The Hokage's Will

Summary: The aftermath of Pain's attack left Tsunade in comatose, with a sudden surprise from the Lord of Fire, Naruto is left inheriting the Mantle.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, all copyrights belong to Masashi Kishimoto, Suiesha and VIZ media. This is strictly for fan purposes only.

Chapter one: The Selection

"As it was foretold…"

The elder sage of Myobokuzan said in his shaking voice, holding within his hand, the crystal ball to see the events that had occurred. Gamabunta sat in front of the elder sage and watched the events unfold. His injuries aching his gigantic body, forced him to be summoned out of Konoha. The battle with Pain was made into a full battle of attrition against Naruto, who in the end, succeeded by finishing the fight with God Realm with a slew of back up plans.

"Though it is unthinkable that Jiraiya's two apprentices were the chosen of this prophecy… The change and revolution of the ninja world."

The crystal ball, willed by the elder sage, zoomed in on Naruto's hand that held the first book that Jiraiya ever made. The elder sage then said, "That book really is the key to change for a prosperous future."

Gamabunta wordlessly looked on to the crystal ball, as he viewed the features of young Naruto; the image of the Fourth Hokage took over his vision.

With a wipe from one of his forearms, Gamabunta then said,

"The kid is making me remind of the Fourth. It's through this brat that everything will change. I'm honoured to have been of service to this brat."

The elder sage commented, "Maybe this was all meant to be, from the time Jiraiya decided to never give up."

The sounds of rushing water were the only things that could be heard in the great structure of Myobokuzan that day…


"Gedo Rinne Tensei no Jutsu! (Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique)" Nagato shouted, his chakra pouring out of his body. His remaining life force, going to the jutsu he had created. He said to Naruto,

"I believe in you… In you, I can see a bright future, thank you Naruto; you made me remind myself of my youth… My idealism… I'll put my faith in you as Yahiko and sensei did to me… With this, the deed is done…"

In the midst of Pain's parting speech, a giant creature, with its concentric eyes of the Rinnegan, sprouted forth from the ground zero of Pain's Shinra Tensei (Divine Subjugation of the Omnipresent God), with its mark of King on its forehead, it undid the strings that covered of its gaping mouth, releasing countless souls of the people venturing in the twilight of life and death.

In the false tree, Nagato said as his shivering hands reached out to the blonde, "Just one more time… Let me put my faith… Back to true peace… One more time… Let me dream that beautiful dream…"

Nagato slowly began to lose his consciousness; Naruto caught him by the arms, a sullen expression written all over his face.


Konan remained silent as she closed her eyes, as Nagato had started breathing his last.

"What did Nagato do?" Naruto asked, as Nagato was starting his heavy breathing.

"Nagato… As the Seventh Pain, he is able to control life and death. For he who controls the Rinnegan is above the cycle of life and death."

Nagato looked upwards, the false tree starting to disperse,

"At least… Let me do this, for the people that I have killed in this village, this is my payment to you… Thank you… Uzumaki Naruto… I can rest easy… My dream, Yahiko's dream… We will give to you… My role… Is over now…"

With that, Nagato silently paused, slowly succumbing to the merciful embrace of death. No longer shall he suffer the pains of his past, haunting him in his very soul, freed from his drive and obsession.

"I promise you, Nagato, I'll be the one to break this curse, believe in me." Naruto uttered, closing his eyes, a lone tear flows from his left eye, signalling his sorrow. If only it weren't for Danzo and Madara, all this pain and madness wouldn't have happened. It was in this moment, he had understood what Jiraiya finally wanted for him to have.

'If I can't be the one to be that person to bring peace to the world, if I can't find that answer, Naruto… You'll be the one to do it for me!'

'You bet!'

Naruto stood up, holding in his hand in a firm grip, the first book that Jiraiya had written.

Konan wrapped Nagato's body with her paper; she looked on as Naruto followed her. Looking to the place where Naruto had defeated Tendou (Heaven Path/God Realm) Pain. She arrived, silent as the angel of god that she was portrayed to be, gentle and comforting, with a flick of her hand, countless papers wrapped around the form of the body of God Realm. Naruto asked,

"You're taking this body too?"

