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Chapter 3

Later that night, Justin finally pulled into the driveway of the penthouse his family owned, after catching a bite to eat with his friends, and then dropping them back at the base where their cars were.

He was tired and happy to be home. He ran a hand through his short hair before unbuckling his seatbelt (his mother had him in the habit of wearing) and opening the car door. He left the door opened as he traveled to the trunk of the huge SUV. He retrieved the duffle bag full of merchandise, closed the trunk, and traveled back to his open car door. He took of his suit jacket and firearms and placed them where they had been that morning, and then finally he closed the door and began walking towards the front door of the large penthouse.

He opened the door, using the keys he'd already had out, and entered the house. He immediately noticed his mother and father, sitting at the dining room that surpassed the large living room of the house.

"Justin! Finally you're home!" his mother exclaimed happily. His father looked up and smiled as well. "Dinner's in the kitchen; I made lasagna!" Theresa Russo practically chirped.

Justin eyed the woman, whom was sitting on his father's lap, by the looks of it, feeding him apple pie and drinking white wine. Those two really did exercise PDA a little too much…

"Thanks mom," Justin replied. "But I already ate with the guys." He explained an apologetic look on his face. He knew how much his mother enjoyed cooking for her family.

"Justin" the Mexican woman admonished.

"I know mom. I'm sorry." Justin apologized. "But I'm a growing man, I eat, and eat, and eat." He smiled at his mother. "I'll be down later for some of your famous lasagna." He assured the brown haired woman.

"Okay." His words seemed to satisfy his mother, whom went back to feeding his father the delicious looking apple pie.

Jerry closed his eyes before saying, "Mmm. Each bite gets better and better." He smiled up at his wife whom wiped a couple of crumbs away from his mouth.

"It'd be even better if you managed to keep it all in your mouth." She teased and Jerry merely looked up at her and smiled, a happy look in his eyes, love.

"Ahem." Justin cleared his throat, hating to interrupt his parent's moment, but there was business that had to be taken care of.

His parents both looked over at him in question and Justin apologetically held up the duffle bag in his hand.

A look of realization crossed his father's face and Jerry cleared his throat as well.

"Right" he said a gruff voice. "I'd almost forgotten." He spoke before softly patting Theresa's upper thigh. She rose from his lap but her hands soon found their way to her hips as she stared at her husband admonishing.

"Handle your business Jerry but remember, you promised to watch "Wuthering Heights" with me." She reminded, a stern look on his face.

Jerry scrunched his nose up in a look of slight disgust at the thought of the romance movie but he still smiled non the less, though it came out looking more like a grimace.

"I remember." He told her before reaching out, grasping her chin softly and bringing her to him for a soft chaste kiss. "Go ahead and get it ready; I won't be long." Jerry told his wife, voice low and husky.

"Really gotta tone down on the PDA." Justin muttered to himself, looking away from the sight of his parents, a look of disgust on his face.

"What Justin?" his father questioned, breaking away from his mother.

"Nothing" Justin muttered before grabbing Jerry's arm and moving him away from his wife and over towards his at home office, which was located to the right of the front door, across the living room.

After a few steps in the right direction, Justin dropped his father's arm but continued towards the office his father used. His father was staring at him with an amused and knowing smirk on his face, which made Justin think that Jerry knew exactly what he had said moments ago. Justin rolled his eyes at this realization before stepping into his father's office, after his father.

"Alright; let's see the merch." Jerry spoke, and Justin in turn placed the duffle bag onto the mahogany desk and unzipped it, watching his father as he peered at its contents.

Jerry counted and inspected the powdery drug inside of the yellow duffle.

"Looks like every thing's here." He spoke, more to himself than to Justin. "A little farewell gift for Kelbo." Jerry explained, looking up at his son.

Justin nodded silently before re-zipping the bag.

He looked up to find his father's eyes trained on him, watching him. Justin could tell that the other man wanted to tell him something, and the look he was giving him was rather unnerving, but Justin was silent and waited patiently for his dad to speak.

"I'm sorry about earlier, son." Jerry finally spoke up, eyes sincere as he looked at his son. "I didn't mean to be so harsh; things are really starting to get out of hand though, you have to understand that." The Italian continued a solemn look on his face.

