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" We're really getting out of here, right?"

I smiled at snow, her unnaturally pink eyes filled to the brim with hopeful tears.

"Will I be able to go out again?"

I hugged her close. "Yes, you won't have to hide, as long as you don't show it to them, your plus anima."

Snow hugged me back. "I won't, I don't want others to make that face, like I'm something scary."

I patted her white blonde hair. "Good girl."

I stood up, but she grabbed unto my shorts. "Laerone, You're coming too, right?"

Her eyes filled with tears again. Tears filled with an emotion that no child should ever feel, but we all felt it, everyone... "Yup, who'd take care of you if I didn't.?"

I rubbed her head again, her soft white snow hare ears twitched with pleasure.

I bent down and whispered into the sensitive utensils. "You might want to work on controlling these in the meantime."

Snow squealed and pulled her ears in, slapping her hands unto her head where they had been, as if to banish them permanently.

I chuckled, then walked out of the hollow tree, into the forest.

Instantly he was by my side.

His coal wolf ears were out, naturally. It wouldn't do any good to try and hide them, the black tattoos on his face marked him for what he was.

"Feye." I acknowledged him.

He nodded back. "Is it time?"

He tried so hard to hide the desperation in his voice. So hard... "Yes, it is." I felt as though a weight lifted off my chest, I could see in Feye's ocean blue eyes that he felt the same.

I walked into the square. People of all ages sat under the protection of the trees, or in them, smaller ones making up small quiet games, we were all different but, the same.

I shivered and drew up my courage. "Fellow anima!"

My voice sounded louder than I had wanted it to, the wanted effect came though, everyone looked at me.

I shivered slightly again and looked at Feye for strength, he nodded. There was no smile, but there never was, Feye never smiled.

"After many pleadings, I have found a way for us to get off of this accursed continent, to get out of the countries of Astaria and Sailand!" A quiet cheer went through the crowd.

"I have gained permission for us to go to Japan, to Cross Academy." Now a murmur took place througout the crowd.

"However, there is one thing."

Everyone was paying attention again.

"The adults have to stay here and help other children get across."

Another murmur went through the crowd, a middle aged man stepped forward. "If no one else is willing to stay, I will."

I smiled. "Thank you."

Several more adults stepped forward, until eventually all of them agreed. Tears of gratitude poured from my eyes. "Thank you, everyone." My voice cracked. "Thank you."

I cleared my throat. "The man who granted us permission, Chairman Cross, is offering us transportation. I have not told him about the plus anima, and since this continent is self sufficient and mostly avoids contact with the outside world, he will not have heard. Everyone, please do your best to keep our secret, we are practically being taken under his wing for nothing. Anima do not keep debts, we will repay him."

A much louder cheer shook the crowd, and for the first time in ages, I felt something close to happiness.


I sang a random song I had heard on the radio, I didn't know the name of it, but it was really bouncy, like how I felt right now!

I had been so happy when the chairman told me he was taking in children from such a faraway place.

He had told me they were in a bad way, he couldn't ignore the pleas sent to him in multiple letters, he was worried about finances. I had no such worries.


I glanced back to see Zero standing in the doorway.

The sheet snapped off the corner of the bed, pulling itself off the opposite one as well. It shot into the corner of the room like a frightened animal.

"Ah!" I jumped in surprise as the sheet fled the bed, then turned to face Zero, putting my hands on my hips. "Idiot Zero! Look what you did!"

Zero raised a eyebrow, as if to say, "What I did? Idiot, you did it yourself." But different words came from his mouth. "The chairman wants to see you."

I sulked past him, making as much noise as I could.

My good mood had been ruined by that guy!


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