Jutsu: Kage bushin no jutsu

Normal speech: "I hate paperwork. I bet Minato died just to escape this Hellhole."

Demon/Summon or Fusion speech: "Finally, I am free. In your face Minato!"

Human Thinking: 'Oh, Shit.'

Demon or Inner beings thoughts: 'Oh, Shit is right! You are royally screwed bitches!'

Flashback: Time to crap myself again, just like last time!

Author: "Ramen, SO GOOD!"


Rain… It symbolizes many things.

Life, Renewal, peacefulness... it has so many meanings; But today it means something more to many; Sorrow, sadness, fear, Anger for some confusion, for others Hate, but for one it meant something more, loneliness.

A boy no older than 11 stood by as the closest thing to family he had ever had was lowered in to the ground. People around him stood by as this boy came up to the grave, normally they would shun, beat, scoff at, and even try to rape him, but this day they were preoccupied with what was happening to notice or care. This boy sat there in the rain, not a single emotion in his face as he watched them bury the coffin I'm sure you are wondering who... Well it's sad really.

(Flash back no jutsu: 3 days earlier)

"QUIET DOWN NOW!" Said a man as he sat down at a table with five other individuals, these people were the most feared as well as respected people in the great nations, These people were known as the five kages; the leaders of the five great nations as well as the leader of the land of iron, the samurai, this man was named Kamda. "The reason of us coming here together is to settle an issue" said Kamda "not to rant at one another like children".

"Ohh and what's that Kamda-dono?" said a man in his early thirties the leader of wind (KAZEKAGE) as he sat back in his chair while checking his face for beard hairs (or lack there of as the case may be). "Yes please enlighten us" was the leader of the land of lighting (RAIKAGE) a fat older man in his late forties remark. "The attacks from ninja of your land onto my people" stated an old man in his late sixties known as the leader of the land of fire (HOKAGE) as he pointed to the leader of the land of stones (TSUGIKAGE). "Again with this tsugikage-san" said the leader of the land of water (MIZUKAGE) as he narrowed his vision at the raikage.

"We shall get revenge for the last great ninja war that we were humiliated at Sarutobi" shouted the tsugikage as he started flipping thorough hand signs.

''What? What are you doing this is a room of peace'' said Kamda as he backed up from the leader of stone "have you gone mad tsugikage" said the Hokage as he jumped out of his chair and got into a defensive stance to counter the incoming attack.

"Its time already ohh well?" Said the raikage as he took to the offensive on the hokage.

"What is this madness the war ended 15 years ago!" said the Kazekage as he stood up to attack the Raikage.

"well we shall begin again, let the blood of the 4th ninja war begin!" shouted the tsugikage as he stopped his hands on a symbol DOTEN: EARTH DONGO RAGE" he shouted as a giant boulder formed and shot at the hokage.

KATTEN: DRAGON FLAMEBOMB) said the hokage as multiple large balls of fire shot out at the enormous rock to counter it. The explosion was huge as the five kages scattered to retaliate it was official...

...the 4th great ninja war had been ignited!


The news had spread like wildfire people ran to safety, the ninja of the land of fire (HIDDEN LEAF, or Konohakure) rose to protect there village and …well chaos ensued. The shinobi ran to take the field as the civilians set up defenses in the village to keep the enemy out.


The funeral in question was for the hokage who died protecting the innocents caught up in the attack. The village was without a kage the people without a leader and…a boy without a guardian.

"old man… ill get strong…strong enough to protect this village … just like you did… even if I'm not liked by anyone …I'll be hokage one day I swear this now and a ninja never breaks a promise" said the boy as he made a fist to the grave of the only man to treat him kindly "rest… rest in peace jiji" he choked out as he left in tears. That boy was named Naruto Uzumaki …and this is his story.

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