Justin's heart warmed. This was his father. This was the father he knew. You must understand now that Jerry Russo had two roles in Justin's life: his boss and his father, mafia boss and family man. Both were good men, but Justin was always happy to spend time and talk to his father, just his father.

At his father's words, Tristan's words from earlier flooded his mind and settled there, like they often did. He had been right. Justin was wrong; his father had no reason to apologize for his actions.

"Dad it's fine." Justin spoke up, eyes moving from the ground, up to his dad. "You're right. The fighting is getting out of hand. I am gonna stop." He told the other man, nodding his head for emphasis.

Jerry's chest swelled with pride at his son's words. He was finally taking responsibility for his actions and not lashing out. Jerry had never been more proud.

"You know son, one day this'll all be yours." The Italian spoke, placing an arm around Justin's shoulder as the two walked towards the door of the office.

Justin couldn't help the wide smile that spread on his face. His father had never said these words to him before.

"What Kelbo and I built up, his Miami empire, and my New York empire that have merged to become the strongest Mafia family on the East Coast." Jerry continued, smiling proudly at the thought of all he and his brother had done. "It'll all be yours and Vince's, that is if you want it." He added.

"Are you kidding? Of course." Justin said, stopping in his tracks and smiling happily at his father, a shocked look on his face.

"It won't be any time soon now!" Jerry chuckled at his son's happy reaction, removing his arm from his shoulder and stopping as well. "I don't plan on retiring till a long time, but someday…this will all be yours." He smiled.

"And I won't let you down dad. I promise." Justin spoke, feeling the need to reassure his dad of his decision.

"I know you won't Justin." Jerry told the young man before continuing to the office door. "I'm proud of you son. You're doing great things for the family, making us a lot of money, not to mention you've been keeping that brother of yours out of trouble." He spoke.

"Where is the little trouble maker, by the way?" Justin wondered aloud, thinking of his brother who was adamant about joining the family business and was constantly getting into trouble as he came up with new ways to prove that he was a worthy candidate for membership.

"Spending the night at one of his new friend's house." Jerry informed, rolling his eyes as he said so.

"On our last night in Florida?" Justin questioned incredulously.

"You're mom's decision." Jerry explained.

"That you agreed to." Justin added knowingly as the two exited the office.

"Hey! You get married to a beautiful woman and then tell me how easy it is for you to say 'no' to her!" Jerry argued.

Justin only shook his head, an amused expression on his face as he walked over to the stairs that were directly next to the office, his father heading towards the kitchen where Justin heard his mother moving around.

"I'll never be that whipped." the 17 year old informed, before taking the steps two at a time.

"Oh we'll see about that." He heard his father scoff incredulously as he continued up the steps.

His father really was pitiful sometimes. Pussy whipped for sure. Justin thought to himself. That'll never be me. No one will ever have that kind of control over me...

Justin was in a particularly good mood now. The conversation he'd had with his father about the business, had him on cloud nine. His sleepy state was now gone and he was wide awake and feeling restless.

On his way to his room, he paused in front of Alex's slightly closed door.

He was bored. There was nothing to do in his room really, except pack for their early flight the next morning…annoy Alex it is. Justin thought to himself before opening and entering his sister's room.

He closed the door behind him before walking over to and sitting down at the desk, across from Alex's bed.

"You should really get a desk in your bedroom at home, maybe then you'll actually be inspired to do some work." Justin announced before leaning back in the computer chair, placing his hands behind his head and getting comfortable.

He looked over at Alex whom was lying in the middle of her bed, head resting against her headboard, white dress abandoned for a red tank and short black shorts. She had barely spared him a glance upon his entrance into her room and was flipping nonchalantly through a magazine, headphones in her ear, music so loud that Justin could easily hear every lyric, even from his spot across the room.

Slowly Alex brought her eyes away from what she called "literature" and carelessly settled them onto her brother, whom was staring at her from where he sat, moving side to side in her computer chair.

The brunette teen slowly removed the earphones out of her ear, which Justin could still clearly hear Adele's "Chasing Pavements" blaring out of, and sent a pointed look her brother's way.

