Jutsu: Ninpo: Darkness approaches

Normal speech: "We strike together now, for the will of fire."

Demon/Summon or Fusion speech: "And at dawns first light we kill!"

Human Thinking: 'All who would harm our friends.'

Demon or Inner beings thoughts: 'May kami have mercy on their souls!'

Flashback: Because I shall not!

Author: "And all who would stop us prepare to be sent straight to hell!"

I do not own Naruto I do own this story and OC's save for one my oldest fanfic friend created that he allowed me to use long ago (Thanks Rav3r)

Book II A Hero Turned Champion

(Recap from so long ago)

"Aww they c-closed it" the little girl pouted "We have to go the long way mister; it won't open unless Onee-san does it."

Naruto looks at the fence gate for a few seconds before putting down the box and put his hands on the latch.

"Mister it doesn't open unle-…!"

She watched as he turned it weird one way and then brought it back straight causing the latch to open.

"H-how did you open it mister?" she asked curiously as his eyes misted over a bit.

"…It's always done that, hasn't changed a bit" he said as she looked at him weird.

Before she could ask further however a woman and a girl about his age stepped out of the back door and turned two the duo.

"Atsuko dear who are… you… taking…


The two women starred at Naruto with eyes open as wide as saucer plates while he looked up and faces and names clicked in his head, even after nearly ten years he remembered.

"…Hello… Azumi-nee …"

(And so it begins anew)

Chapter 2: Operation: Uzumaki

For what seemed like an eternity Naruto was frozen in place as his eyes met theirs; it quite possibly could have continued forever if not for the young confused girl who looked back and forth at the three.

"How do you know nee-chan?" she asked confused as she turned her head sideways causing the three to break away from their shock.

"…It's been a long time… Azumi-nee" Naruto said strangely as his strength seemed to leave him.

"…little naru…" the woman said so very quietly as she shook slightly before tackling him there on the grass.

"It's been so long little Naru!" she said happily as she held him close 'I thought for sure as small as he was when he left that he wouldn't survive.'

"H-Hey! I can't breathe!" he said as she, ignoring his whining, kept squeezing him until she felt him wince.

"Are you ok Naru?" she asked as she let go of him and saw a small bit of blood on the side of his shirt which made her gasp. "You're hurt!"

"…It's a small scratch, nothing to be concerned with" he said covering up his shoulder a bit better and stood up.

'Always the same' Azumi thought to herself sadly 'even as a small child you've always just shrugged off the pain…'

Naruto then turned to the other girl and smiled lightly "Is that you… Genzi –san?" Naruto asked as he faced her head on.

Genzi stood around a hundred and sixty centimeters tall (about 5ft 3) had blonde hair that came down to her shoulders and a pair of green eyes that at this moment were full of shock at seeing the blond boy after so many years.

"Na…Naruto-kun?" she was completely floored by his sudden appearance, she was almost positive he had died that night…

(Semi-Important Flashback)

"I've had enough of you demon spawn!" an older woman growled angrily as she pulled a very small child by his blond hair, now covered in a red substance.

The child was small, very small; even though he was now five years old today he was as small as many three year olds that lived here in this particular orphanage.

"Please On'na-sama, he's just a child, and he's hurt!" Azumi pleaded with the older woman as Genzi a small child herself watched from behind a door, terrified at seeing the only boy who would play with her being used as a rag doll.

"Child my ass, move!" The old woman said as she neared a window and shouted out "here he is, get rid of IT!" she then threw him out of the second story window and both Azumi and Genzi watched in horror as he fell to the old cement walkway below and a mob slowly crept in on his now still form…


What both Genzi and Azumi had seen that night haunted them to this day; and to see the one who surely had died that night standing there…

Well anyone would probably believe in ghosts.

"I doubt you will remember me but I-Hoof!" Naruto was tackled by the blond girl and she began to sob.

"I…I th-thought y-you w-were g-gone!" she cried as she continued to cry as Naruto looked half shocked half hurting due to his shoulder.

