Title: Different destiny

Summary: What if things were different for the boy-who-lived? What if James and Lily were not his parents? What if Harry had a different destiny? DarkHarry HPDM ManipulativeDumbledore



Chapter 1:

- Normal POV -

Lucius Malfoy approached Number 4 Pivet Drive, expecting to be greeted by a well-fed and spoilt Harry Potter so as to account back to his master. However, he saw a malnourished and small little boy doing chores while a big, fat and ugly boy was playing with his toys and occasionally, scolding the poor little boy.

"Harry? What is going on? Harry was still a happy and healthy boy and in a few weeks, he had became this?!" Lucius thought to himself, seething with rage.

If you are wondering why Lucius Malfoy, the arrogant pureblood, would be doing on a muggle street, staring at the boy-who-lived, well, he was on an important mission for his friend and master, Tom Riddle, but you would know him as Lord Voldemort. Dumbledore had taken Tom's child away and it was only recently that he found his whereabouts and was beyond surprised at the rumors that were going around.

The night when "Voldemort attacked Harry Potter", Tom was at home with his lover and friends and they were looking for Tom's son, Harry Riddle. Little Harry was abducted by Dumbledore a few weeks back and they could not find him anywhere.

They had finally found him two days ago, and it took Severus Snape, Tom's lover and bonded, one whole day to calm Tom down and send Lucius to find him due to the wards around the house to prevent Harry's parents from entering the area. Tom looked murderous when he found out that Harry was staying with the Dursley. If looks could kill, Dumbledore would already be dead a long time ago.

Lucius hurried over to Harry and gave the other boy a push when he attempted to stand in front of Lucius, apparently thinking that the important looking man would fawn over him like all the others who came over to his house to meet his father for business.

Dudley started crying for his mother when he fell. He yelled even harder when he saw that Harry was given more attention than him.

"Harry! Are you alright? Oh my gosh! Please, please do not be hurt!" Lucius asked frantically, looking all over his godson for any signs for injury. If Harry was injured, Tom would kill him!

"Luci, Luci. Bad man come take me away from dada and papa- " Harry started rambling on and on, burying his head in Lucius' neck. His speech, however, was cut off by a woman's loud and piercing scream as she ran to her son.

"You! What is your kind doing here again! Wasn't it bad enough that one of you people came a few weeks' ago and left us with this freak?! How dare you harm my son after all that I have done for your kind?! Oh Duddykins, mummy will not allow the freak to-"

Petunia's speech was cut off by Lucius pointing his wand straight at her neck. Petunia gasped and silenced immediately.

"How dare you treat MY PRINCE as your house elf while your poor excuse of a son sits down there doing nothing? I think he needs more exercise than Harry! He doesn't even look like he is capable of standing. He looks like a big fat whale! If my lords get hold of this piece of information, I can assure you that you and your whole pathetic muggle family will be dead, preferably tortured to death." Lucius finished his speech with a smirk, making sure he placed emphasis on the word "Prince".

Before Petunia had a chance to respond, he added in, "Do not even think of running away either! My lord will find you where ever you are and no matter where you are!"

As expected, Petunia's eyes widened with fear and she tried to form a coherent sentence.

"You can't do that! Dum-Dumbledore said that he would protect us! He claimed that he is the leader of your freaky world! I only agreed because he promised to give us a sum of money every month!"

Petunia ended her speech with a grin, positive that including Dumbledore in her speech would make Lucius scared and save her and her family.

To her surprise and horror, Lucius just cackled and grinned at her. He also said, "Oh. I forgot that you are a muggle and do not know much about our world. Well, Dumbledore is the leader of the LIGHT while my lords and my prince are the leaders of the DARK. Mentioning Dumbledore would not save you. It will make us have even more reasons to kill you. He is our ENEMY."

Lucius practically spat out the word 'enemy' and also enjoyed the sadistic pleasure he felt when shock murmurs left the women after his words. Petunia looked close to tears.

Not bothering to listen to the idiotic rumblings of Petunia, Lucius grabbed the beautiful and gorgeous boy tucked under his chin, peacefully asleep and apparated out of the weird muggle street, back to Riddle Manor where a group of anxious people were waiting for them.


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