"Oh hey Alex. How was your day? Mine? Fine. May I come into your room?" she rattled off, voice dripping with sarcasm as she lazily eyed her brother, thinking with disdain and a slight disturbance about how their roles had changed since Justin had joined the Mafia. He was now barging into her room unannounced…not that she hadn't stopped barging into his room, but he wasn't supposed to barge into hers! It was like they were in some kind of bizarre alternate universe.

"The door was opened." Justin shrugged, uncommitted.

"Um…knock. Knock maybe? Is it that hard?" Alex asked, sitting up straighter in her bed, disbelief on her face at her brother's careless response; he was developing more of her characteristics by the day; she wasn't sure she liked it.

"You of all people should know the answer to that question." Justin deadpanned.

He couldn't help but smile, eyes sparkling mischievously at his witty comeback. Take that, girl who acts like she'd rather be ran over by a Mack truck than, heaven forbid, have to knock on my door!

Alex glared at her brother, annoyed by the fact that he'd come up with a good comeback, something that was getting more common for him, much to Alex's dismay, but this also made their arguments more interesting and stimulating.

"I never knock on your door!" she argued. "You know that?! It's a known cycle. But what you're doing is just wrong!" she spat, and Justin sat up straighter in his seat.

"Oh, and nothing's wrong with barging into my room unannounced? I could be naked." He returned, at which Alex scoffed.

"You wish I would walk in on you naked." She spoke, rolling her eyes. "Sorry to disappoint though, nobody wants to see your small package."

"Don't talk about what you've never seen." Justin warned and the smirk on his face made Alex decisively steer their conversation away from the path it was going down.

"Just knock next time, okay doofus?" she told him, scrunching her face slightly and smiling sarcastically at him.

"Maybe" Justin shrugged, "We'll see."

Alex scowled and Justin loved it. For some reason, he found angry/annoyed Alex (especially one whom he'd caused to feel those emotions) very pleasing and entertaining.

"What the heck happened to my respectful and responsible brother?!" the brunette asked the heavens, looking up at the ceiling of her room, a questioning look on her face as she truly wondered who this maddening man in front of her was.

"You need to start packing for our flight in the morning." Justin suddenly informed. "There. See? Responsible." He said.

Alex rolled her eyes in response.

"I'll just pack last minute like I always do." She explained, as if it were the most obvious thing.

"For once it would be nice to see you do better packing than just tossing every thing into your suit case and then forcing it closed by getting Max to sit on top of it.

"No matter how tough and bad you are, you will always be the same Justin." Alex spoke. Why her words made her smile, she didn't quite know. Perhaps she was happy that her brother would always be the geek she'd always known him to be, though admittedly a tough, and manly geek.

"Just go ahead and pack, will ya?" Justin ignored his sister's comment and massaged the back of his neck, which had been bothering him ever since his almost fight with Smitty.

Alex eyed her brother. He was never one to ignore an insult, especially one from her.

She dropped her magazine and emerged from her bed, making her way over to her brother, a slightly concerned, slightly amused look on her face. Justin watched her.

"What's wrong baby?" she purred softly.

"Alex." Justin admonished. He hated it when she called him pet names such as this, it was a way she teased him, and that's exactly what it was to Justin: a tease.

"Sorry" Alex mumbled before coming to stand in front of her brother and looking down at him. "Long day?" she asked.

"You have no idea." Justin mumbled, looking around his sister's room as he thought about the talk with his father at the base, back to his almost fight with Smitty, and to his run in with the Sinatra family cronies at the docks.

Alex leaned into Justin's back and gently rested her hands on his shoulders. Justin jumped slightly, having not noticed Alex moving to the back of his chair; he soon relaxed under her touch though.

She rubbed his shoulders slightly.

"Damn, Justin you're so tense." She spoke softly.

Justin closed his eyes at the feather light voice.

"I told you, long day." He mumbled but soon quieted as he felt his sister rub his shoulders once more. She began to massage them.

"Mmm, thanks. That feels great." Justin mumbled at the contact, enjoying the way her touch warmed his skin with its firm, yet delicate pressure.

Alex didn't say any thing; she merely continued to massage his tense shoulders, relaxing him with each movement.

After a few more quiet moments, Justin spoke again.

"Can't believe tonight is our last night in Florida." He spoke, voice quiet for reasons unknown to him.