Konan replied, "This is the body used to be God Realm, this was Yahiko, he was someone very dear to us."

She looked back as the countless papers surrounded the Yahiko's corpse.

"War brings death, wounds and pain to both sides… There is nothing harder to accept than the death of those that you love… Your generation that hasn't known war; try to find meaning in death only to be left with pain… And hatred that you don't know what to do with."

"Dying like trash, never ending hatred… That is war. This is what you must face Naruto… The book that Nagato so held dearly, and you… It was as if it was the workings of the true God…"

Naruto not once looked over to the woman as he looked down, "Are you… Going back to Akatsuki?"

"I am done with Akatsuki, Yahiko and Nagato were everything to me… They've entrusted their dreams to you, Nagato believed in you, so I'll do the same. Amegakure will help you any way it can."

Naruto wordlessly looked at the corpses of his fellow pupils and touched them,

"I'll be the person, to end all of this tragedy… It's what my Master and fellow pupils had given me. You've taught me, to be a stronger person… I promise; I'll do everything I can."

Konan raised her right arm and papers began swirling around her hand, folding and forming a bouquet of paper roses. The blue haired girl handed it over to Naruto and said,

"This time… I hope for you that these flowers of hope never die."

Naruto merely smiled and accepted the gift, as he reached out for it with both his hands and held it tight.

A memory of his former master crossed his mind,

'Oh? That's pretty good eh, Naruto? How about we go out tonight and celebrate with Ice Cream?'

'Alright! Thanks ero-sennin!'

'Hey, Naruto! I got the best view on the house here! Want to take a look?'

'Eh? You serious? What if we get caught!?'

'Ah, you worry over the little stuff like that and you'll grow up to be such a prude like Tsunade!'

'No way!'

'Ero-sennin! I got a new idea for a jutsu! Want to see?'

'Oh, really? Well let's see it then!'

'That was great Naruto! You really are my most favourite apprentice! Hahahaha! Now I've got an idea for my next book! How about you write a chapter here for me?'


'Hey, Ero-sennin, did you know you're like the grandfather I never had?'

'What's with this all of a sudden? And no matter how you say it, I'll always be proud of my apprentice!'

'Thanks ero-sennin!'

Memories of his master crossed his mind, as he slowly formed a smile and tears fell like rivers cascading down his whiskered cheeks. He turned his back from the view that he last saw Konan, and walked back to the village that was laid in ruins.

Within his hands, he held the paper roses that Konan had given him, and the memento of his master.

"Just watch me, you perverted hermit. I'll make your dreams a reality!"

He jumped up… His optimism showed forth like the radiant sun.


In the period of talking with his father in limbo, Kakashi realized that he felt his chest a little lighter, his back broader, as if a weight on his shoulder was lifted. His father had talked to him so casually and so normally in front of the only light within that darkness, that small campfire that his father had waited on for years since his death.

Thanks to their talk, Sakumo was able to go meet his wife finally, the shame that Kakashi had shown in years of his childhood was no longer there, only acceptance.

With renewed strength, Kakashi went searching for his student that defeated Pain, going through the forest, he saw Naruto, tired and fatigued that he was, an image that wasn't always present, within his hands were a bouquet of paper roses and a small book, Naruto staggered, feeling the weight of his exhaustion taking over.

He fell down.

But was caught by Kakashi who only said, "Good work."

Surprised, Naruto shouted to the teacher,


"Save your breath and hold on. We're going back to the village."

As soon as the village came into view, literally thousands upon thousands of the villagers and ninja were all there to meet him,

"Welcome back!"

"We believed in you!"

"Thank you!"

Words of gratitude and awe were shouted from the joyous villagers and children began rushing towards him, pushing and shoving to get close to the person that had saved them and caused a miracle within the village.

"They've all been waiting for your return." Kakashi mentioned and the small slug that had been with Naruto, a part of Katsuya, said,

"I told them everything that had happened; they've been waiting for you all this time."

A shard of memory had hit Kakashi's mind,

'My dream, is to one day become Hokage, and for everyone to acknowledge my existence!'