"You remember me then?" he asked as Azumi came to their side and hugged them both.

"Of course we do Naru, who else has the most adorable blue eyes and whisker marks?" she said in a light voice which made Naruto blush at such a complement.

At this it took several minutes for the excitement and tears to cease as once again Naruto faced two young women by the side of the fence.

"Ha-how did you escape?" Azumi asked finally as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Escape?" he asked as Azumi and Genzi looked at him weirdly.

"That n-night wh-when yo-you…" Genzi trailed off with a bad stutter.

"Hmm? …oh… the night I left…" Naruto seemed to think back on that night.

"Y-you've forgotten?! You went through the second story window and they grabbed you! H-how could you forget?!" Azumi said almost angrily while little Atsukos' eyes widened at hearing the story.

"…Life away from here wasn't the most pleasant memory Azumi-nee… I've gotten worse over the years…" Naruto said as Genzi started crying and Azumi started shaking before enveloping him once again.

"I'm… I'm so sorry Naru…" she said as Naruto winced yet again.

"No crying on me Azumi-nee, I'm still alive" … 'somehow'

At this point Azumi stopped and reached for his arm; "what is wrong with your arm?" she asked as Naruto flinched slightly as he remembered nothing ever got past her.

"Just a small injury from the line of duty, nothing major" he said offhandedly as they both now noticed his headband.

Ýou…you became a ninja?" Azumi said softly as Genzi has too many things running through her mind now.

"It took a while but yep I made it just like I said I would!" he said with a bit of pride as Azumi smiled.

Before either Genzi or Azumi could comment further however, Naruto looked up at the old building a bit and around near the door.

"…Is she out?" He asked as they both came out of their thoughts.

"…She's gone Naru… about five years ago" Azumi said solemnly as Naruto closed his eyes and closed the door on the memories of an old woman whose children had fallen to the fox, with this in mind he would neither think ill nor well of her anymore and would simply let her rest .

"…Does that mean you are in charge?" he asked Azumi as she had been the oldest at the time.

"Yes… I am the new caretaker… most likely the last" Azumi said as she faced the hazard that was the orphanage.

Genzi was still in a world of shock as she glanced back at Naruto and her cheeks turned pink as she watched him; 'Naruto… is really handsome now' her cheeks reddened a bit more.

Neither of the other two noticed at present as Naruto closing his eyes for a moment looked around the area and noticed something that in his mind was weird.

"Azumi-nee… where are all the boys?" he asked as Azumi looked to the ground.

"…About a year ago several ANBU arrived under the order of general Danzo, they took nearly all of them save for a few "weak" ones, as of now there are only five here" she said as Naruto understood their most likely fate.

"I…see…" he then attempted to change the subject and remembered the package.

"I forgot about this… I guess as the new care-momma it's yours" he said handing her the package.

"Thank you Naru" she said as she took the package and a little girl ran outside.

"Nee-chan, Kimi is coughing bad!" the little girl said as Azumi handed Genzi the package and ran back inside with the others following her.

Up the old stairs they went, taking a right and then a left they came to a little room Azumi had set aside for the girl. It was obvious she was very ill and had her left arm bandaged up to her shoulder, she was very small and almost reminded Naruto of himself at her age.

"Kimi, it's ok; breathe" Azumi said rubbing the girls back as the girl coughed weakly and a bit of blood and greenish fluid came out of her mouth.

Naruto looked at the fluids for a moment before recognizing the signs.

"…Tuberculosis" he said quietly as the others looked at him strangely.

"Do you know what this is?" Azumi asked hoping to kami Naruto knew of a way to help her.

"Yes… it's advanced badly" he said as he took her pulse and he ran through a few scenarios in his head.

"Is she going to die?" Atsuko cried as she looked to one of her few friends suffering.

"…Kimi, do you want to die?" Naruto asked as the little bandaged girl weakly looked up at him, unable to speak at present shook her head no.

"Good, because you're not going anywhere" Naruto said as he pulled up his sleeves "Genzi, I need a bucket of hot water, if there isn't any, then just the water" he ordered as the girl came out of shock and ran for a cleanish bucket.

