Office Conversations about Family Dinners & Appropriate Dinner Conversations

The panic set in at the end of 4th period.

Hinata was taking notes about amoebas and their eating habits, which then reminded her about family dinner. Hinata tapped pen against her lips before she made a note to the side to ask Suigetsu what he liked to eat when she froze.

Suigetsu was coming over to dinner tonight. He was going to meet her father tonight. Neji was even coming to dinner so he was even going to meet him!

Why hadn't I thought this earlier? He's going to meet my highly protective cousin! And he's going to meet Father! Will they like Suigetsu? Will they approve? What if…

Hinata took a deep breath and tried to relax herself before she had a full blown panic attack in front of her classmates. Shino gave her a concerned look but she smiled at him and he nodded before returning his attention. Hinata glanced at the clock. She had five minutes left. She could keep herself together for five minutes then she could go see if Kurenai was in her office for lunch and just talk to her there. She hadn't even told Kurenai her news! Kurenai would help her relax and she would be able to face the rest of the day be able to make it through the dinner- Somehow.


If Kurenai was surprised to see Hinata Hyuuga dash into her office like a crazed woman, she didn't show it. Instead, she just grabbed another mug and filled it with some of the hot tea she had just made. She placed the blue mug in front of the teenager who grabbed it and wrapped her hands around it as she sat in the plush chair. Hinata muttered a thank you before taking a sip of the tea and looking up at Kurenai. Kurenai raised an eyebrow at Hinata as she took a sip of the tea herself.

"I-I just felt the need to come talk to you," Hinata stated. "I haven't talked to you in ages about anything and well, I just need someone to talk to someone."

"You know you can talk to me Hinata," Kurenai answered as she settled back into her chair.

Hinata sighed and clenched her mug tighter. "Well, I now have a boyfriend. Have for five days now. It's Suigetsu." Kurenai nodded thoughtfully and Hinata continued on. "And he's coming to family dinner tonight. And he's going to meet father and Neji for the first time. I'm just afraid that they are going to tell me to stop seeing him or do something utterly embarrassing. I don't know if they will approve or not but I don't see a reason for them not to! He makes me happy and I am well aware of the fact that he was probably involved with the nonsense that happened with Sasuke but I don't care! People deserve second chances and shouldn't be judged for their past mistakes!" Hinata huffed and leaned back into her chair and took a sip of tea.

"Hmmm. You obviously have thought about this before today. Why did you almost have a panic attack?" Kurenai dunked her tea bag a couple of times before taking another sip.

"Because I just realized that it was going to happen tonight and I just panicked." Hinata stated and she slumped a bit. "I want things to go smoothly. For once. It's bad enough when I want to go visit Konan and Nagato at the hospital."

"Have you visited them lately?"

"No, I haven't since the beginning of summer break. I was planning on doing that after the event day next weekend. I just worry that Konan is going to end up being a patient there herself with the way she goes without eating for extended periods of time."

"I doubt the hospital nurses would allow that Hinata." Kurenai comforted before placing her cup on the table. "They are hopeful for Nagato's recovery though."

"Really? Even after these two years?" Hinata looked up.

"His brains been showing more activity and he seems to respond to Konan when she talks to him. It's quite remarkable." Kurenai drummed her fingers. "Hinata, I know you wish for them to have a clean slate, but that maybe impossible."

"Nothing's impossible. If anything, I thought the matter was decided that Nagato and Konan were in the same boat as Sasuke." Hinata threw her hands in the air, her mug was on the desk in front of her. "I didn't mean to go off there. Sorry."

"It's okay Hinata. So Suigetsu? He's one of boys that lives with Sasuke correct?" Hinata nodded with a smile. "Why don't you tell me more about him. All I have heard about him is from Iruka."

Hinata nodded and began to tell her favorite teacher and surrogate mother about the boy in her life. Kurenai smiled and noticed that Hinata was more relaxed now and listened to the story of how the two first met.


