Fangirl: My god, I am A genious!

Ikuto: No your not.

Fangirl:Oh yea?
Ikuto: Yea, You spelt genious wrong


Okay, Ikuto and I were just hanging around in my room, doing NOTHING, When it happened

I heard a huge woosh.

"Hmm? What was that?" I asked Ikuto.

"Look for yourself." He yawned

"Little friggin-" I murmured as I headed to the balcony. Guess what was there? A DRAGON!

I screamed. Good thing My parents weren't home.

"What is it?" Ikuto came rushing over. A girl, about 15 or 16,got off the dragon.

"Saphria." Ikuto whispered.

'WHO?" I yelled. The girl turned around and I saw eyes that challenged Ikuto's.

"Well, look where My li'l bro is at now!" She smiled


"Calm down Amu." Ikuto said, then looked at her.

"Saphria, what are you doing here?" He then asked.

"Listen, the Morgenas are after you, dearest brother. There is a war going on in Aayane, and we desperately need you, The prince of Aayane." She stated bluntly

"PRINCE?! Some, please tell me whats going on!" I asked

"This is Amu, correct?" Saphria asked, pointing to me


"We must take her to Aayane." Saphria said and Ikuto nodded.
"Now, since Zipporah will only let me ride her, You two must take Cisica."

"You have another dragon?" Ikuto asked, Saphria nodded, and whistled. Instantly another dragon appeared.

"Give us 5 minutes" ikuto asked. Saphria sighed and nodded. Ikuto ushered me into the bedroom.

"IKUTO WHAT-" I started but Ikuto pressed a finger to my lips.

"Listen, Amu. For what I am going to tell you is no lie." He said seriously. I nodded as he continued

"When I was 7, my real mother and father sent me to this land. My real birthplace is Aayane, A very distant town. Saphria is my blood sister, of 16 years. My family is royalty, as you heard, I am a prince." He told me

"A- A prince?" I gasped

"Yea. The Morgenas are our worst nightmare, pure evil. They tried to steal me when I was 6, young and defenceless, but they failed. This was when the Dumpty Key was created, and given to me. It saved me, but my parents still sent me away. Unfortunately to the Hoshinas and Tsukiyomi's. However, if it wasn't for that job they forced me to do, I'd of never have met you. Fate works in strange ways. Anyway, Saphria appears to be an archer, and perhaps has some sword skills. I need to update on those skills." He added

"But, you have to go?" I asked

"I must. I don't think it is wise to bring you, far to dangerous, so i may never see you again. But I want you to know, i love you." He confessed

"IT'S MORE DANGEROUS IF SHE STAYS! Don't you see? The Morgenas will find her, and use her as bait to wring you into a trap, then kill you both!" Saphria exclaimed

"S-S-She had a p-point." I stuttered, still shocked from Ikuto's confession. For I to, love him.

"..Fine.." Ikuto murmered

"Great. Get on Cisica." Saphria. Grinned.


"No but's Amu, NOW!"

"o-Ok" I stuttered. I got on the dragon, Ikuto got on behind me, wrapped his arms around me, and "whispered, hold on."

Fangirl: SO! SO?

Ikuto: You saw Eragon, didn;t you?

Ikuto: fangirl.

Fangirl: OK I DID! Sheesh.

Oh Btw, keep Holding on by Arvil Is AWESOME!