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Merlin's Pain, Anhora's Game

Chapter One

"I've got it!" Merlin exclaimed suddenly.

Arthur looked up at him, Merlin? An idea? No way.

Merlin continued. "We pour all the contents of one goblet into the other. That way we know it's poisoned and I'm only drinking from the one cup!"

Arthur shook his head in disbelief. "You never cease to surprise me Merlin. But if you think you're going to drink it...think again." He reached out to pick up Merlin's cup but the young warlock reached it first and held it out of Arthur's reach.

"No way," he said defiantly. "You are too valuable to Camelot. I'm drinking it."

Arthur scoffed. "Don't be stupid you idiot."

"My life isn't near the importance of yours, Arthur."

"I'm drinking it."

"Your life is worth a thousand of mine. I will drink it."

Arthur shook his head slowly. "No."

The two young men sat at either side of the table, staring each other down, both determined to die for the other. Suddenly Merlin lashed out and grabbed Arthur's cup, Arthur, caught completely off guard and not expecting his manservant to be able to move that fast, could not do a thing to stop him.

Merlin hurriedly poured all of one cup into the other.

"Merlin, no!"

Arthur watched as Merlin toasted him and said, "I'm happy to be your servant sire, until the day I die."

And with that he downed it in one.

"Merlin," he whispered.

Arthur watched as Merlin's body dropped to the ground slowly. Arcing gracefully as he fell and hit the ground with a soft thud.

Arthur rushed to his side and pulled him close. Merlin lay in his arms, convulsing violently.

"No please," Arthur looked at Anhora and begged. "Please! He's just, a stupid servant! He doesn't know what he's doing, he doesn't know...d-doesn't know..."

"He was willing to sacrifice his life for yours. Because of this you still have hope to save Camelot from the curse. Merlin giving his life for yours means the tasks have been reset. You now have another three tasks to prove yourself."

Arthur glanced down at Merlin, watching as the poison coursed through his body. When he looked back up Anhora was gone, disappeared.

The young prince sprung into action immediately. Quickly, but gently, he picked up Merlin and ran. He ran as fast as he could, re-entering the labyrinth and trying greatly to find the way out. As light as Merlin was he gradually became heavier and heavier in his master's arms and him still convulsing was not helping. Arthur just hoped they could get home in time.


Uther was becoming annoyed. Arthur was neglecting his duties and no-one had laid eyes on him since late yesterday.

"Come in," he said, as there was a knock. The heavy wooden doors opened to reveal the court physician. "Ah, Gaius."


"Tell me Gaius, have you seen Arthur?"

"Not since yesterday sire."

The King nodded thoughtfully, "Me too, what about that servant of his?"

"No sire, I haven't seen Merlin either."

"Well where on earth are they?"


Arthur was becoming desperate. Tears of frustration, the tears he was trying so hard to hold onto, slowly cascaded down his perfectly chiselled features. But he couldn't give up, there was no way he would let Merlin go. He wouldn't let Merlin die. The young servant had been relatively quiet the whole time. Occasionally he would moan as the poison tracked its way through his pale form.

And Arthur was losing hope. He'd been trying to find the exit for what seemed like hours.

"Merlin," he whispered. "Help," knowing full well that his friend was almost totally out of it and completely unable to help. "You idiot help. I can't do this on my own...I can't."

Slowly Arthur fell to his knees, exhausted, and lay Merlin in front of him. His friend still convulsing. Arthur could tell he was in pain, his face was tightly scrunched, he was breathing heavily and uneven and if that was not enough to know the small gasps and groans that passed through his lips gave it away instantly. Physically, on the outside, Merlin had not a thing wrong but Arthur knew internally he was in extreme pain.

Arthur sat, watching Merlin and cursing Anhora a thousand times over for putting his servant through this. Merlin didn't deserve this, he was the most kind man Arthur had ever met, no matter what Arthur did Merlin was constantly loyal. But this time Arthur pushed to far, this time he had put the lives of Camelot in danger, the life of Merlin.

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