A/N: Okay so this was written for Izabel Lightwood's The Feeling of Color Challenge. The challenge was to write a fic around a specific color and the feeling that the color represents. My color being light purple and my feeling being romance or nostalgia.
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The candle-lit jack-o-lanterns sent errie flickering shadows dancing on the living room walls of the small cottage. The half-full bowl of candy corn sitting on the coffee table only added to the sweet candy smells floating out of the kitchen. It was only a small taste of the Halloween festivities that were going on outside of their home, but it was all that the small family could safely partake in.

A giggle erupted into the silence. A small boy, with tousled black hair was sitting on his fathers lap, stretching his arms into the air, attempting to grab hold of the toy bat that his father had charmed to fly in circles around them. The father and son looked extraordinarily alike, that is, except for their eyes. While the son's were a bright emerald, the fathers were a soft hazel.

The was a whispering of swishing cotton from the doorway to the room, and the man, James, looked up to see his young wife leaning against the door frame. Her strawberry locks flowing to just past her shoulders, and her emerald eyes, the same eyes of their son, were wide and vulnerable looking. The lavender dress she wore hugged tightly to her small frame, showing off the slight curves of her body -- but James, staring directly into her eyes, hardly noticed this. He stood, the bat and his wand lay forgotten on the sofa, and his son safely snuggled in his arms as he started toward her. She took a step to meet him, wrapped her arms around the two of them, and gently layed her head to rest on his shoulder. James shifted his son to his left arm, and with his right reached up to stroke her long, soft, hair.

"Lily..." he whispered into her hair. They stayed like that, while their son drifted off to sleep between the two of them. The only sound coming from the boys occasional snores.

A raucous crash, coming from the front gate, put an end to the couples breif moment of peace. Quickly, Lily disentangeled herself and ran out into the hall. Seconds later she appeared again, her face pale.

"It's him," her voice was just a hoarse whisper, and her skin seemed to drain of all the remaing color it had as she spoke.

James who had froze at the first sound of disaster, was instantly set into action by her words. He marched toward her deliberately and handed her their son. "I love you," was all he said, his voice loud and clear with the truth of it, but his eyes said something else -- take Harry, get away... stay safe.

She hesitated only for a moment before she closed the distance between them and gave him one last kiss, and then quickly disappeared through the doorway. He could hear her footsteps fading, and new ones growing louder and louder. All too soon, the empty spot where she had stood was replaced with another figure, and had the situation been different James would have laughed out loud at the difference between the two, but as it was....

James reached for his wand just as the figure whipped his own wand out from an inside pocket of his cloak. The movement was so swift that for a moment the figure's arm appeared slightly blurred. In an instant the figure raised his wand, James' attempt at grabbing his own wand for nothing. The figures lips moved, but James scarcely heard the curse that came from his mouth.

A green light flashed, exploding through the room, but in that moment all he saw was purple. At first it was only a soft light that seemed to be emanating from the very center of the green, but it began to grow, quickly, and soon enough it had completely blotted out any traces of green.

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