He honestly wondered as he tried his locker combination again why he transferred to Konoha High for his senior year.

He was perfectly all right with the private school he was at up until his friend and roommate, Sasuke Uchiha, informed him over the summer that they were moving and going to go to public school in Konoha.

Apparently he had no say in the matter.

So over his summer Suigetsu Hozuki moved to Konoha back into Sasuke's family's place that had been unlived in since Sasuke left Kohona. The place was cobwebby and dusty. Him and Sasuke cleaned it with the help of Karin and Jugo, who decided to join them at Konoha. Karin, mainly to stalk Sasuke and make sure nobody else 'looked at her man,' while Jugo simply just wanted to be where his friends were.

Suigetsu banged on his locker and cursed when for what seemed the tenth time his locker combo didn't work. He checked the small piece of pink paper in his hand again. 66-2-30.

Suigetsu moved the dial right-left-right and pulled on the lever. Nothing. Suigetsu growled and tried the combo left-right-left. Nothing again. Suigetsu was about to break down the locker door with sheer force when a he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Suigetsu looked down and found a pale-eyed girl, who was wearing an expression of confusion and looking kind of scared.

"Um… E-excuse me, but why are you trying to b-break down my locker?" The pale-eyed girl asked clutching her books to her chest as to shield herself.

"'Cuz this is the locker number I was given." Suigetsu answered shortly at the petite girl.

"A-are you sure? This is locker 127. What does y-yours say?" She boldly continued. She acted for a second if she wanted to reach and take a look at the piece of paper in his hand but refrained from doing so as Suigetsu squinted at the piece of paper.

"It says here Suigetsu Hozuki, locker combo 66-2-30, and locker number… 126." The girl smiled at him as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry about that."

"I-it's okay Suigetsu. It was an honest mistake. Y-you are new here." She said as she whirled the dial of her lock quickly and opened it in less than five seconds. The girl looked at Suigetsu as he stared at the ease she opened the locker to place her books in. "D-don't you want to try to open your locker?" She asked tilting her head.

Suigetsu started as he had been woken up and quickly did the locker combo on his locker. He pulled up on the lever and a satisfying click sounded. He smiled at himself then at the girl beside him and she giggled in return at him.

Just as he was going to ask the girl her name, a loud voice erupted from a brown haired boy who grabbed the girl from behind and twirled her around.

"Hinata! How's it goin'?" Suigetsu twitched as the girl blushed at the actions of the boy as he set her down and looked at him loudly asked, "Who's this guy?"

"Kiba… Why don't you ask him yourself?" Came the soft reply as the girl returned to her search for something in her locker. The boy took the opposite side of Hinata and whirled out a combo on his locker lock and opening his locker before turning to face Suigetsu.

"Kiba Inuzuka, and what's your name?" Kiba held out his hand and Suigetsu reached out his own and shook briefly.

"Suigetsu Hozuki. Hinata was just helping me find my locker."

"Oh. Well that explains it. So what brings you to Kohona High?" Kiba asks as he grabbed a beat up book bag out of his locker. Hinata had another notebook clutched her chest and looked expectantly at Suigetsu as she leaned against her locker.

Suigestu smirked and briefly wondered how this answer was going to fly. "Sasuke Uchiha."

Hinata's eyes enlarged as Kiba laughed.

"Dude, you aren't like… a fan-boy are you?"

"No, I'm a friend. It's cheaper here and he's letting me stay at his house for free so…" Suigetsu shrugged as Kiba quieted down his laughter.

"Sasuke has… come back?" Hinata asked surprised. Suigetsu switch his attention back to the girl.

"Yeah, something about wanting to shut-up a couple of old friends of his. Said he always wanted to graduate from here or something else too." Suigetsu answered off hand shutting his locker.

The three soon discovered they all had the same first period. Suigetsu fell into step with the two old friends as the two decided that their other friend, some guy named Shino, was probably waiting for them in first period.

"So Hinata," Kiba smirked as placed his arm over her shoulders, "How much you wanna bet there's a Naruto yell in about oh…" He looked at the watch on his arm. "Five minutes."

Hinata shook her head. "No thank you Kiba. You know I don't like to bet." Kiba pursed his lips together and then turned to Suigetsu.

"You wanna place a bet?" He asked the pale boy.

"Is this the blonde guy who's really loud by chance?" Suigetsu asked seeing a blonde boy in front of him as he walked into the classroom. He had heard stories before about the blonde headed boy and a pink haired girl. He also had briefly seen a picture of three young kids standing for a photo.

"Yeah! How did you know?" Kiba asked following Suigestu through the door with Hinata close behind.

"Cuz I bet in next few seconds it's going to happen." Suigetsu said as a new voice rose above normal classroom chatter.

"TEME! You're here!" Naruto opened his arms wide in surprise.

Suigetsu, Hinata, Kiba, and the rest of classroom watched as Naruto greeted his old friend. Sasuke looked only slightly annoyed for a second before answering.

"And you're still loud at eight in the morning. Shut up Dope."

"I am not!" Returned the blonde loudly as the rest of class shook their heads.

"Well… I'll be damned. Good guess. Glad I didn't shake on it." Kiba stated as the trio walked over to a boy wearing shades absorbed in reading a book. Suigetsu looked over at Sasuke. He had Karin on one side of him and a pink-haired girl on the other. They were giving each other death glares behind Sasuke's back as Naruto talked to him.

He was NOT going to get in the middle of that cat fight when it broke out. He would mostly likely sell some tickets for it. He wondered how long it the pink-haired one would last against Karin as Kiba slapped the book reading boy on the back.

"Shino! How long have you been here?"

The boy marked the place in his book as Hinata took one side of the shaded boy. Suigetsu took the other side of her since he did not want to get in the middle of the reunion going on between Sasuke and his old pals. Plus he enjoyed the humor her friend spouted off.

"Long enough." Was the reply from Shino. Kiba pulled out the nearest chair and sat down.

"Suigetsu, Shino. Shino, Suigestsu. He lives with Sasuke." Kiba informed Shino as the shaded boy looked at Suigetsu.

"Hello." Shino stated and Suigetsu nodded in return.

Kiba soon took Shino's attention away to talk about something which left Hinata and Suigetsu to themselves. Hinata uncomfortably shifted in her seat and Suigetsu twirled a pencil in his fingers as he looked at her out of the corner of his eye.

"S-so, how do like Konoha so far?" Hinata asked quietly to Suigetsu.

"Well… Honestly?" Hinata nodded. "The companies good." He smiled at the girl as she pinked. "Cute too." He added as Hinata's mouth made an 'O' and she blushed a deeper shade of pink. Suigetsu decided to see if the girl could change to a different shade. "Thanks for the help earlier. I was about to break down the locker."

Poor Hinata simply nodded and closed her mouth because she feared she couldn't speak at the moment. Too much praise at once had robbed her ability to speak.

The new boy winked at her and turned his attention to the front of the class as Iruka-sensei placed his bag on his desk.

Hinata gathered herself. She didn't know what to do. She had never had a boy she didn't know praise her so much and also to tell her she was cute! Hinata was half listening as Iruka told the class to quiet down and to get ready for class to start.

'Senior year was going to be very interesting.' Hinata thought as she began to take notes.

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