Fangirl: Im ored

Ikuto: You mean bored

Fangirl: And azy

Ikuto: You mean lazy….idiot

Fangirl: Yep! I a laxy idiot!

As we were riding, ON A DRAGON, A thought came to mind

"Hey, Ikuto! Why were you talking so weird before!?" I yelled

"Because That's how my mother will expect me to talk like!" He yelled back

"Well it's annoying!"

"Too bad!""emmm."

"We're here!" Saphria called. I opened my eyes and gasped. There was a HUGE castle! AND I MEAN HUGE! We landed swiftly near stables, and Saphria got of Her dragon Ikuto got off to, but I just stayed on the dragon, shocked

"Hey! Your heavy, git off me!" The…drago said!

"IT TALKS!" I shrieked

"Yea….duh?" Saphria said

"Amu, hurry up." Ikuto said

"O-Ok." I got of the dragon shakily

"C'mon, let's go see Mother, she's in the throne room." Saphria stated

In The Throne Room

"Mother, I brought Ikuto! And the love of his life." Saphria said when we stepped into the throne room.

"Mon Dieu, Ikuto fell in love with a mortel?" Ikuto's mother said

"Mother! If I marry her, she will become immortal! If your going to insult her, I'll just leave." Ikuto growled

"YOUR IMMORTAL!?" I said shocked

"Yes amu, But don't worry, I'm still only 17." Ikuto said

"EHHHHH?" I stated

"Saphria, Take this mortel to her room."

"Mother! Even I find that insulting! Call her by her name: Amu!" Saphria yelled

"Very well, Take Amu to her room."

"Come on, Amu." Saphria grinned a scary grin."Umm ok…" I said and followed her

"So, how'd ya meet my bro?" Saphria asked

"I…fell on him." I sweat dropped

"So, how long do you think he's loved you?"

"Ummm…I don't know…"

"Tell me about every encounter you've had."

I told her about each one, the good and the bad,

"Hmm, I'd say since that Embryo event….yea, probably." She stated

"R-Really? That long?!" I gasped

"Mmm, just guessing " She shrugged, then opened a door,

"Well, here you go."OMG~ It was gorgeous! Tres cool! It had one of those cool princess beds, a balcony that looked like it was from Romeo And Juilet!

"H-How..What…." I gasped

"Yep, this is your room until the Morganes are defeated." She nodded


"Anyway, I gotta help Iku with his sword play, wanna watch?" She asked

"Suure." I shrugged and followed her into a huge courtyard, where Ikuto was shooting arrows-each one a bullseye-

"W-Wow…." I stuttered

"That's nothing. HEY IKUTO! START SHOOTIN THEM CHICKENS!" Saphria hollored

"What!?" I shrieked

"Oh relax, we bring 'em back with a spell afterwords." Saphria assured. Ikuto shot 9 chickens, all of em dropped dead.

"Bring thy death, back to thy life." Saphria murmured and in moments each chicken was up and squawking again."Alright, Ikuto, time to work on your swordplay."

"Oh, he's worked a scythe before." I said

"Really? Ok, this should be easier than I thought." She smiled and pulled out a sword quickly from her hip.

"Ready, Bro?" She smirked

"I've been ready since the first time they used me." He grinned

"W-What?" She said, shocked, he used this opportunity to nearly knock her sword out of her hands.

"Very well done, Prince." She smirked and struck again, I watched the two of them fight, and it brought back painful memories of Ikuto fighting with Tadase. I felt tears fall onto my cheeks. I hastily whipped them away, but they had already noticed


"Hmm,? Amu, whats wrong?" Saphria said

"Death Rebel." I muttered

"Oh, Amu, There never going to get me here, that whole incident will never happen again. I swear." He smiled

"Ikuto? Saphria?" I asked them quietly.


"Is Luna your true sister? I said quietly

Luna was a girl in one grade higher than me, she was Ikuto 'sister'. She too had been tortured by Easter. When she cried, or was very sorrowful, That's when X eggs came. They used to trap her in a cage and make her watch her brother, the only one who had shown her any love, ne tortured as Death Rebel.

"..You would have to ask Saphria."

"Hmm Lunatria? That her full name?" Saphria asked


"Then yep! Li'l Lunatria is fer sure our li'l sister! Oh crap, I gotta go get her! Ikuto, Amu, talk amongst yourselves." She quickly said and ran out

"Well, there's yer answer." Ikuto shrugged

"I guess, so do you have horses?" I asked

"Most likely." He shrugged


"ummm, I'll ask my mother, just, shoo arrows or something." He said and went into the castle.

Suddenly another personcame to mind. Tadase-kun.

Fangirl: ehhh? EHHH!?

Ikuto: I live in a castle? I wuv you Amu

Amu:* Blushes*

Fangirl: So I started reading Black Bird again, I FREAKIN LUV THAT MANGA!

Ikuto: You are berry J

Amu:…Thank you?

Fangirl: BERRIES J J J J J J J J!!!!