"Yeah. Me neither." Alex sighed in agreement, hands still moving over Justin's shoulders. "I wasn't expecting the Botticelli case to calm down so quickly." She said, bringing up the very reason for their escape/vacation to Florida.

"I don't think any body was." Justin mumbled, feeling his skin grow hotter as Alex moved from his shoulders up to his neck. She merely caressed the back of his neck softly for a few seconds before pressing her fingers deeper and massaging the area.

"Damn, Alex that feels so good, you have no idea." Justin groaned out, literally feeling his tenseness and stresses of the day slipping away.

"I have skills." He heard his sister whisper.

"Yeah" Justin answered before thinking. "I mean…" he sputtered and Alex laughed her infamous throaty laugh.

"My gosh, Justin Russo I believe I am having quite the effect on you." She spoke, bending down, wrapping her arms around his neck and moving until her head was slightly touching his cheek as she glanced sideways at him, a knowing smile on her face.

"In your dreams." Justin muttered, glancing quickly at her before fixing his eyes on the wall ahead.

"Hmph" Alex let out a slightly amused sound before moving back into a straight upright position and continuing her massage.

"I think I'm actually going to miss Miami." The brunette sighed, fingers moving on Justin's neck.

"Yeah it has that effect on you." Justin replied, matter-of-factly. He heard his sister scoff in reply.

"It has that effect on you." She mocked, voice taking on a deep, droning tone. "Don't get cocky just because you fly out here all the time for "business.""

Justin couldn't help but smile at the typical Alex response.

"Someone's a hater." The 17 year old replied. "And I think we all know who I'm talking about…you." He informed in total Justin fashion.

"Yeah, but my feelings towards you are no mystery." Alex deadpanned, finger's momentarily stilling on Justin's neck; he could practically see her careless shrug.

"Okay, ruining the massage." He announced, trying to block out his sisters words and focus on the blissful feeling her massage was giving him.

"Yeah yeah." Alex droned. "Just don't forget who's giving you the massage." She reminded.

"Thanks Alex." Justin droned in response; he'd do about any thing at that point to keep his sister from stopping her effective actions.

"Those words are not said often enough…" Alex mused aloud to herself as she continued her ministrations.

"You know some more words that are not said often enough?" Justin questioned and could practically see the eye roll his sister was doing at his words.

"What? Alex you're a genius and I'd be lost without you?" the brunette ventured.

"Thanks Justin." The 17 year old spoke, ignoring his sister's previous comment.

"What would I thank you for?" the Latina/Italian princess questioned, hands stilling once more on Justin's skin.

"Um gee, I don't know. How about getting Harper down here for you to spend this past weekend with?!" Justin questioned incredulously.

"That was dad." Alex deadpanned after a couple of moments of silence. "And thank God he did that. I was about bored out of my brains without her." Alex groaned in remembrance of the previous two weeks her family had spent in Miami.

"Gee thanks." Justin spoke, slightly deflated, and sarcastic. "And here I thought I was doing an alright job keeping you occupied." he said, frowning slightly.

"You work all the time Justin." Alex responded, lightly bopping Justin on the head with her right hand and moving to stand in front of him.

"Feel better now?" she questioned, sitting on the edge of her bed and looking Justin over.

"Yeah" he spoke, rolling his shoulders back several times, feeling more relaxed than he had in a while. Alex nodded her head in response before continuing on with their previous conversation as if she had never interrupted it.

"You did your best J, but I needed a friend, a girl friend." She spoke, voice dripping with over exaggerated and sarcastic sympathy as she reached forward and tapped his knee lightly, an empathetic look on her face.

"Well if you didn't have the attention span of a peanut." Justin grumbled, looking across at his sister as she settled back onto her bed, moving to the head board and resting her head on it.

"Not my fault you're boring." The brunette returned, at which Justin huffed indignantly.

"And it's not my fault you're ADHD, mean, conniving, and selfish." He returned and Alex sat up straighter from her spot on her bed.

"Okay first, seriously? What's up with the names? A little immature, don't you think? And second, ADHD? My attention span is just fine, hence me reading through this entire fashion magazine twice. I merely tend to zone out on the boring stuff. " She informed.

"Yet you can never tell me even a single word any of your teachers say, and you are constantly not listening to me!" he threw back, but noticed that his sister was not looking at him and was looking down at her French manicured finger nails.