Shikamaru had learned at a very young age not to tell Ino his opinion about her conspiring ideas about her either seducing Sasuke, (which he still wanted to know how she had planned to do that at the age of 6) or hooking up her best girlfriend with a 'good guy' or any of her meddling. Ino wanted to know everything. And sometimes to get the truth, she had told a lie or two. Chouji usually just nodded with what Ino said while Shikamaru would give his two cents before Ino would launch into her description of her plan. With the failure of her second attempt to make Sakura happy, (the first was encouraging her to pursue Sasuke after many years of telling her to give up), Ino seemed to be at a loss at what to do and had simply been for the past days being supportive of Sakura and not plotting anything.

It amused him. He tilted his head to look at his blonde friend who was waving her hands to describe something and Sakura was giving her a bemused look in return. Sakura caught him looking and gave him a small smile and an eye roll before returning her attention back to Ino. Sakura and him had been having this exchange for a few years now. Ino had never noticed.

Shikamaru turned his attention to the other end of the table which had been a source quiet rumors and interesting interactions. He had been interested when Hinata and Suigetsu had been talking without her fainting or being scared of him. It seemed since the first day of school Hinata and the pale boy had a connection that no one else had known about. Also the fact that there were talks of the Uchiha and Hyuuga doing collaboration for medical equipment and other devices had not escaped his notice. That was the only reason both Hinata and Sasuke were gone on Friday mornings were to attend those meetings. He had sneered at the rumors of Hinata and Sasuke having a relationship. He knew of the family history and knew the only reason Hinata did not fall underneath the Uchiha's allure was because she had known the boy since they were little and thought of him as brother like she did with all the other males who were her friends.

Of course, the events of years past seemed to have changed Sasuke into a more brooding figure than ever, which increased the twittering among the younger students who had never been around him before. Shikamaru's brow creased when he realized when the Hyuuga was not in her now usual spot between Shino and Suigetsu. The two in question were conversing. Suigetsu had a worried look while Shino was explaining something. Now, that he thought about it, Hinata had looked a bit panicked when he had seen her heading towards Kurenai's offices like hounds were on her heels. The only times Hinata confided in with his pseudo aunt was when she was stressed and needed someone to help her sort out her feelings.

He wouldn't lie and say that he was present for a couple of them, hidden. Hinata though, always seemed to know he was there and would invite him in after a few minutes had passed. She was different than the bright and loud girls that were her classmates. She was accepting while the other two had a tendency to mock or giggle at an odd saying or action.

Troublesome. He had been looking in their direction too long. Shino and Suigetsu looked towards him. Suigetsu raised an eyebrow in a blatant what the hell do you want look while Shino's face was curious. Shikamaru sighed as he sat up. He was just getting comfortable too.

"She was headed towards Kurenai's office when I last saw her."

Shino nodded in understanding while Suigetsu looked at him blankly. Kiba now joined the conversation and the three were in a conversation about the two and what Hinata could possibly what to talk to Kurenai about when she had her after lunch. Shikamaru shook his head and cast a look at the trio that was on the other side of them. The Karin girl was intently listening to conversation as she picked at her food. The big guy, Jugo, seemed to be ignorant of the conversation and was simply eating. Sasuke though had a smirk on his face like he knew what exactly the Hyuuga need to talk to Kurenai about. Shikamaru fought the urge to strangle the Uchiha.

What right did he have to know more about the situation than the rest of them? Sasuke looked his way and his smirk widened and looked like grin. Shikamaru narrowed his eyes and Sasuke gave a shrug with the grin still going.

Blasted Uchiha, Shikamaru cursed as he left the table to head to Kurenai's office. He hadn't talked to her either in a while. He would learn the reason for the damn smirk and wipe it off Sasuke's face. The bastard hadn't been around all but a couple weeks. He had no right to be more in the know than him.


Hinata paused in the middle of story to turn towards the opening door to Kurenai's classroom. Kurenai brow furrowed before it smoothed when she saw Shikamaru enter. The relaxed youth moseyed over to over to the office and knocked lightly before peaking his head in.

"Hey, am I interrupting?" The Nara slouched slightly with his hands in his pockets as he looked at the two in front of him.

"Maybe," Hinata answered with a smile and Shikamaru took that as an invitation to sit in the other chair in Kurenai's office. "What brings you here?"

