I hate writing author's notes seeing that I hate reading them but this is important!

I am just left with 2 papers more and so I thought I would like to update you on some stuff that I have decided to do.

Firstly, I have decided to rewrite both stories – Revealed and Different Destiny and rest assured that this time the updating of stories would be relatively frequent as it is holidays soon. And the chapters would be at least 5000 words each. Also, the rewritten version would be up by today (hopefully) or tomorrow if I really get down to typing real quickly. I would miss all the reviews and hits I have gotten for this story but I know you will support my rewritten fic too right? :)

Secondly, I have written a couple of chapters for one Prince of Tennis fic I will be posting really soon. Do support me!


P.s. this fic will be taken down when my rewritten version is up.

* (only for revealed) The chapters would have more information about the creatures (elves etc.) so it would make it clearer.