"Alex!" Justin exclaimed in dismay.

"What? I told you I zone out on the boring stuff." She shrugged and Justin merely let out an exasperated sigh.

"And let's see, what else did you call me?" Alex asked, ignoring Justin's frustrated state. "Oh yeah, mean." She answered herself before crossing her legs and sitting Indian style on her bed. "If I was so mean, would I be one the most popular girls at school?" she asked him. "No one likes a mean girl." She added.

"Yeah, except in the movie "Mean girls" when the most popular girl in school was as mean as Satan!" Justin echoed.

"I don't get your point." Alex deadpanned before continuing. "And conniving?! I mean really?! Max and I haven't played a trick on you in ages." She informed.

"Yeah. That's because last time I had to go to the hospital!"

"They were able to move your hand from your –

"You shouldn't have tricked me into putting my hand in that glue in the first place!" Justin argued.

"Pfft. It's all just fun and games Justin." Alex brushed off before relaxing her head, once more, against her headboard. "Now, lastly, selfish? Selfish?" she repeated. "I've never been so hurt in my life." The brunette spoke, lip quivering in dramatic sadness.

"Yeah whatever, you must be destroyed." Justin deadpanned. "There's nothing you can say to defend the fact that you're selfish." He challenged.

"Oh really?" Alex returned, arching an eyebrow.

"Really." Justin told her.

"I guess you won't be wanting that brand new leather jacket I bought for you today then…" she said, gazing off in space before her eyes moved to her brother and she watched for his response.

Justin narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"You did not." He told her.

"Check the bag on my dresser." Alex told him, moving her head to the left carelessly.

Justin's eyes landed on the black store bag with the words "Man Alive" written on it in neat hand writing. He looked back at his sister quizzically and she only shrugged in reply. Finally he emerged from his seat and walked over to the dresser.

He slowly opened the bag and peered inside it. His eyes grew slightly bigger as he eyed the leather material; he wasted no time in retrieving it from its prison of a bag.

He stared in awe at the black leather jacket and its wooly interior.

"Thought you could use something to keep you warm through the New York winter." Alex's voice broke through his thoughts and he looked over at her in shock before feasting his attention once more on the beautiful jacket, their previous argument forgotten.

The jacket had a royal blue hoody looking hood and Justin noticed that the royal blue hoody like material was also in the interior of his jacket poking out beyond the leather, giving the jacket the appearance that their was a hoody inside of it. Justin instantly loved it.

"I know you like leather and hoodys so I found something that had the two combined." Alex spoke and Justin looked up at her, a wide grin on his face.

"Alex, I love it." He told her and she merely rolled her eyes before lying out on her bed and stretching out. "Well don't just stand there, try it on." She told him.

Justin chuckled slightly at her response before moving over to the opposite side of her room and in front of the body length mirror on her wall. He put the jacket on.

"Looks great on you." Alex said and the straight forward compliment literally took Justin by surprise. He looked at his sister through the mirror he was staring into. She was lying on her side and peering over at him. For some reason he found the sight strangely endearing.

"Yeah." He agreed before taking off the leather/cotton material and placing it back into the black bag. He moved over to Alex's bed and stretched out on his stomach before looking over and gazing at the beautiful woman across from him.

"Thanks" he said quietly, and a rare, yet often at the same time, happy and content moment was shared between the two siblings.

She reached out a hand and lazily ran her fingers through his soft hair. Justin just watched her silently, seemingly mesmerized a bit.

"You're beautiful" he mumbled to himself before he could even think twice.

"What?" Alex asked softly, a look of surprise on her face as her eyes moved from his hair and onto his eyes.

Justin sputtered momentarily but was saved from answering his sister's question as her phone began to buzz, signaling that she had received a text message.

Alex continued to stare at her brother for a few more painful seconds before brushing it off, retrieving her phone from her pocket, and gazing down at the screen.

A small, knowing smile broke out onto the brunette's face.

"About time." She muttered before clicking to open the text message.

Justin watched as his sister brought the phone read over the contents on the screen before smiling, girl-like, very uncharacteristically for Alex.

He tried to ignore the familiar feeling bubbling inside of him as he watched as she quickly texted back the mystery person, who'd managed to emit a girlish smile from her.