In the background, Iruka recalled the moment when Naruto was when he was a child, and to the moment that he had been embraced by the village, a smile had escaped his lips that turned into a full blown grin, tears of joy overwhelming the teacher.

As everyone cheered certain people seemed to have been approached by the ANBU, this went unnoticed to several of the crowd,

Nara Shikaku, who was one of the people that were approached, asked the masked ninja, "What is it?"

"You are to report to the council room immediately."

Shikaku frowned and lowered his head and asked, "Already?"

Kakashi looked on in aloofness, Naruto whispered to him.

"Take me to the council room immediately sensei. It's time I put a stop to Danzo's underground operations."

Kakashi looked incredulous; did Naruto obtain very sensitive information about Root? And why was he requesting one of the elder toads to accompany him and carry one of their scroll lists for active toads.

"This wouldn't have happened if I was called back sooner, and the timing of the whole thing… It doesn't add up sensei… I know I may not notice the simple things back then, but thanks with to my training in Senjutsu (Sage Arts)… I've been more particular. Please sensei… Just this once."

Kakashi nodded, Naruto was determined and that looked like something that will remain there until he got what he want.

Far in the village outskirts, an oversized looking Venus flytrap emerged from the thick branch of one of the gigantic trees surrounding the village.

"I never thought Pain could be defeated like this, I must report this immediately" Zetsu said, as he observed the blonde jinchuuriki being escorted away with the infamous Copy Ninja Kakashi.

"Madara must take note of this."

With that, he sunk into the trunk again, his Kagero (Mayfly) taking effect, travelling at the speed of sound.

The Council Room:

The council room looked tense everyone was facing a hard time ahead, Pain's assault on Konoha did more damage than it should have.

"We plan on continuing with other countries to counter the threat posed by Akatsuki." Homura mentioned, making clear his intentions on the matter at hand. Being the remaining village with a jinchuuriki, it was more likely that they will target Konoha again.

The one from the financing department in the land of fire said, "After what's happened to the village, the land of fire will do anything it can into getting Konoha rebuilt, but first we need to set up a considerable amount of budget and then take into account the strain on the other countries as well."

Danzo in particular, raised his head and showed his uncovered eye, gleaming in the sunlight,

"There are other important issues to be discussed, such as who will be the next Hokage?"

All of the people in the room remained silent, the Fire Lord said, "Couldn't we just wait for Tsunade to awaken? I am sure the matter will fix itself eventually."

Koharu had voiced her opinion, "My lord, Tsunade is still in a coma, we can't decide on a plan for the village when she will wake up. Besides, the destruction of Konoha was partially her fault."

The Fire Lord sighed as he leaned back into his seat, fanning himself, "I'd choose Jiraiya, I liked him, but he's gone now…"

Seeing Danzo was about to speak, Shikaku intervened, clearly seeing the schemes of the old war hawk.

"I nominate Hatake Kakashi."

The Fire Lord seemed impressed,

"Oho, the son of the 'White Fang,' eh? Why not? What do all of you think?"

Murmurs and whispers went around the council chambers talking about the situation.

"He's well known, strong and respected that's true but he's very young."

"Minato was even younger."

A councilman asked Shikaku, "Who was his teacher?"

Shikaku replied in a calm demeanour, everything was swaying in his favour,

"The Yondaime Hokage."

The Fire Daimyo seemed impressed again, "Ah, Kakashi who was taught by the Fourth Hokage, taught by Jiraiya and taught by the Sandaime… It is a fine selection!"

The old noble added with a smile.

"The Third Hokage's teachings have as good as destroyed the village! The leader of Akatsuki, Pain, was once Jiraiya's pupil!"

Everyone turned to Danzo who seemed to have opposed the idea, but before he could make headway, it was then that he was cut off.

"The Sandaime was never wrong in his teachings."

It was then that Naruto appeared from the entrance of the door and within his hands, was a scroll along with the Fukasaku resting on his shoulders. He looked at Danzo in contempt and said,

"You were responsible for this Danzo, and I would be damned if you were to become Hokage. You were the one that let Pain roam free in Konoha; you and Hanzo were the ones that created him! You are in part to blame on Nagato turning what he was."

