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Inuyasha cursed inwardly as he smelled the familiar sweet and coppery scent of a woman in heat.


Inuyasha stifled a groan and moved a bit further upwind to keep from pouncing on the hapless miko, anger boiling deep inside of him that he was the one to have to take such measures, and that Miroku seemed to be blissfully unaware of her and Sango's "feminine times."

"Guys, I think we should camp here for the night. I'm not feeling very well."

Damn it all!

Their little motley crew came to a halt as Kagome rushed off to the woods to do that little thing that human women did when they found themselves in blood heat. He had heard something about "pads" and "tampons" once by accident and then heard the crinkling of come kind of paper. Honestly, he didn't know why human women didn't just excuse themselves from polite company during their cycles the way that youkai women did—it would take care of all of those embarrasing moments.

"Um, I think I'll go help Kagome-chan."

The taiyija was gone almost before he could pinpoint it—dark, heady, heavenly, and...sharp. Inuyasha's eyes widened and reddened almost immediately as he recognized it.

Kagome and Sango...in heat...together...


Miroku gently waved his staff before the half-demon who had begun growling reflexively and was still looking down the path that both Sango and Kagome had disappeared down only moments before. Something was nagging him—their travelling companions were acting very strangely, as was Inuyasha, and he just couldn't put a finger on it or why.

All he got was an inarticulate growl and then Inuyasha was gone—silver white hair and fangs melting into the impending night of the evening's dusk.

"I'll be back."

The words drifted to him from behind and Miroku turned in the opposite direction of where the women had disappeared to ask Inuyasha what was wrong, but caught nothing but air.

Inuyasha was already gone.


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