Told you there was a new story in the works. This one isn't as happy as the others have been. I hope you enjoy it.

You Know Nothing

Chapter 1

Most of the other students, I'm sure, weren't half as happy as I was about the beginning of the school day. His words always tormented me the day after. Worthless, trashy, disgusting. All of it running through my head each day. Yet, I had to act like nothing was wrong when I entered this building.

"Students, I'd like to introduce you to a new student." I looked up from my backpack and instantly wish I didn't. An absolutely gorgeous girl was standing next to the teacher. "This is Michiru Kaiou." He spoke to the class. "Help yourself to any available seat Ms. Kaiou."

I turned my eyes back to my backpack in search of my pen. I hope she won't sit beside me. I don't trust very many people. And a new person was always bad news to me. I couldn't help but to smile though at how hard a few of the guys were trying to get her attention. Trying to get her to sit with them.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" I heard her speak, but didn't pay much attention as I thumbed through my notebook. "Hello?" she spoke again.

"She doesn't pay much attention to people."

I finally looked up at the new girl. She had been talking to me. Why was she talking to me? "Nobody sits there, go ahead." I looked away again to start writing the notes the teacher was writing on the blackboard.

"I'm Michiru."

"I know." I still didn't look at her, even though I very much wanted to.

I could hear the hurt in her voice as she spoke. "Do you have a name?"

I sighed softly. It was obvious she wasn't going to give up so easily. "Yes I do." I finally looked at her, which was a big mistake. I swallowed nervously when I saw how beautiful her blue eyes were. "It's Haruka." I forced the words through my dry throat before looking away again.

"It's nice to meet you Haruka." Out of the corner of my eye I saw her finally open up her notebook to take notes.

The rest of the class she was silent. Thankfully. When the bell rang, signaling the end of the class I quickly gathered my things. Hopefully she wouldn't bother me. My next class was on the other side of the school.

"Can you point me in the right direction for my next class?"

How did I know she'd ask me where to go. "Listen, I'd love to help but my next class is History, and it's on the other side of the building." I tried to walk away but she grabbed my wrist.

"Wait, I've got History too."

I didn't speak. I couldn't speak as I just looked at her hand holding my wrist. My whole body froze. The only thing I saw was him coming at me. Instead of her, it was him grabbing my wrists. "Don't ever touch me." She quickly pulled her hand away and looked down as if to say she was sorry. "Follow me I'll show you where the class is."

I walked away from her, not looking to see if she followed. "I'm sorry if I upset you." She was following me. "I didn't think you would react like that." Why was she still talking? "Slow down, you're walking too fast." I ignored her as I slipped through the crowd of students standing at the door to the room. I sat in my normal chair near the windows and watches as she spoke with the teacher.

"Haruka, did you finish the worksheet he gave us for homework?"

I was thankful for the distraction from the girl behind me. "Yes I did...why?" I pulled out my folder for History and retrieved the two stapled papers.

"I couldn't find the answer to number 12."

I turned around in my chair to flip through her book. "I had a problem with it too. But it's right..." I turned one more page and pointed to a four line paragraph in the middle of the page. ""

Her eyes skimmed the page, a smile forming on her face. "Thank you so much! Oh...who's your friend?" she smirked and pointed to the girl that sat beside me.

I grumbled softly as I saw it was Michiru. "She's new..." My tone quickly changed as I spoke to her. "I'm surprised you were able to keep up with me."

She frowned. "You were walking so fast...why are you so mean?" I shook my head. "All I wanted was a friend...I guess I picked the wrong person to try to get to know. I'm sorry I bothered you Haruka." She stood up and walked away to find another seat before I had a chance to stop her.

Great...somebody wants to get to know me and seems nice, and I just brush them off.

"Who was that girl chasing you down the hallway?"

I let out a soft laugh as I sat at the lunch table with my food. "New girl. She was starting to feel like my shadow Mako." I took a look around the cafeteria. "Ami still have the flu?"

"Yes, I had to beg her to stay home to sleep. You know her; she could be on her death bed and still have her nose in a book."

"Well, I'm sure you'll take good care of her." I winked as I opened up my bottle of water. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Michiru aimlessly walking around the lunch room carrying her tray. "Hold that thought." I felt sorry for the girl. It hit me then that I really was the only person she had talked to today. "You look lost..."

"Oh, you mean you want to talk to me now?" her tone was harsh. But I don't blame her thought for what I had said to her earlier.

"Come sit with us." She just looked at me blankly. "The offer's there if you want..." I walked back to the table. "I invited her over."

"Are you feeling alright? You don't even know her." I smacked her hand away before she could press it against my forehead. Probably to see if I was running a fever.

"I'm feeling fine, and yes, I know I barely know her." There seemed to be something different about her. Something that went against everything I felt toward people. Something that screamed that I could trust her. Even after what happened earlier. When she touched me it was a mixture of relaxation and tenseness. I don't know which one was a more powerful feeling though.

"Are you sure it's OK if I sit?" she placed her tray across from mine and pulled out the chair beside Makoto.

"Yes it is...I'm Makoto, nice to meet you."

She smiled at my lifelong friend. "Michiru." I watched her examine the remaining empty seats. "Is it usually just the two of you?"

"Well Mako's girlfriend Ami is sick. She's been out for a week now with the flu." I made sure to mention their relationship to gauge her reaction.

"Girlfriend?" She spoke with a light tone. Maybe it didn't bother her. "Well I hope she gets better soon. I'd like to meet her." I smiled softly when she smiled.

While eating I continued to glance at her. I couldn't figure out what was different about her. Why did I feel like I could trust her? Again I smiled, this time it was at the blush on her face when she caught me looking at her.

"You like her." Makoto spoke when Michiru took her tray to dispose of it.

"I don't know her how can I like her? Besides...she grabbed my wrist earlier." I watched her frown. "Yea...I know. Just like he does."

"Did she at least apologize when you freaked out?"

"Yes she did. But that's the thing, I didn't freak out as much as I normally do. It almost made me feel relaxed," I spoke as I stood up to clear my tray.

"Ruka's got a crush." Why must she always tease me. It happens every time I think someone's cute. I simply ignored her as I slung my backpack over my shoulder and walked from the lunch room. I didn't see Michiru in the crowd. She probably stopped to ask someone else for directions. A few moments of peace before gym.

"Not even going to wait for me?"

A low grumble resonated from my throat. "I was hoping for a few minutes alone Mako. Please?" She only smiled and nodded before walking ahead of me. Ever since she and I first met, that's one thing I've always loved about her. She always knew when to take a hint and she never fought me on it.

I always dreaded the last class of the day. Not because it was math. That was far from the reason why I hated it. I'm actually pretty good with numbers. No, the reason I hate the last class of the day was simply that school was nearly over. I had to return home to him soon. I had to return to his harsh hands and cold words.

There she was. Dammit, I couldn't even have an entire class without anybody talking to me. I turned my eyes away from her as she sat down. I wanted nothing more than to be alone.

"What class did you have before this?"

I barely looked at her. "Gym." My answer was curt and cold. She frowned. "No, I'm not trying to push you away again." I spoke only to keep her from leaving. I wanted to be alone, yes, but at the same time I wanted someone near me.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

"She doesn't talk much during this class." The girl sitting in front of me spoke to Michiru. "Don't take it personal."

Thank you. I pulled my homework from my book to hand it in. I didn't really pay attention during class. Most of my time was spent trying to prepare myself for whatever he may do to me when I got home today.