Everyone seemed quiet at that, Homura and Koharu stood up and elder woman said,

"Uzumaki Naruto, you are not permitted to enter the council room, this can be considered an act of insubordination."

Naruto stood firm, outside, Kakashi leaned on the door, so that no one would enter. To his right was Yamato nervously waiting for one of his charges inside, it was like dipping your toe on boiling water, such a risky move would get them severely punished if Danzo ever did turn into Hokage.

"Have faith in your subordinate, Yamato. I did and I know what he's doing is the right thing."

If only those simple words would be enough to encourage him.

Inside, Naruto spoke,

"Where did you get information about Pain being my sensei's pupil? As far as I can tell, only the Sannin knew of it. You've dug your own grave Danzo. You've involuntarily suggested about your involvement with Amegakure's affairs, more specifically, with Hanzo of the Salamander. It was because of you that Nagato became the leader of Akatsuki by killing his friend, Yahiko. You thought that their movement in Amegakure was a threat on its own without even considering that we should not interfere in political affairs that do not concern us."

Shikaku seemed to grin as he held his head down, Naruto had a point. It seemed now was time to back up the child,

"That's true, what happened in Kiri is an example, we do not intervene in actions that concern internal affairs of a country that is outside our Jurisdiction, which is almost every country not the Land of Fire. Do you have any explanation on this, Danzo?" Shikaku asked.

"Proof…" Danzo mentioned and then continued,

"Where's your proof, child?"

Naruto looked at the man in a heartbeat and said, "The citizens of Konoha that were revived just earlier."

"During my fight with him, he told me that his organization back then only wanted to have peace talks with Hanzo. But you coaxed him Danzo, coaxed Hanzo of the Salamander to suppress the movement. Because of this, Nagato who was stricken with grief was tricked into making Akatsuki, a terrorist organization that went and gathered all the Jinchuuriki and Bijuu that roamed."

"How are the citizens concerned with this?" Homura asked,

"Nagato, who held the Rinnegan, had an ability to revive the people that have died in a short amount of time, I convinced him to stop his actions and understand that Jiraiya's teachings weren't just idealistic. It was then he gave me the reason to why he would go so much as far as destroy Konoha. All because Danzo aided Hanzo in putting down Yahiko and Nagato's faction."

The Fire Lord raised an eyebrow at this and said, "Well now, those are pretty strong allegations, it seems we can't turn Danzo into Hokage for it will cause such a public outrage if word of your involvement gets out."

To this Danzo sat back into his seat. Shikaku smiled, as he leaned back and let the progress of a new Hokage take place.

"You were also responsible in delaying my return Danzo-teme." Naruto mentioned, his frown forming deeper.

"With my delay, Pain was free to do as he pleased, he terrorized and killed many of our troops those that didn't know my whereabouts back then were incapacitated or even killed. Did you know how many lives could have ended then? I know you've been hungering for power for years; Tsunade explained to me your reasons why you still run Root. And how she fervently opposed any idea and suggestion you had given. This proof shall be all that's needed."

He raised the crystal ball to Fukasaku's hands and the small toad held it firmly with his tiny hands.

"Little Jiraiya explained to me once that the Hokage's office is filled with seals that the Hokage installed without anyone's knowledge other than his own and with little Jiraiya's. He said to me that the seals were there to record in the crystal ball the events that occur whenever the Hokage was not around, the trigger of that seal, would be the seal etched on to every Hokage that set foot in that office, through their clothing or otherwise."

It was then that Naruto unfurled the gigantic scroll and in it, was the list of the active toads that reside in Myobokuzan.

"When we left the village to train Naruto, we left here with a summoner toad to send Naruto back to the village if ever he was needed. If one of ours were killed, their names would be erased from the active scroll. This is what happened in the events that Pain started his invasion of Konoha."

They saw a picture of Danzo; his back turned from the viewers and saw that the man stabbed the summoning toad with a tanto.

Homura and Koharu looked at each other and then to the Fire Lord who frowned,

"Quite. It seemed that the reason why Naruto was sent back later than expected was indeed Danzo. Even if Naruto weren't to return, Pain would have attacked nonetheless, I think I may have an idea of who is to become the next Hokage."