"I wanted to ask if I was next on the babysitting schedule," Shikamaru lied as he settled into the chair. "It's been awhile."

Kurenai nodded thoughtfully while hiding a smirk. "Well I believe you are next on the schedule then there's an off weekend because of the sports day. Do you think you can handle your god child until then?"

"I don't know. You and Asuma are the two decided to have teenagers as godparents." Shikamaru lobbed back as Hinata giggled. He noticed her was clutching what he designated as her mug. She looked much less stressed and panicked. He was correct then in assuming she needed to talk to Kurenai, but about what?

"Which we maintain today was a wonderful choice," Kurenai retorted with her reddish-brown eyes laughing. "Are you here for anything besides checking the babysitting schedule or do you want to talk to Hinata about something?" Shikamaru didn't start as his 'aunt' asked that question and directed Hinata's curious attention towards him completely.

"I just wanted to tell her that her friends were worried at lunch and since I last saw her head this direction I wanted to see if she did come to talk to you or had been stolen away by aliens."

"Oh, I guess I did bolt out of the classroom without telling Shino where I was headed." Hinata tapped the side of her mug. "Sorry about that."

Shikamaru shook his head. "Nothing to apologize for. Next time just tell your 'brothers' that you are going to talk to Kurenai."

"Just Shino and Kiba were worried?" There was a slight frown to Hinata's features.

"I include Uchiha in that now that he's here, though, that guy Suigetsu seemed interested as well since he was debated with Shino for a bit." Hinata perked up at Suigetsu's name and the frown disappeared.

"Oh really? I have been over a couple times to Sasuke's. I've talked to him." Shikamaru spared Kurenai a glance, who looked like she was trying not to laugh. That was it. He was going to ask out right.

"Yes really," He stated. "Of course, the reason you would be over at Sasuke's wouldn't have to deal with Suigetsu would it?" Hinata blushed and ducked her head. "What secrets are you keeping this time?"

Hinata tilted her head and blinked at him, "I don't know what you are talking about Shikamaru. Are you trying to tell me something?"

Gah. Of course she would pull that look. It was the look she pulled when she was keeping a secret and intended to keep it until she deemed it shouldn't be a secret. The thing was, Hinata usually stayed quiet until the person themselves told the secret. She wore that look when classmates asked her how Naruto had responded to her in the hospital. She wore that look when the new about Sasuke broke out. And he had asked if she had keep in contact with the Uchiha. He just shook his head and cast a pleading look towards Kurenai who had a 'concerned' look on her face.

Females, always so troublesome. And he was getting this from Kurenai and Hinata. He rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Fine. Don't tell me," Shikamaru sighed. Hinata giggled and gave him a contrite look.

"You will find out soon anyway. Kiba's betting on Ino getting wind of it and exposing me. While Shino," Hinata shrugged as she finished off her tea. "He believes I will expose myself." Kurenai chuckled.

"That's because of your blush my dear." Hinata blushed and Shikamaru smirked. Kurenai glanced up at the clock. "Now the class will start in five minutes so I would say start heading to your class Shikamaru and Hinata would you help me set up?" The teens nodded and rose from their chairs. Hinata went to place her empty mug on the counter and while Shikamaru headed out the door.

He grabbed her wrist and tugged gently her. Hinata looked up and Shikamaru looked down at her. "You know you can tell me."

"I know. I just like the feeling that I and only a few people know." She smiled slyly. "If you drop by my locker at the end of school I think you will be more in the know." Shikamaru shook his head.

"Fine. I will see you at the end of school."

"Bye Shikamaru," She replied. Shikamaru acknowledge her with a motion and headed off toward biology. He was going to over analyze every action of his fellow god parent since school started.

And all he had wanted to do was observe everyone at lunch.


Suigetsu was concerned as he headed back towards his locker before swim practice. Hinata hadn't shown up for lunch and that ponytail guy, Shikamaru, said she had headed towards Kurenai's office, who Shino explained to be some pseudo mother / mentor to Hinata. He took a drink from his water bottle and turned the corner. Hinata stood by her locker looking into it while biting her lip. She hadn't noticed him. He avoided Pinky as she slammed her locker shut and headed towards the locker rooms. He cast a glanced around before placing a kiss on Hinata's cheek. Hinata jumped and blushed as she realized it was Suigetsu.

