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No Showing Off, No Pranks

It was after nineteen days, fourteen well planned out, and failed, attempts at winning Lily Evans heart that James Potter began to realize he needed a different approach. It was obvious to him now that showing off was not the way to her heart, and that was when he decided to be on his best behavior – no showing off, no pranks.

The Gryffindor common room was illuminated by a roaring fire in the fireplace, casting playful shadows onto the furniture situated within it.

"James!" Sirius Black called as James Potter descended the stairs of the boy's dormitory and strode into the common room. Looking distracted, James made his way through the crowded room to where Sirius lay sprawled out on one of the biggest sofas situated directly in front of the fire. "Where are you going?"

"The library," said James, to which Sirius immediately burst out in a bout of laughter. "Well, I'm not about to just let you win the bet without even trying am I?"

"Since when is there a book in the library of how to make a girl fall madly in love with you -- or to at least make her not hate you so much?" he asked curiously.

James gave a snort. "Books are not the only things in the library you know?" He said before strolling toward the portrait hole and out into the empty corridor. He walked along, whistling to himself, until he reached the library. He walked in, and there she was, just as he knew she would be. Her red hair falling around her face as she hurriedly took notes.

A smile on his face, James sat at one of the few empty tables left, which just so happened to give him a perfect view for watching his dearest Lily Evans. He opened his bag, pulled out books, quills, and parchment, and laid them out on the table before him. He pulled his potions book close to him, and opened it, turning to the page of the potion they were currently studying. He had an essay do in a couple of days, and figured that if he was going to have to be in the library he might as well use that time to get something done.

But it did not take long before James lost interest and found himself staring over at the lovely red head. He watched her with the all of the interest that he had failed to show to his school work, chuckling slightly at how when she was concentrating really hard she would bite her lip, bringing her face slightly closer to the page.

Suddenly she lifted her head and looked around before her eyes landed on James. A frown pulled at her lips, as James gave her a wide smile. She stood and walked over to him.

"Hello Lily. Can I help you?" he asked glancing down toward his books and paper, as if to say he was incredibly busy.

Lily rolled her eyes. "Can you please just be quiet?" she asked with annoyance thick in her voice, and James realized that he must have been laughing louder than he had realized. He was quiet for a moment before a teasing light entered his eyes.

"Why Lily, what in the world do you mean? I think you are rushing to conclusions, there are plenty of other people here, and you automatically assume it was me," James said smoothly. Lily let out a huff and crossed her arm in front of her chest.

"Oh come off it James, I know it was you! I would recognize the sound of that ridiculous laugh anywhere." James smile grew even bigger. "What?" she snapped.

"You just admitted that you recognize the sound of my voice, which obviously means that—" Lily cut him off.

"The only reason that I recognize your voice James Potter," she sneered his name, looking quite Slytherin-like in the process, "is because you won't leave me alone." She was getting really worked up, and James had to fight not to laugh.

"Say what you will Lily, say what you will." He waved his hand in the air. "But just know that you are fooling no one," he told her with a wink. "But if I'm bugging you that much then I will leave."

"Good," she said before he had even finished speaking, with what was almost a smirk on her face. She turned on her heel and walked gracefully back to her table, the smell of lavender lingering around him even after she was sitting at her own table once more.

James slowly started packing his books and parchment back into his bag, watching Lily as she dove back into her studies. He would have loved to stay, and just watch her for hours on end – she was so much more interesting than anyone could have possibly realized. But he now knew not to push her too far – or farther than he already had – for today.

He stood up, throwing his bag over his shoulder, and with one last glance back at Lily, walked out of the library, feeling as if he had make more progress today than he had in the last few weeks combined.

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