In that very moment, the wheels of fate began turning again its gears shifting to start an event that will be remembered for all of the people of Konoha.

Unknown Location:

"So Pain was defeated, huh?" Madara asked, Zetsu answered with a nod.

"And of the Hokage?"

Zetsu answered, "They're still determining who it's going to be. Though it would most likely be Danzo based on speculation."

Madara's eye gleamed at that; it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start his plan,

"Konan is not coming back; we need another pawn to sync with Gedo Mazo (Demonic Statue of the Outer Realm)."

Tobi remained silent for a moment contemplating his next move, he then looked at Kisame and said

"Kisame, you go after the eight tailed beast. I've got matters to attend to, Zetsu, make sure to monitor the events in Konoha, confirm that Danzo is indeed the Hokage. Come with me when you're done."

When Tobi had received word that the Five Kage Summit would take place in Kurogane no Kuni, he began to worry about the measures that the Five Major Countries that would impose sanctions and interventions against Akatsuki. Their movement would be smaller than what it was before, not that it would be a problem for him, all he needed were the remaining two bijuu that still roamed the earth, but with Naruto defeating his greatest piece on the board, Madara was adamant about letting one of his members get him now, and with Konoha very aware and assigned task forces against the organization, Madara would eventually be forced to start from scratch.

The sounds of footsteps could only be heard as Kisame exited the small cave that housed the Gedo Mazo.

"What will it be now, Tobi?" Asked Zetsu, Madara merely said,

"Leave everything to me." Said the man as a spiral contortion happened in front of him, the space seemed to bend and fold, as Madara was sent in a spiral motion in a single point, like rushing water down the drain.

The world will turn at this very single point. For it will embark on something much, much more grand.


"What?" Naruto asked flabbergasted as the Fire Lord, patted on his shoulder and said,

"As the student of both Jiraiya and Kakashi, and the one responsible in defeating the leader of Akatsuki, I appoint you Uzumaki Naruto, as the Rokudaime Hokage."

Naruto seemed in shock at this, "Why me?"

"You have proven that you are strong and the villagers love you, you have the charisma and strength, you're perfect for the job." Said the Fire Lord, everyone around, except for Shikaku seemed unsure of this.

"My Lord, you are giving a job of great importance to a child? But this is unheard off!" Asked Koharu

"Wind Country has done the same, has it not? There were also rumours that this boy is responsible for the countless allegiances we have been receiving as of late, not to mention he is the child of Namikaze Minato. It would be great for Uzumaki-san to rise in this world as a political figure head. He's already on a level that rivals Jiraiya; an S-class warrior of one so young is hard to come by." The Fire Lord countered in a sagely manner, most of the members seemed to nod at this.

"B-But I'm still a genin…"

"And the appointment of Kage needs not to be ranked. Chuunin can become Hokage, why can't Genin for that matter? It is all about discernment, child." With that, the Fire Lord stood up, Naruto remained silent.

"Will you accept, Uzumaki Naruto? Or should we call you, Hokage-sama?" Asked the Fire Lord, Naruto still stood, and contemplated the situation.

The moment he would extend his arm, he will become Hokage, the strongest of Konohagakure, the ideal figure of a shinobi.

But if this is what needed to protect the people, then so be it.

The Fire Lord smiled and Naruto remained silent,

"I just want one thing… In five days, announce my succession in five days, I still have unfinished business to take care of. Fukasaku-sensei, I wish to learn about Fuinjutsu, can I master it in a span of Five days?"

Fukasaku closed his eyes and gave his answer, "That depends on you, Naruto-chan… But I'm sure with the method of using Kakashi's training you would be done by then."

"Good, then I'll see all of you in Five Days." Naruto was about to exit, but he was stopped by Koharu and Homura,

"Hokage-sama, with the time needed for reconstruction and repairs, we need your authorization to allow a construction company and the emergency provisions…"

"There's a friend of mine from Wave that happens to own a construction company, send for them, emergency provisions should be easy enough to obtain from Spring Country, just mention to them my name and they will comply." Naruto answered as he went out, the Fire Lord smiled further,

"A great Hokage indeed."