"Suigetsu! You scared me!" He shrugged and whirled his combination.

"You know you like it." He tossed back at her playfully.

"And how would you know that?" She questioned back as she quietly shut her locker. Suigetsu placed his bag into the locker before shutting it. He turned to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She mirrored the action.

"Because if you didn't you would have whirled around and slapped me," He cheekily replied as he kissed her forehead. "At least that is the experience I have had."

"Oh? And do you go around kissing a lot of girls on their cheeks?" Hinata asked .

"Oh ya. Totally." He paused and watched his girlfriend's eyes enlarge. "When I was six." Hinata huffed and swatted him on the arm. "Hey now! Not my fault. My brother encouraged me." Whoa buddy. Bringing up the dead older brother? Sasuke doesn't even know he existed.

"Brother? Suigetsu you have a bro-"

"So this is what was causing Sasuke to smirk during lunch." The bored tone made Suigetsu pull Hinata closer as he turned to face the same guy from lunch. "Figures."

"What does that mean?" Suigetsu's tone was a little harsher than he intended. Hinata turned so she no longer faced his chest but Shikamaru.

"Nothing really," bored eyes glanced over them as he shrugged. "Just glad that Hinata found someone she could be herself with and not think of as a brother."

This was an act. Suigetsu could see it in the guy's posture. He had noticed how the lazy guy in their class had decent grades and asked challenging questions during class. Hinata had spoken to him a couple of times. But he hung out with Blondie. Which made him suspicious.

"I don't think of everyone as a brother," Hinata grumbled under her breath and Suigetsu chuckled.

"So he's the annoying uncle?" Suigetsu quipped and Hinata giggled. Ponytail rolled his eyes before giving a parting wave.

"See you later Hinata. Suigetsu."

"Bye Shikamaru." Hinata called as they watched him leave.

"That was weird," Suigetsu commented as he placed his chin on Hinata's head.

"Well Shikamaru sees a lot and makes his own conclusions. They are usually right." Hinata glanced up at him.

"Oh really?" Suigetsu asked the two began to walk toward the locker room.

"Yes." She replied as they turned the corner. "So excited for dinner?"

"Heck ya. I couldn't turn down a home cooked meal." Hinata giggled. "What about you?" He looked over at her. Hinata was biting her lip. Suigetsu stopped her and stood in front of her. "Hey now, it's my job to be nervous. You are supposed to be full of blinding optimism that your family will love me and it's me who has to worry about whether or I will be able to have kids." She cracked a small smile.

"Sorry. It's just my first time bringing someone home to meet my dad and Neji at the same time. It's nerve wracking. I don't even know how Hanabi is going to act and I'm just worried that something awful is going to happen."

"If you think that, it will. Stick with the optimism. It will irritate Hanabi more." Hinata pursed her lips at him. "What? It will. And don't older siblings try their damnedest to make their younger siblings suffer in some way?"

"I guess."

"It will. We'll talk about it more after practice okay. I'll convince you it is the right path to take." Geez I could do a lot with that statement.

"As long as you make it worthwhile," Hinata replied with a playful look in her eyes.

"Oh I plan on it." He responded as he tipped up her chin briefly before he headed toward his locker. Swim practice was going to take forever but it would be worth it.


Hinata had taken his words to heart. She was bubbly and hopeful and her cousin and her sister didn't know what to make of her. Suigetsu felt like patting himself on the back. After he was invited into the house by a guy that had to be Neji or there was another male relative Hinata hadn't told him about, (which he doubted) Hinata came rushing up to him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before dragging him into the kitchen with her to stir the spaghetti sauce. She claimed it was part of the program she was placing him in so he knew his way around the kitchen. He nodded and followed her instructions while she placed dough on baking sheets and placed them into the oven.

Hanabi spied on them for a while, claiming she had to make sure no shenanigans happened while they were making dinner. Neji eventually dragged her away by telling her to set the table leaving them alone.

"So holdin' up there Sunshine?" He asked from his position of slowly stirring the red sauce.

