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Chapter 1: Hijo de puta = Ex Boyfriend.


" We are over Bella." Emmett said coldly. We were standing in the rain in the empty field behind Forks. School had ended an hour ago.

" What...Why?" I asked shocked. What was going on?

" Because I don't want to be with you anymore." He said. I shook my head.

" I thought....." I started. I thought he loved me. I thought he wanted me. He did last night.....

" You thought wrong." He said. " I don't love or want you anymore." He said. My heart shattered into a million pieces.

" OK. If that's how you feel." I said slowly fighting the tears that threatened to fall.

" Good bye Bella." He said. It almost sounded like the Emmett I fell in love with. He turned around there and left me all alone. After I couldn't see him anymore I fell to my knees and cried.

How could I have been so stupid! I thought he loved me. I know I loved him so I gave him two things I could never take back. My time and my Virginity. I was no longer innocent. I gave him everything but he just left me.

I couldn't believe.

" Are you OK." A sweet friendly feminine voice said from behind me. I turned around and look into a pair of light gray eyes. I shook my head. I had never met this person in my life but I wrapped my arms around her neck and clung to her for dear life.

" No." I Whispered. " I am not alright." I said.

" I think I figured that out." She replied putting her warm arms around me. We sat there in the rain until I had calmed down.

" I am sorry. Your all wet." I said looking up. She was striking. She had a heart shaped face with long black hair stuck to it. She had soft gray eyes that were more worried then upset.

" It's quite alright querida " She said laughing lightly. " Come on. Lets take you to my place and get you cleaned up before you catch a cold." She said helping me to my feet.

She was fairly tall compared to my short height. I let her help me up a guide me to her car. I didn't know what it was but it was warm and safe.

"Ah ¿Cómo rude de mí. What is you name?" She said.

" Bella. Whats yours?" I asked

" Lolita " She said kindly

" That's an interesting name. Where is it from?" I asked

" It's Spanish for sorrow." She said.

" Oh are you Spanish then?" I asked

"Por supuesto, mi amigo. Of course. I was born and raised a little south of Barcelona in a small town. I lived there with Mi madre y mi padre until they passed away when I was 16 years old. I live here now with Mi abuela y su abuelo." She said smiling.

" Oh. That must have been fun living in Spain." I said.

" Oh sí. I loved it and now I miss it. It is quite different then it is here." She said.

" I can understand that. I came here from phoenix and it was a huge difference." I said looking out the window. She chuckled.

" I see." She said pulling up to a fair sized house. It had two storied and a gate. It was well kept and big enough for a few people. With white paint and a black door with large windows. It was surrounded by forest.

" Come on. I have some old clothes you can where while we dry your clothes." She said stepping out of the car and into the rain. I followed her up and into the house. It was warm and friendly looking. It was an open area. Straight ahead of you was a stair case heading up stairs. Their was two door ways. One to the kitchen and the other to a large living room.

"La abuelita, el Abuelito que estoy en casa!" She called slipping of her black and red skater shoes. There was no answer.

" Guess they aren't home yet." She said before heading up the stairs. I followed just realizing how cold I was. We walked to the end of the hall and into a large room.

The walls were white and covered with posters from bands and movies. There was a large book self covered in novels and beside it a equally large selection of CD's. On the other side of the room was a king sized bed covered in a think black blanket and dark red pillows.

" Here put these on querida " she said. I nodded and grabbed the cloth from her had and walked into her bathroom. I fought to take of my soaked clothes. I sighed feeling the warmth of being dry. She had given me a pair of sweats and a baggy red t-shirt.

" Do you have an elastic" I called.

" Top left hand drawer." She called back. I opened it and grabbed one out of the drawer pulling my wet hair back.

I walked out of the bathroom to see she was fully dressed and waiting for me.

She had changed into a pair of black yoga pants and a quarter sleeve plain black shirt.

"I will just take your clothes and put them in the dryer. Mi abuela y su abuelo won't be back until next week. They are flying to Texas to pick up a one of their other grand childern to come and live with us." She said " You can stay the night if you want to. I wouldn't mind the company."

" Yea I would like that. Can I use your phone?" I asked.

" Sure it's on the night stand. I am just gonna go toss these in the wash." She said before walking out of the room. I shook my head and walked over to the phone time to call Charlie.


I can't believe I was so cold to Bella. I can't believe I dumped Bella. But I had to. I loved her but I loved Rosalie Hale more.

" Hi Rosie." I said calling her.

" Hey Em. Did you dump Bella?" She asked

"Of course. You know I would do anything for you" I said.

" I know see you soon." She said before hanging up.

I had asked Rosalie Hale out before Bella last year and she turned me down hard. I was so heart broken. Then 3 weeks later I met and started dating Isabella Swan.

She was pretty but not Rosalie. Then when Rosalie asked me to dump Bella and go with her I agreed right away. I had the hottest girlfriend in school. Score McCarthy!


I got the Ok from Charlie before sitting on the bed.

" So Bella Tell me why are you so upset querida" She said sitting beside me.

" Well........ I was just dumped by my Boyfriend. He said he loved him. I even gave myself to him. But then he left me." I said tears starting to poor again

"Hijo de puta" She said. I looked up. I had a feeling that was an insult. " It's going to be Ok" She said hugging me again.

" Let's forget about it. I want to get to know my new friend." I said. I didn't want to cry anymore.

" Alright. Wanna listen to some music and hang out for a bit." She said.

" Yes." I said.