Outside, Kakashi stepped back and kneeled in front of Naruto, the blonde had a sweat drop at the back of his head and sighed,

"Hokage-sama." Both Kakashi and Yamato replied, Naruto seemed uncomfortable with the title yet.

"Kakashi-sensei, I'll be going out for five days as you have probably heard, I want you to oversee the construction and repairs with Yamato-taichou. I won't be here; I'll be going back to training with Fukasaku-sensei in Myobokuzan. Also, I trust the two of you, Danzo may have a trick up his sleeve, make sure you guard the summoning frog that will be left here. I don't want things like Pain's invasion happening again."

With that, the three walked away from the council chambers.

Danzo looked below in disdain and sighed, another defeat from Sarutobi, as the dejected old leader steps away, his plans to take over the seat already going through his mind again.

Naruto seemed fazed by this decision of the Fire Lord to appoint him as the new Hokage, it was an unbelievable dream to start with, and one being so young, only sixteen years old and he became Hokage? How old was his father when he was appointed to take the seat?

It was then that in front of him, three Kumo Shinobi had appeared.

"We want to know where the Hokage is, can you take us to him?" The one with the blonde hair and buxom chest replied, Yamato looked Naruto and Kakashi doing the same, the blonde turned his head to both his teachers and sighed.

"Let's go talk about this in the office, Fukasaku is waiting for me, Kakashi-sensei, Yamato-sensei, please escort these three to the Hokage's office, make sure they are not seen by any of the Hyuuga." Naruto requested both Kakashi and Yamato replied,

"Don't be so formal about us now, Hokage-sama… You are now our superior and as such please treat us as your subordinates!" The two saluted and Naruto sighed again dropping his head.

"I'm never going to get used to that." Uttered the blonde as he waved his hand and went home to gather his things.

The three Kumo Nin looked at each other and then back to the teenage blonde.

"So… He's the Hokage?" Asked the only male in the group, Kakashi answered, "Newly instated. He's the one responsible in defeating Akatsuki's leader, Pain."

"You're serious?" Asked Karui surprised by it, what kind of self respecting Hokage wears orange?

"You're probably wondering, 'what kind of self respecting Hokage wears orange?' right?" Kakashi asked, Karui looked surprised at the aloof Jounin, did he read her mind like that?

"Well, like we said, he's newly instated, but he'll be wearing different clothes when he gets back." Yamato replied

With that, the two Jounin escorted them to the Hokage's office.


It took him only ten minutes to prepare his gear to what would be another training trip. The chance that had been given to him to become Hokage, he accepted it. Knowing full well on what might happen, he might not be able to get out of the village as much as he used to, but when he saw the destruction of his village then, he knew what he had to do, and the promise he had kept to Nagato lingered on his mind.

If he would be the one to break this curse, then this was the most golden opportunity he could have ever hoped for.

He was met with his Senjutsu teacher outside his apartment, Fukasaku patiently waiting on his home, with some clothes on his hands.

"Here's a replacement haori that Shima made, she came by earlier and asked if you wear a new set of clothing. She said that wearing such ghastly colours is not proper for a Hokage."

Naruto was about to retort and ask what was wrong about orange but he was shoved back inside his room, with the Haori and another set of clothes.

A few minutes later, Naruto went out wearing the standard Konoha Uniform, but instead of the navy blue long sleeve undershirt, he was wearing black under the green flack jacket. Naruto wore his Haori and a gold chain interlocked from one side of the base of the neck of the ceremonial piece of cloth to the other.

Naruto looked down on his uniform, a grin was forming on his lips,

"Wow… I look great in this." Said the blonde, viewing the red Haori with the black flame design at the hem and the holes that opened above his elbows.

Naruto then untied the headband from his head, and instead tied it around his neck, the long black cloth dangling on his back. His hair going down to his forehead and face.

Fukasaku smiled and said, "A spitting image of your father."

Naruto smiled at that, all the while his left hand going to the back of his head scratching it, he felt proud and embarrassed at the same time.