Hinata glanced up from stirring the pasta with a small smile, "Sunshine?"

He shrugged, "It fits. So are you holdin' up?"

"Good. What you told me made me realized I was more nervous than you. You seemed to take all of this in stride. Especially when I asked you to dinner. You didn't think it was odd or anything. I'm grateful for that."

"Meh. Figured meet my girlfriend's father should be next on the list of things to do. It's the least I could do." Hinata continued to smile from her spot stirring watching the noodles get softer.


"No problem. Now how is this again going to help me gain access to the stove back home?" Suigetsu asked he leaned against the counter top next to the stove.

"Well you proved you can stir without adding anything and it not blowing it up… So I consider that a good thing." Hinata smirked.

Suigetsu's jaw dropped and held his hands over his heart. "That hurts. My girlfriend is now on my friend's side of things. I'm surprised I'm not bleeding from your sharp wit."

"I'm sure it takes more than one comment from me to make you bleed." Hinata was satisfied with the noodles and turned off the hit and turned to look at her boyfriend.

"Ah! A second hit!"

Giggles erupted from Hinata and she tried to school her features before retorting one last time. "Oh good sir, you flatter yourself too much if you think I care."

"Alas! My fair lady has mortally wounded me. Goodbye cruel world!" Suigetsu fell back into Hinata who caught him while shaking her head. "Ah my lady, you are so kind to escort me away."

"Don't make me drop you." She stated seriously and then giggled ending the mood as Suigetsu stood up straight. "I would really hate for you to miss out on the awesome meal you helped me prepare."

"I would too."

Hinata smiled brightly at him before quickly putting the colander in the sink then her boiling pot of noodles. "Things should be done shortly!" She carefully poured the steaming water into the porous bowl placed the empty pot back on the stove top. Hinata shook out the colander to get the excess water out them put the noodles back into the pot.

She felt Suigetsu wind his arms around her and she leaned back against him. He kissed the top of her head and she mussed that they always stole kisses from each other. On the cheek or top of the head. It was a simple gesture system and she liked it. It showed their affections without being full on PDA that other couples seemed to participate in. She hummed in contentment. Things were going well. She was hopeful right now that dinner would go smoothly and that her boyfriend wouldn't run away screaming.

"You aren't letting the food burn are you?" Hinata jumped out of her boyfriend's arms and spun around quickly to see an amused Neji with his head peering around the corner. "Because if it did burn you would have to explain to uncle that you were pre-occupied." Hinata felt her face heat and Suietsu's hand was at the small of her back.

"Naw. We're almost done. Waiting on the breadsticks aren't we Hinata?" Suigetsu stated calmly. He lived with Karin for Heaven's Sake. Neji Hyuuga would not intimidate him.

"Y-yes." She glanced over her shoulder. "Less than five minutes left. Would you tell Father?" Neji nodded and Hinata went to inspect the oven. Neji glance over at Suigetsu who was looking at him with a smug expression as he leaned against the counter.

"See ya at the table."

"Hm. Yes."


He really didn't know whether to be excused to use the bathroom or to begin laughing hysterically. He supposed the hysterical laugher would have been too much and his hysterical laugh always bordered on maniacal anyway but damn.

Hanabi had to be the biggest little shit sister. And she knew it from the grin she was sporting as she calmly waited for her sister to answer her question.

But seriously. Who in their right mind would pose the question 'You are using protection right?' at the dinner table with their father? Apparently his girlfriend's sister.

"We will when we get to that stage Hanabi. But the better question isare you being safe? Konohamaru isn't pressuring you or anything right?" Ahhh that's the reason she's my girlfriend. He thought as he squeezed his girlfriend's leg underneath the table. Even though her cheeks were tinted pink and mortified at the thought of her sister even thinking of answering such a question, she had pulled through and turned the tables on her. This is the Hinata that was underneath the surface, the sharp witted girl who would trick to get what she wanted.

He thanked every deity out there that she was on his side and wasn't planning on becoming a masked villain, just helping her families company succeed in the business world.