"Who's that?" Justin asked curiously as his sister leaned over to the right and placed her phone on her bedside table.

"Blaine." Alex replied simply, as if Justin had merely asked her if she liked food. So not the case.

"Blaine?! As in Blaine Taylor who works for dad?" Justin exclaimed, the feeling in his stomach churning and becoming more recognizable for anger and uncontrollable possessiveness. It rose and took over him and he immediately rose from the bed, and stood firmly on the ground, glaring in shock and dismay at his sister. Not only was his sister talking to some guy; she was talking to Blaine Taylor! Of course Alex would have to go out with a bad boy! Justin thought bitterly.

"Know any other Blaine's?" Alex countered, already becoming annoyed by her brother's outburst and by her brother in general. Why had he sounded so angry and automatically against the thought of her talking to Blaine?! The mood in the room was quickly changing, both the teens noticed it but seemed powerless to stop it from doing so.

"What are you talking to him for?" Justin demanded, distasteful tone all but spelled out in shining lights as he moved to the foot of Alex's bed and ran an angry hand through his short hair.

"Um. We kind of like each other and are talking." Alex answered, speaking slow and sarcastically. She didn't see why any of this mattered. Oh how quickly their simple sibling banter had turned into something else, something far more emotional that was sure to turn into a full out argument.

"So you're gonna date this guy?" Justin spat.

"That's usually what the result of talking is." Alex spoke and Justin had to bite the inside of his jaw to keep from losing his cool. He was angry, as it was, at the realization of whom his sister was getting to know, and her sarcastic remarks were not helping.

"You're talking…with Blaine Taylor?...Blain Taylor is talking to you?" Justin said slowly and calmly, or at least what was attempted calmness, as he let the words sink into his head, pacing in front of the bed, seemingly unable to keep still. "How long has this been going on?!" he suddenly demanded after a few seconds, stopping his pacing and glaring at his sister, calmness, attempted calmness, any and all types of calmness flying out the window.

Alex looked at her brother. She could see the anger in his eyes. She knew where this conversation was headed. No. She wasn't gonna let it happen this time, especially since Justin seemed angrier this time than ever before; that couldn't be a good sign.

"We're not gonna do this" Alex spoke, shaking her head, an incredulous smile and look on her face as she too rose from her bed and stood on the other side of it, placing distance between herself and the infuriating man in her bedroom.

"Do what?" Justin questioned, crossing his arms defiantly over his chest.

"This." Alex bit out through clenched teeth. "Every time I try to talk to a guy, you go through this possessive – jealous…rant – act!" the brunette sputtered, arms waving wildly as she struggled for the words in her fit of frustration.

"It's not jealous!" Justin immediately argued, glaring across the room at his sister. "And you act like it's just me?!" he continued incredulously. "What about you acting all pissy, back when I went out with Chelsea?!" the 17 year old challenged, mentioning his ex-girlfriend.

"That is completely irrelevant." Alex quickly threw back, seemingly unfazed by his accusing words, though her face appeared to have gone slightly pink. "And at least Ididn't beat her up, like you did Nick!!" she exclaimed, bringing up her last boyfriend.

"Asshole deserved it." Justin bit out and Alex actually couldn't disagree with this statement and so she merely stared at her brother, sputtering incoherently momentarily.

"We're not doing this!" she finally exclaimed incredulously; she had clearly stated this moments ago, yet here they were now, still arguing. "Okay?! It's not gonna happen! I'm talking to Blain, alright?! Period. Point blank. There's nothing you can do about it." She told him, face going from pink to red as her anger and aggravation grew as she spoke, looking straight into Justin's eyes that were burning a hole into hers from his spot across her room.

"Wanna bet?" Justin actually growled, rounding the bed and coming to stand a couple of paces in front of his sister. "You're not talking to him." He told her firmly, looking the Spanish princess directly in her dark brown eyes.

"Yes. I am." Alex bit, speaking slowly and stressing each She took a step closer to him, just to prove that his little "trip around the bed" was not intimidating her in the least.

"Alex, you're not talking to him." Justin said slowly as well, taking another step closer to the brunette, jaw clenched as he glared at her warningly, his face starting to go red as well.