"Now let's address those that needed to be addressed, Hokage-sama." Fukasaku teased

Naruto groaned as he said to the elder toad, "Not you too, Fukasaku-sensei!"

The elder toad merely gave a hearty laugh. The era of change was about to occur, he thought, and he could see such hopeful future in Naruto, he hoped that he gets to see it before his time, which he most certainly will, for his part in the affairs of the world is done, and the only remaining thing to do would be to polish an already sharpened blade. Naruto had already grown into such a fine young man, and grew plenty from his life. It was time that he lead his peers and call the shots, Naruto may be young, but in his heart and soul, lies the aspect of a true leader, one who would put the interest of the people first, one who could convince people to move mountains, one who could make people believe in him.

To Fukasaku, Naruto was the miracle that was needed in order to change this world. It was his wish that came true when he fought for the village against Pain. The teacher from Myobokuzan, after hearing the battle, gave a proud smile to Naruto. The boy that could do miracles, the hope of the world took this huge leap of fate. Perhaps it was meant to be that Naruto lead the people in trying times. But that huge burden must be too much to bear for a person as young as he is.

They made their way to the Hokage's office, Naruto was careful not to be seen by any of his new fans, he was still unprepared for something as big as becoming Hokage right now.

As he made his way upstairs, he opened the door to his office, and there sat in front of his desk was the trio that came from Cloud.

Kakashi looked stunned as he saw Naruto; he was the absolute spitting image of the Fourth in that uniform of his!

He sat on the Hokage's chair; a feeling of nostalgia took over him as he leaned back and said,

"I'd never imagine sitting in this chair with my age. It feels different…" The new Hokage said, his two subordinates standing firm to his side, Kakashi and Yamato spoke at the same time,

"You will eventually get used to it, Hokage-sama."

Naruto disdainfully looked at his two former teachers and shouted, "Cut the crap already!"

Kakashi and Yamato merely smiled and forced back a laugh.

He then turned to the visiting Kumo Ninjas that had sweatdrops at the back of their heads,

"So what are you guys here for?" Asked the blonde haphazardly, his left elbow resting on the desk and his chin resting on the palm of his left hand.

Samui looked at her team and Omoi gave the scroll to her, the busty female then said, "Raikage-sama has requested a Kage Summit in a week, he wishes to discuss on what to do about Akatsuki."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that and then turned to Kakashi, "Sensei, has baa-chan sent request aids to fight against Akatsuki when I wasn't here?"

Kakashi visibly nodded, "Yes, but the requests were denied by both Earth Country and Lightning Country several times, forcing her to create the Niju Shoutai (Twenty Platoons)."

The team from Kumo was shocked to hear this; the Raikage denied pleas from Konoha to aid them against Akatsuki, Naruto turned back to the team and said,

"I know the importance of taking down the Akatsuki; I've encountered almost all of their members in the past. My only question is, why act now all of a sudden?"

Samui, the spokesperson of the team said, "The Raikage's brother, Killer bee was taken captive by Akatsuki when they were he was in Unraikyo. (Valley of Clouds and Lightning)"

Naruto then said, "So he's a host then."

The blonde then turned around and asked Yamato, "Sensei, you still have that book that Kabuto gave us? It has all the information they need about the remaining members of the organization."

Samui looked at the young Hokage for a moment and then to the one with the face plate who rummaged through his gear and gave the small book to her.

Samui turned and flipped every page, scanning the members and then gave the book back on the desk.

"I'm sorry, but this seems a bit outdated Hokage-sama, the Akatsuki seems to have gained new members in their ranks." Samui bowed, Naruto looked on in interest, and he stood up and asked,

"Who?" Was his simple question, Samui seemed shock for a moment and then said,

"Uchiha Sasuke."

This time, it was Naruto who frowned as he sat down, "Are you sure about this?"

Samui nodded her head, "I am positive, our sources have clear visual proof."

"We want to know all about Uchiha Sasuke, what are his abilities? Techniques?" Samui continued, Kakashi looked on in hidden worry for the new Hokage.

Naruto seemed to clench his fists on the table; there was a sign of anger and grief laden in his whole body, until finally he sat down.