" You can pick. I'll go get some junk food." She said walking downstairs. The rest of the night was spend listening to mix track CD's, eating junk food and getting to know my new friend. At about midnight we went to bed being that we had school tomorrow. Which was going to be Hell.

The next day.....

" Wake up Bella. We have to get there early because I have to get some papers" Lolita said shaking me awake.

" Lolita, I don't want to." I groaned

" Ok call me Lita and You have too. Come on don't let this guy win. Be strong." She said pulling me out of bed.

" OK Fine." I said getting up.

" You can borrow more of my clothes and go take a shower so you don't stink." She joked. " I'll leave the clothes on the counter." She said before walking into her closet. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I turned on as much Hot water as I could get before stepping in. I grabbed a fresh face cloth from above the toilet before letting the hot water relax all of me tense muscles.

" Um I left a robe on the counter. I have some choices for you outside," Lita said walking in.

" Alright thanks" I said. I grabbed the shampoo and sniffed. It smelled like Coconut. It was nice but not my strawberry. I washed my hair and body with the face cloth. Before getting out not wanting to cost them extra. I took a towel and wrapped my hair in it so it was piled on top of my head. I wrapped up in the robe before walking out.

Lolita was sitting on the bed. When she saw me come out she stood up and smiled. She was wearing some skinnies and a red tank.

" Ok so what kind of look are you going for?" She asked.

" I want something that is going to make him jealous. I want to make Emmett McCarthy wish he had never broken up with me." I said firmly. There was no way I was going to make him think he made the right choice.

" Kay lets see. How about this?" She asked.

" Perfect." I said grabbing the outfit and going to change.

I put on a sparkly black tank and a pair of tight hip hugging black jeans and a pair of plain black converse. I walked out.

" I love it." She said clapping as I walked out. " Lets do your hair now." She said. She brushed and lightly curled my hair. She did light smokey eye shadow and clear lip gloss that made my lips look plumper. I looked in her full length mirror when she was finished

" Wow." I said smiling.

" Lets go knock his socks off." She said taking my arm and walking toward the car and driving to school.

We stopped at the office and picked up her papers a stuff. We had all the same classes. Yay us

We pulled into the parking lot. It was full of students. I saw Emmett his back to us pushing Rosalie Hale up against the wall. I growled. Me and Rosalie used to be friends till 5th grade when she became to cool for lil ol me.

" What?" Lita asked

" He has already moved on." I said.

"Hijo de puta" She cursed.

" Well them lets show him you are better then that Poonta" She said getting out of the car. I followed suit and soon we were both out of the car and crossing the parking lot arms linked. I felt the eyes of boys from all over on us. I looked over to see that the pair of eyes I want to attract were also on me.

I smirked to myself. I felt the eyes of Rosalie on me as well. I looked over and saw that she was walking toward us.

" Watch out Blondie is coming." I whispered. Lolita looked over and smirked

" Bella." Rosalie said stopping in front of us.

" Hello Rosalie." I said sweetly.

" What the Hell do you think your doing dressing like that." She said looking me over.

" I can dress how ever I want." I said.

" Oh so this isn't an attempt to get Emmett back" She sneered.

"Chinga usted Chorra Poonta. Ella puede vestir cuán jamás ella desea. ¡Ahora déjenos sólo!" Lolita yelled in Spanish. So it can't have been nice language.

" Who the hell are you?!" Rosalie said.

" Lolita Romaro." She said simply stepping into Rosalie's face.

" What a weird name. What are you Chineses?" She said sneering. Lolita let out a laugh

"El burro sabe mas que tu! I am Spanish." She said rolling her eyes.

" What did you just call me?" Rosalie asked. She really didn't know. Either did I so I would have to ask or look it up later.

" Never mind that. Now leave Bella alone and you can Besame ella culo" She added before walking off with me at tow. We rounded the corner before I started laughing.

" What?" Lita asked

" You just stood up to the most popular girl in school all in the first day. Aren't you special." I said

" Not like she knows what I said anyway." She said cracking a smile

" What did you call her." I asked

" Later." She said before pulling me into a class room.


" Isn't that Bella?" Someone asked from beside me. I turned from Rosalie and couldn't help but stare.

" Bella?" I said staring. She was way hotter today then any other day. She was dressed for the rare sunny day in a sparkly black tank and tight black jeans. Her make up made her look even better then Rosalie. Who was giving her a death glare.

" Excuse me." She said walking towards Bella and her friend whom I had never seen before. Mike walked up beside me.

" Wow Bella is looking Fine today. To bad you are dating her or I would go for a piece. Maybe I could get her friend to look at me." He said.

" Bella and I broke up. I am dating Rose now." I said. It looked like The new girl and Rosalie were fighting. That would be interesting. No I could not regret dumping Bella I love Rosalie. Now and forever.

I love Jasper and Bella but I have decided to do an Emmett Bella now. In case you forgot everyone is human! I don't speak spanish so I used words and stuff of the internet. Let me know if they are wrong!


querida- Dear

¿Cómo rude de mí- How rude of me

Por supuesto, mi amigo- Of course, My friend

Mi madre y mi padre- My mother and Father

Mi abuela y su abuelo- My grandma and Grandpa

La abuelita, el Abuelito que estoy en casa- Grandma. Grandpa I am home!

sí- yes

Hijo de puta- Son of a bitch

Poonta- Bitch

Chinga usted Chorra Poonta. Ella puede vestir cuán jamás ella desea. ¡Ahora déjenos sólo!- Fuck you, You stupid Bitch. She ca dress however she wants now leave us alone!

El burro sabe mas que tu- The donkey is smarter then you!

Besame ella culo- Kiss her ass

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