harming her. Though she knew they were so heavily sedated they couldn't harm anything, still, the anxiety was bubbling just under the surface. Especially at seeing a brawl on her first day.

Shocking blood red locks caught Sakura's attention and she watched as the man that was flung at the wall pressed his back to the plaster - crouching slightly. The blonde, Tsunade, tensed and took a determined step at him as Daichi followed at her side. The red-head, not liking being trapped, bared his teeth at them like a cornered animal as his bright eyes flashed excitedly at them.

Caution flags waved fiercely in Sakura's head and she couldn't have agreed more with her instincts. This man was danger, and nothing good was going to come of this fight, she could already tell.

He made a break for it then, launching himself from the wall and smack into the giant of a man in front of him. The sudden impact knocked Daichi off balance causing him to fall backward - hands flailing and clutching onto the patient's clothes.

The man toppled to the floor utop Daichi with a grunt of pain and anger. Obviously, Daichi was proving to be a bigger hinderance than he had orginally planned and it was beginning to rub him the wrong way. Sakura glanced back at the pressing patients who were now retreating back into the hall, giving her enough room to breathe and move back a few paces. She was getting too close to the fight, and it was making her overly anxious.

Suddenly, the younger man was forcefully rolled to the side and slammed into the carpeted floor. His head jarred against the ground harshly, and Sakura felt the vibrations through the soles of her shoes. She winced sympathetically. Tsunade sprung into action, calling out orders to hold him still as she prepped the needle in her hand.

It was then that the room and time itself seemed to slow down.

The crazed patient began throwing his weight every which way, bucking and jerking about in an attempt to rid the heavy man from holding him down. From Sakura's standpoint, it looked like the man would never be thrown off because of his immense size (more so compared to the thin man he held down) and sheer brute force he expelled on the red-head. His shoulders were taught and legs stiff as he drove his weight down on the man, almost suffocating him in the process.

And then it happened. One powerful jerk of his body released a hand, and that was all that the red-head needed. Sakura took a sudden step forward, about to warn the two workers of what was going to happen, but it was too late. Time had sped up once more.

A sickening crack reached her ears as the patient's fist connected with Daichi's face. His nose, she thought bewilderdly. He just broke his nose!

The punch was powerful enough to knock Daichi out cold, and he fell in a heap on the floor. Tsunade cursed loudly as she leaped at the man, trying to inject him with the liquid before he could get up and run. He was a step ahead of her, rolling on the floor and out of her reach. In one fluid moment, he was on his feet and rushing her. Tsunade met him head on.

There was a moment before they clashed that Sakura believed that Tsunade would be harmed. But that was quickly put to rest when the red-head side stepped her and the needle and merely smacked her hand out of the way, causing the syringe to be flung across the room and happily away from his person.

And then he was coming at Sakura. Fast. It that moment she realized she was blocking his only means of escape from the dreadful room.

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