The blonde gave a sigh and asked to the three, "What are you going to do if I gave the information to you?"

"We'll hunt him down and kill him, of course!" Karui shouted Omoi chastised the firebrand and looked at the Hokage; Naruto looked at Karui and then sighed.

"I'm sorry but the records of Uchiha Sasuke are dated, during my predecessor's reign, all records of shinobi in the past three years were updated except all known Nuke Nin, and with Sasuke joining a shady group, the search for info on him would be much harder. Old Lady Tsunade focused on the tasks of increasing the village's shinobi count that was considerably reduced during the invasion of Sound and Sand. I'm sorry I can't help you any further, but the old records would be the only thing that would help you."

Naruto lied; he knew some of Sasuke's techniques that could help the team but he didn't want Sasuke dead, no. Revenge is a very dark path and a path that lead to unfulfilled, emptiness and nothingness. It was no use in bringing back the dead, there was nothing to gain, only everything to lose.

"But before taking down Sasuke, your teacher may still be alive, focus on finding and rescuing him, first." Naruto advised, Kakashi merely stepped back, and sighed, Naruto seemed to have handled that situation well. Samui looked at the Hokage in shock and asked

"H-How can you be sure?"

Naruto simply replied, "Akatsuki needs the hosts alive, I am one of them, I should know. A member blurted out that they needed us in living and breathing conditions. I have the most experience out of the nine hosts in handling them."

It was then that Naruto asked Samui about the Kage summit, "Where will the summit be held, Kunoichi-san?"

"Tetsu no Kuni (Land of Iron). We thank you for your cooperation Hokage-sama and the info you have given us that Killer Bee is still alive."

Naruto merely nodded, as he placed his backpack on his shoulders, Fukasaku was patiently waiting at the desk.

"Yamato-sensei, escort these guys on the Records department in the library, Kakashi-sensei, I trust you can handle things here while I'm gone?"

Kakashi nodded and Yamato saluted,

"All shall be done in the request of the Hokage!"

Naruto put a finger up, about to say something, but decided to stop and said, "Forget it…"

With a dejected sigh, he was met with his new teacher, Fukasaku, Naruto bit his right thumb and drew blood, swiping it on his left palm, he began trailing five handseals and there appeared a very small frog. Fukasaku spoke to the small frog

"Alright Gamamayu, you're going to be the summoner here in Konoha while I train Naruto at Myobokuzan, make sure you stick close to the masked Jounin with the slanting hitai-ite. Summon Naruto back here within five days."

The small frog gave a salute and Naruto nodded, he looked up in the starlit night sky as he was about to leave. The old Toad Fukasaku asked him, "Why are you interested in Fuinjutsu, Naruto-chan?"

Naruto merely gave an answer, "Because if I want to beat Madara and the rest of the Akatsuki, I'd have to learn anything that I can. I saw the effect of what seals can do, this will compensate for me not having any bloodline. I'll just have to learn harder than normal…"

Naruto expression then turned grim, "That and I thought I'd have the chance to counter that bastard's Sharingan technique."

An image of the spiral masked man crossed his mind. Naruto frowned.

"The meeting of the Five Kages will occur in one week's time, I'll pour everything I have to this training, please Fukasaku-sensei… Teach me."

Fukasaku merely gave a knowing smile.

Over the course of Five Days, Fukasaku would be surprised just how fast Naruto learns and how long his drive to succeed is.

The Rokudaime Hokage has begun to make his move. This time, nothing is going to hold him back.

To be continued…

Story idea that popped into my head several days ago… Also, a tryout to remove my writer's block, I suddenly had it when I went on break several days ago due to doing volunteer work near town because of the floods. I didn't get anything done. Though I hope you enjoy this one, I just don't know if this would be good, I honestly think this would be unique take on the Naruto series as he becomes Hokage and unites the world under his banner. Also, I LOL'd pretty hard on the newest chapter because of Madara's senile behaviour.

At least the series is about to start the Ninja war, I just hope it doesn't end up like Bleach's "Winter War". All of the top three Espada were killed off with Halibel being offed by Aizen because he didn't need them, what a stupid thing to happen!