You Know Nothing

Chapter 20

Haruka nervously wiped her hands on the seat of her pants. "Haruka you'll be fine. She wouldn't have asked you if she didn't like you."

"I know...I haven't had a date in what...three years?" Setsuna reached up to fix her friend's tie.

"You look amazing. If you were a man I'd definitely date you."

"You're too old for me." Haruka laughed. She grabbed her black jacket and put it on. She checked herself one more time in the mirror. A simple black suit, white button down shirt and navy blue tie hung perfectly on her body. "You sure I look alright?"

"Yes, you do, now go before you're late picking her up." Setsuna shoved a bouquet of red roses into her hands and pushed her out of the room.

The blonde nodded and walked from the room, Setsuna behind her. "Will you ladies be alright without me?"

Kaida's eyes opened wide as she looked at her mother. "Okay..." She stood up and looked Haruka in the eyes. "Who are you...and where is my mom?" She laughed when Haruka smiled. "Yea, we'll be fine. Setsuna rented like four movies and we have popcorn. Go...have fun."

She sighed before talking out to her car and leaving. She took several deep breaths during her short drive to Michiru's apartment complex. She smoothed the front of her pants when she climbed out of her car. It was the first time she had ever been inside Michiru's apartment. She looked up at the tall building before talking through the front door.

"Come in!" Michiru yelled from her bedroom as she stepped into a light blue silk dress.

"Michiru?" Haruka asked as she walked slowly down the hallway, searching for her date.

The smaller woman took a step closer to her door. "I'm back here. I'm just about ready." She froze when Haruka turned the corner to her room. Her breath caught in her throat as her eyes examined the tall blonde. "You look amazing Haruka." She stepped closer to take the roses from her hands. "And these are beautiful." She placed a hand on Haruka's cheek and leaned up to kiss her softly. "Let me go put these in water, I'll be right back."

"Alright." Haruka couldn't help but let her eyes wander over the smaller woman's body. She noticed that over the years Michiru had filled out nicely. She took a moment to look around the bedroom she was standing in. Her eyes fell onto a painting that hung centered over the bed.

"I painted that after you left." She blushed when she saw Haruka focused on the painting. It was a painting that was of a woman lying across a bed, the woman was a very close likeness to Haruka. "It's my favorite painting of all."

"I like it too." Haruka looked back at Michiru. "You're beautiful."

"And you're handsome." She smiled and walked by Haruka to her jewelry box. "Can you help me put this on?"

Haruka nodded and took the necklace from Michiru. The artist lifted her arm to pull her hair out of the way. The blonde took her time to hook the piece of jewelry. Her eyes closed as she placed her lips to the pulse point of Michiru's neck. She shivered when she heard a low moan resonate from her throat.

"We should go..." The aqua haired woman whispered. "...So we're not late."

"The restaurant was beautiful. And I almost forgot how great of a cook Makoto was." Haruka pulled up in front of Michiru's apartment building. She climbed out of the car and opened the door to offer her hand to Michiru.

"It's an honor to have Makoto cook for you directly. Live it up." Michiru pressed against the blonde when they reached the door. She looked into her eyes before kissing her with more passion then they had shared in 15 years. "Come upstairs with me?"

Haruka felt a blush rise to her cheeks and her heart started to race. All she could do was nod and allow herself to be led inside to the elevator. She let out a soft moan when Michiru trailed kisses along her neck. "I don't know if I'm..." She was interrupted when she was kissed again. Michiru slowly pushed her tongue passed Haruka's lips. The blonde quickly followed her instincts and allowed her hands to travel up from Michiru's hip to cup her breast.

The artist reluctantly pulled away when the elevator doors opened on her floor. She pulled the keys out of her purse and hurried down the hallway to her door. "If you're not read..." She started to say but was cut off when Haruka pressed her against the door from behind. "Please..." She found herself begging. The feeling of the body against her back was driving her crazy.

"I never stopped loving you." Haruka ran her fingers through the aqua locks of the woman she wanted to make hers.

Michiru roughly pressed the blonde against the back of the door, passion erupting between them. She worked quickly to unbutton Haruka's jacket and shoved it off her shoulders to the floor before kissing her deeply. "Ignore it." She whispered when the blonde's phone started ringing. Michiru grabbed Haruka's tie and dragged her down the hallway.

"Let me try to call Michiru." Kaida smirked when she hung up from the attempt to call her mother.

"So basically, you and Makoto were pushing them together? And Makoto called you to tell you they were all over each other on the dance floor?"

Kaida nodded, her smile growing even wider when Michiru didn't answer her phone either. "Don't you want to see mom happy?" Setsuna nodded. "That's why we had to do it. They love each other so much. And I know Michiru would never hurt her. Physically or mentally."

"You're a very devious girl Kaida..." Setsuna shook her head. "Very devious..." She smiled. "Leave them alone and put another movie in."

-The End-

Originally I was going to have another two chapters after this one. But I liked how I ended this chapter. I felt that if I added two more on it would have dragged it out past where it should have ended to begin with. I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing it.