I'M BACK! After only seven months! Oooo, I feal real stink now. I've neglected you. I'm still stuck on Born to Kill: Deathstroke, and I'm thinking of rewriting bits of it so I can progress smoother. I feel like I shouldn't have put in Luthor.

Any-who, I came up with something a little different. Anyone ever seen Batman: Arkham Asylum? Awesome game. I especially liked those little interview tapes on the Bat rogues. So much that I thought of doing something similar for some Titans villains. I'm currently working on a new story that will feature these villains down the road, and some of them that I've lined up may suprise you. It's set in Belle Reve, the premier villain prison on the west coast in the comics. If you don't know who these guys are, check Comicvine. It's an awesome site.

Oh, and don't look for disclaimers in my stories anymore. Amythest Turtle's convinced me that they're just retarded. Besides, everyone knows that I don't own squat.


Inside Belle Reve

Subject #8427


Dr. C: This is Doctor James Coulter recording the following interview with subject #8427. Subject's name is Roger Hayden. He is a white male, 6ft tall, weighing 180lbs with blue-green eyes. Considered criminally insane.

Dr. C: Alright Roger, how are we doing today?

R.H: Miserably. I want my mask.

Dr. C: I'm afraid we can't let you. The mask is detrimental to your mental health.

R.H: But I need it! And it needs me! I can hear it calling to me...

Dr. C: You hear it... calling to you?

R.H: Your scepticism wounds me. You still don't believe the mask is magic?

Dr. C: Of course not. We live in the Space Age. The Modern Era. All these superstitions about witchcraft, alchemy, magic... humanity has outgrown these childish fairy tales. Your mask is merely some kind of ingeniously designed machine.

R.H: I'm suprised at you, doctor. I thought you were smart.

Dr. C: Excuse me?

R.H: Science may well be the mind of humanity, but religion and magic? They are humanity's soul and imagination. Science can give you medicine, electricity and weapons of mass destruction, but magic... science will only go so far, doctor...

Dr. C: I see...

R.H: No you don't. But you will. I guarantee it.



Dr. C: Mr. Hayden has refused to co-operate with me lately. He is moody, withdrawn. Angry, as a matter of fact. He highly cherishes thesedated notions of magic and sorcery which is how he believes his mask works. I have insisted on continuing our sessions despite resistance.

Dr. C: Mr Hayden, I apologize if I have offended you, but we need to continue our sessions. Rehabilitating you...

R.H: Give me back my mask.

Dr. C: We've been over this, Roger...

R.H: I know what you've been doing to it, James. Trying to figure out how it works. Trying to split it open with diamond cutters, lasers. You've stolen it from the lab and have started experimenting with it at home.

Dr. C: What!? I can assure you, it is just paranoid delusions, it is locked up safe in...

R.H: Really? Last time I checked, number 156 Stanton Avenue, San Francisco was nowhere near Belle Reve...

Dr. C: How did you know that!?

R.H: The mask told me.

Dr. C: BULL****! Search him for bugs!

R.H: Get off me! I've got nothing!

Guard: Sorry boss. He's clean.

Dr. C: Who told you? One of the prisoners!?

R.H: In solitary confinement?

Dr. C: .....I don't know what you're trying to pull on me, Roger, but I swear, I'll get to the bottom of it!

R.H: You already know how I did it. You just won't acknowledge it.



Guard #1: Where the hell's the doc? He should be here by now.

Guard #2: I envy how those guys can afford to be late. I swear, they earn 70 bucks just for answerin' the phone!

R.H: He'll be here. In ten, nine, eight...

Guard #2: Pfft, yeah. And I'm David Copperfield...

R.H: ...Five, four, three, two, one...

Sound of door opening.

Guard #1: Well, looks like Psycho here was ri... Doc? What's with the mask?

Guard #2: Whattaya...?!


Sound of splintered wood and two objects falling heavily.

R.H: Good boy. Now, the mask, if you please.

Dr. C: Yes, master.

R.H: Thank you. That wasn't so hard now, was it?

Dr. C: No, but... I feel.... so sad....

R.H: You, Doctor Coulter, are a fool. You believed that science had all the answers. The mind is powerful, but imagination is greater still. Unfortunately for you, your mind was not open enough to wield the Medusa Mask, so it weilded you.

Dr. C: I... I'm such a... huh-huh-huh.... (wails inconsolably).

R.H: Ssssshhhhh. Hush now, slave. The Psycho-Pirate will make it all better. All you have to do, is do exactly what I say.



What do you think? Love? Hate? Don't care? I've always wanted to do this guy, I find him fascinating. And a very problematic villain.

Who's next? Only I know...