"Justin, I am." Alex echoed stubbornly as she glared at him and took another step closer, coming to stand a mere foot away from the furious man.

"You're really not." Justin returned, laughing slightly in bitterness as he rolled his eyes in frustration, struggling to keep his composure as he took yet another step closer towards Alex until the two were barely six inches apart. And that's where they stayed.

They just stayed like that, in an intense glaring war, brown eyes shining angrily and fixed onto passionate gray eyes that had turned a darker shade of gray and were staring with just as much barely controlled anger as its companions, Alex's chest heaving and Justin's Adams apple slowly moving up and down as he swallowed calming breaths that didn't help. He stayed angry, furious, and he stayed there glaring at his sister, the anger and intensity in the room reaching immeasurable levels.

Finally Alex broke the death glare she was giving her brother and huffed loudly.

"Urgh!! I hate you!" she announced before pushing Justin back and away from her with a firm hand; he barely moved but a few inches but this was enough for her to storm away from the prison she had been trapped in by his body.

"I really don't care." Was Justin's answer to Alex's angry announcement as he turned on his heels and immediately followed his sister to the other side of her room. "Just know that you're not dating him." He told the brunette, whom had turned around to glare at him at his previous response.

"You are such an ass." Alex told him, eyes narrowed angrily, before turning back around, seething and face flushed as she continued on to what appeared to be her bedroom door.

"Again. Don't really care." Justin said, hot on the brunette's heels as he walked after her.

"Get out." She coldly, suddenly turning on her heels, having reached her door, she opened it and held it open for her brother to exit out of, but Justin merely stared before biting the inside of his jaw in defiance, something that Alex visibly saw. The sight only caused the Latina to grow angrier, and she let out irate growl and run a frustrated hand through her long brown hair before glaring hard at the man before her.

"Get out." She repeated, eyes shining furiously.

She was pissed, really pissed, Justin knew it, heck a blind person would know it! Justin was never one to back up from a fight though, especially one that he felt passionately about, especially one with Alex, but from the looks of the brunette's flushed skin, heaving chest and messed hair, he had won. Alex looked so frazzled that one would have thought she'd just had wild and hot sex.

Whoa. So not the visual I needed….. Justin thought offhandedly to himself before deciding to leave the room and let his sister cool down, not to mention himself.

He stalked deliberately slowly towards the door, which caused his sister to roll her eyes up and sigh heavily; he didn't care; she was not going to date this guy.

Once he reached the door, he stopped right in front of Alex and fixed his sister with a firm stare.

"I mean it. You're not talking to him." He said sternly before finally walking out of the door.

"Yeah whatever jerk; you're not the boss of me." Justin heard his sister mutter angrily and felt his anger flare once more. She was not talking to him! He knew his sister was stubborn and virtually listened to, um let's see nothing he told, but by God she was going to listen to this!

"Alex you're not talking to him." Justin spoke once more with finality through the door, which his sister had just attempted to close on his heels, just as he knew she would. "You're not talking to him." He repeated firmly, seething inside all the while.

"I am!" Alex shouted, enraged as she struggled to close the door that Justin's foot was keeping open. "Now go away!" Alex exclaimed furiously before successfully shutting/slamming and locking the door on her angry brother.

Justin was livid. Livid. This was not over! She was not talking to Blain Taylor!! She wasn't! Justin's jaw clenched tightly as he glared angrily at the closed door in front of his face.

"We'll see about that!!" he yelled through the offending boundary, angrily hitting the wall to its right with a flat palm before storming towards his room.

"What the heck was –

Downstairs on the living room couch, Theresa had started to speak, in question to the door slam and loud bang that had occurred after, before another, even louder door slam was heard; it resonated through the house and slightly shook the place.

Jerry and Theresa silently turned and looked at one another with big inquiring eyes. They had heard the angry yells and shouts from their two eldest kids, but the door slams had confirmed it; Alex and Justin were definitely in the midst of another one of their infamous quarrels, and from the sounds of it, it was a serious one.

Theresa gave her husband a worried look and he returned it with equal fear.

"We'll deal with it in the morning." He told her, after a few seconds of silence. He did not wish, any time soon, to be the mediator in the out of control crazy train that was a Justin/Alex quarrel.

"In the morning." Theresa echoed.

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