"I need you two to leave the room, ok?" Naruto said to the two small girls as they left, albeit reluctantly; however they stood in the hallway so they could watch their friend.

"Naruto wha-!" Azumi was silenced by Naruto pulling out a small white scroll and unsealing some supplies.

Naruto handed her a mask and a pair of gloves "put these on" he said as he looked to the little girl. "I'm going to put you to sleep for a few… ok?" he asked in such a way all she could do was nod and close her eyes as Naruto put his hand to her head and she fell asleep.

Genzi brought the water, granted it was cold.

"Th-the water is c-cold, g-gomen" she said as she set the bucket down at his feet and backed up.

Katon: Netsu-ohmi Naruto said placing a hand on the bucket, causing it to reach near boiling in a matter of seconds, startling everyone there; he then made a few hand signs and put his fingers to the hot liquid: Suiton: Kiyomeru to Netsu he then said as the water pulsed momentarily before becoming calm.

Naruto then put both hands into the water, freaking out the group as it was HOT water, yet he didn't seem to mind.

Pulling his hands out he concentrated on the tips of his fingers and a familiar light green aura emitted from them which, yet again shocked everyone.

"Naru how-" Azumi was unable to finish as Naruto immediately began to work on the girl.

"Genzi-chan… can you have them head downstairs?" Azumi said still shocked at what was happening before her eyes.

Genzi quickly helped them out, much to their dismay before returning inside to the room.

After a few more minutes Naruto gritted his teeth. He pulled a tag out of his kit and handed it to Azumi.

"Place this over the door… Genzi you might want to leave for this part."

Genzi however without speaking showed she was adamant about staying, Naruto didn't have time to argue as with her sleeping could choke and die fairly easily at this stage of disease.

After the tag was placed Naruto made a one handed sign and activated it which placed symbols around the room.

"…They will block the sounds" Naruto said as his hands glowed darker. "The next part is to remove the infection and solids… she is too weak to cut open so I'll have to pull it through the skin…" the girls were both horrified as well as shocked.

How do you pull an infection through skin?


"Do you think he's an angel?" Mimi (the other girl) asked Atsuko as they sat on the stairs.

"He did magic and made his hands glowy" Atsuko said still amazed.

"I hope he's an angel, angels can help people" Mimi said as Atsuko nodded.


Suddenly all the noise from upstairs was… gone

"It got quiet?" they wondered out loud as small children do…


Asleep or not the girl was in pain as Naruto removed the infection (using a similar tech to Sakura in shippuden season 1) and the other two were unable to move other than Azumi to hold the poor girl down and Genzi to hold the bucket.

To them it seemed like a nightmare that lasted an eternity, even if it was only three minutes.

The girl then ceased to move and laid still and motionless on the small bed that scared both girls.

"Is… Is she?"

"She's fine, we need to finish though" Naruto said as he flushed her body with water to remove the last bits and dumped it into the bucket.

"…It's out… there is a lot of damage though" Naruto said as he began repair her lungs and trachea with his chakra.

After a few moments of silence he stopped and removed the bandages from her arm to reveal a fairly bad infection on her arm from what seemed to be a cut.

It took but a minute it seemed that he removed the infection and sealed the wound.

"…Done" Naruto finally said as he slowly stood up.

The girl slept, quietly and painlessly it seemed.

"She needs to stay in bed for a while, I'd suggest at least a week or so" he said as Azumi grabbed the small girl and cried happily; to her she was like a daughter and had been so sickly since she had arrived.

Naruto removed the tag and resealed his supplies before taking the bucket outside to be vaporized.

Genzi followed him, mesmerized, entranced, amazed, and some other feeling she couldn't describe all at once.

As Naruto came down the stairs both girls looked up and were next to him as quickly as their small legs would take them.

"Is Kimi ok?!" they both asked grabbing on him and nearly pulling the bucket on top of them.