Damn. Now she was sounding like Batman. Though Sasuke would fit that role better. He thought. He was angsty and crap back when we first met. He could have pulled off Bruce Wayne then. Then that would make Karin Barbara and would I be Nightwing and Jugo Robin? What would Hinata be then? Or could we be Joker and Harley? Hmmmm. Suigetsu was startled by a poke to his side. Hinata had a concerned look on her face. He smiled and mouthed 'Tell you later' at her and went back to devouring the spaghetti in front of him.

Delicious. His girlfriend was an amazing cook.

Hinata simply shook her head. Her boyfriend had the most particular face on when she had poked him. At least he would tell her later. Hanabi was still looking at Hinata in horror. Deserves her right for trying to stir up trouble at the dinner table. Everyone had been polite. Father had only asked the basic questions and Neji was suspiciously quiet on his side of the table. Though he looked like he deciding whether to laugh or to continue with his smooth façade. His eyes though gave him away as he caught hers and he shook his head in mirth. Hinata felt proud of herself that she tossed that comment back at her sister. Her father raised an eyebrow at her and she blushed before he turned his interested gaze on her sister.

She was hopeful that maybe Hanabi might get a talk from their Father about what the only thing guys want. Hinata felt that her father was getting lax with the hard edged father routine with Konohamaru. Maybe that would change and father would bring out the katana.

He hadn't for a while now. Hinata grinned down at her plate. This dinner was turning out much better than she thought it was going too. She sighed content and felt that maybe this night wouldn't be so bad after all.

"So Hinata, are you planning on going to visit Konan soon? You haven't seen her recently."

Or not. Hinata closed her eyes. She hadn't brought up Konan and Nagato yet because she had only known Suigetsu for almost three weeks and then only been dating him for one. And how did one actually bring up the fact to your boyfriend that you help the guy who stabbed you and his girlfriend pay medical bills.

"Yes. Hanabi I am. I haven't seen her since the beginning of the summer. Why do you ask?" She tried so hard not to clench her teeth through her statement. Tears began to prick the back of her eyes. Oh Hanabi why are you being this way now? I thought I only had to worry about Neji and Father tonight.

Her sister shrugged innocently. "Just wondering. It's nearing that time. That's all."

Oh yes. Going with the concerned sister routine. Of course.

"Thank you for caring so much Hanabi." She saw Neji wince. Guess I sounded a little bitter there. Well remind me to bring up her skeletons the next time her boyfriend comes over.

"So are you ready for the competition Hinata?" Suigetsu asked calmly after there had been a lull after the terse words as he broke a bread stick. "It looks to pretty interesting. Don't you have to dive against that Haku kid?"

Hinata wanted to tackle her boyfriend and kiss him into oblivion. "Yes. I'm excited. Haku had a special trick that everyone keeps talking about. I haven't heard anything about besides its awe inspiring. What about you? The swim team has been training pretty hard. You think the relays will go well?"

Suigetsu settled back into his chair, "I think so because I'm in it."

Hinata grinned and saw the corner of her cousin and her father turn up in amusement. "Well of course. It's always good to have that confidence."

"Yes. You should give some to Hinata." She shot a glare towards her cousin. "What? You always find a way to fault yourself."

"I haven't been able to see Hinata in action. It always seems like I either see her climbing up or already in pool, but since she's my girlfriend, I think she's pretty awesome sight unseen."

Neji nodded.

"I will be sure to catch your races after Hinata dives then next weekend. See if your expectations are met," Hiashi commented as he took a sip of his water. "I'm sure the competition will be fierce, not to mention the sports activities beforehand."

Suigetsu gapped a bit at his girlfriend's father before answering, "Thank you. I appreciate it."

"No thanks needed. I'm always interested in how Hinata's classmates and friends are doing. We are a fairly tight knit group here in Konoha." Hiashi waved it off as not being a big deal but Suigetsu could tell from Hinata's reaction that she was touched by her father's attitude.

"So Neji, Hanabi was telling me that you have, what she described as a new squeeze. Are her suspicions correct? Or is the college bug getting to you?" Hinata giggled as Neji shot his youngest cousin a glare who decided that she needed to finish her supper. Suigetsu sat back and smiled a little.

Family dinners, they were entertaining for sure.


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