"Yes, you can go up and see her, but whisper because she is sleeping, ok?" he said as they both ran up to see their friend.

As Naruto went out the door Mimi said to Atsuko "I told you he was an angel!" Atsuko agreed happily.

Genzi however froze on the stairs '…Naruto…An Angel…"

Kurenai n' krew

"I said I was sorry!" Ino said as Kurenai sighed. "He'll be around tomorrow it's not that bad"

'…Naruto-kun' Hinata sighed to herself as the trio returned to their homes


After destroying both the bucket and its contents and Azumi coming down the stairs to begin some food And Genzi headed out to watch the children Naruto returned inside to be, once again nearly smothered by the older girl.

"H-How did you do all of that Naru?" she asked as Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

"I'm a medical ninja" he said smiling before getting serious "she won't be the only case, the others may catch it as well if we don't fix this place up."

"Naru it would take months to work on this place enough to make it any safer" Azumi said sadly "And money we don't have…"

"…Tomorrow can you take them all to the park a few blocks away?" he asked as she gave him a weird look.

"Yes… but why?" she asked puzzled as he smirked.

"No reason" he said as Genzi ran inside.

"D-Deita is o-on t-the r-roof!"

Dropping what they had they ran outside to the crowd of small children outside.

"Deita, what are you doing!?" Azumi nearly screamed as a small girl who had used an old tree had made it on top of the old building.

"I'm going to get our ball that mean man threw up here" the little girl said defiantly.

One of the boys had followed and was mostly up the tree by the time they had come outside.

He was unable to reach a branch however and started to fall to his death at a four story drop.

Before Azumi could scream however Naruto was already there running up the tree and grabbing the boy in midair.

"Gotcha" Naruto said as he nabbed him under an arm making everyone relax.

"Hibiki?" the girl on the roof wondered as she lost her balance and fell, this time Azumi had time to scream.

Thinking quickly Naruto used chakra to propel himself from the tree straight at the girl who was almost to the ground; He managed to catch her just before hitting the ground roughly.

Everyone ran to the three as Naruto slowly got up holding the two. 'That hurt…' he mentally pouted as he set them both on the ground.

"Hibiki, Deita!" Azumi cried out as both her and Genzi grabbed the pair "Why did you go up there!?"

"To get our ball" Deita said as she started to cry.

"It's not worth getting killed over, Hibiki almost was killed as well" she said as Deita looked to the boy.

"W-why did you follow me?" she asked as the boy looked to the ground with a light blush.

"I… I wanted to help you… in case you needed it…" he said as Deita bopped him on the head.

"Baka!" she yelled at him before grabbing him in a hug which made his face go red.

"Here is the ball" Naruto said as he… walked down the side of the building.

To Azumi and Genzi it was amazing to watch, for the children however…





Naruto sweat-dropped 'Angel… seriously?... well better than demon spawn I guess… heh kids"

He landed on the ground and handed the ball to the two children. "No climbing up there again ok?" he said as he rubbed both of their heads making them both blush. "You guys could get hurt so no climbing up so high, ok?" they both nodded before joining in the crowd of children that tackled him; asking if he was magic and such.


"Won't you stay for something to eat Naru-chan?" Azumi said sweetly as Naruto smiled lightly before shaking his head.

"Afraid not, I need to get back before I get in trouble" he chuckled gaining confused looks from Genzi (who was listening in) and Azumi who just shrugged it off and smiled.

"Please visit as often as you'd like Naru-chan" she then moved his headband before kissing the top of his forehead making him blush.

"B-Bye!" he said as he seemingly vanished, headed back home.

"Be safe Naru-chan"

'Naruto-kun' Genzi had a lot on her mind this evening, and all of it about a certain blond…


'Nice to be home' Naruto thought to himself as he entered the door and placed his pouch on the table.

He was about to lie down on the couch when the lights came on and Momo was standing there obviously not in the best mood.

"Naruto… we need to talk" she said as she dropped his bloodied wrappings on the ground.

'…well crap' Naruto thought as she walked over to his position

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