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Hello and thanks to those that decided to read this! To be brutally honest, this story was intended to be little more than a smut fiction. Character growth and development may occur, but will probably be purely coincidental if it does. Although the storyline will remain somewhat light, some scenes may be graphic and could possibly depict S&M situations- as indicated by the playful title. You've been warned, my loves. That being said, enjoy the show.

Oh, one last thing, this story is set after the show and movie. Robin is nearly 18 and beginning to make his transition to Nightwing.

"Hello, Robin."

The boy wonder growled and pulled at the chains that were attached to his wrists and held his hands high above his head. He was not in the mood. Somewhere in the city, there were three bombs ticking away. The rest of the Titans were already looking but the more eyes there were, the better their chances of finding the bombs.

He waited until the tall and bulky man came closer before he lifted his steel-toed shoes and took a swing. Slade, of course, caught the boy by his ankle and smirked under his mask.

"Let me go, you bastard," Robin sneered and grit his teeth as the villain's grip tightened.

"You know, we never make time to talk anymore," Slade sighed as he chained the teen's legs with shackles and shortened the chains so that his body was held taut. "It's so sad when good friends drift apart."

"Let me go! There are bombs in the city set to go off in one hour. If we don't find them-"

"My dear boy, that was merely a red herring; a clever distraction for your friends while you and I get down to the business at hand."

"I won't be your apprentice."

"I wasn't asking for that- or for anything, really. I merely wanted to talk with you." He tested the chains with quick pulls before he reached down to Robin's utility belt, unhinging it and throwing it a good many feet away. "I've been watching you much more closely these past few years and I admit that I am both impressed and troubled."

"You're a psychopathic murderer. What's there to be troubled about?"

"You take yourself far too seriously," Slade tsked. "Always the hero and never the human. You haven't taken a vacation since your little debacle with Brushogun- and that hardly qualifies as anything but work."

"I fail to see how that's any of your concern," Robin hissed. "Or why it would concern you in the first place."

"Because I have a long life before me, Robin. I want to keep it interesting."

"And so you figure that I should be your longstanding rival? No thank you."

A grin appeared under the metal mask, "A rival? Perhaps, still. But I was thinking of something a bit more enjoyable than watching you fight me." Robin kept his mouth shut and eyes narrowed as the master villain spoke. "I want to watch as you surrender everything you hold dear at my feet.

"I swear, if you hurt my friends-"

"Let's keep them out of this one, shall we?" Slade sighed as he walked around the teen, his tempo focused but unrushed. "We both have played our parts well- too well, I fear. With my help you've become one of the greatest heroes of your time."

"With your help?" Robin sneered and Slade turned to him.

"Absolutely. Who do you think trained you? Who challenged you? Who gave you reason upon reason to stand and fight? Do you really think you'd be half the man you are without me?" His eye leered and robin glared back in silence. "But, of course, that's why I'm here. I've trained you so well that you've forgotten how to be anything but a hero."

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

"It is when you forget yourself along the way. Fool boy, you've become more of a machine than your cybernetic friend. All I want to do is give you a simple reminder of really exists under that mask."

"And what's in it for you?" Robin tensed when he heard Slade's pacing stop behind him. His eyes widened as a strong hand snaked around his abdomen and gave his muscles a hard grab.

"Oh, I'm sure the road to this lesson will be rich in its own rewards."

Robin stayed silent, trying to comprehend the weight of those words. His mouth opened just a tiny bit, though the very idea of speaking had not begun to form in his brain. The hand was joined by its equal and began to roughly explore the muscles through Robin's uniform. It was only when one had began to slip under the bright green pants that the teen was able to form a word- a single, powerless word.


Slade smiled under his mask and the hand traveled further. The young man under his grasp kept his breathing low and shaky, trying to hide his fear but Slade knew better. His hand closed around the limp mass of flesh and gave it a light squeeze, making the boy hiss just a bit.

"You see what I mean? Any other boy your age would be hard by now." He gave the member a small stroke with his thumb. "And yet you're holding out... Tell me, did you undergo such rigorous training that you can withstand any advances? Or is it that you never gave in and therefore never learned to enjoy such moments of physical satisfaction?"

Robin let out a small gasp as Slade's hand squeezed harder and his penis began to firm in his grip. The villain smiled at this small victory and used his other hand to push the green pants down, further freeing the hero's erection from the tight confinements as he began to pump in a slow but steady motion.

"Ah-aah!" Robin whimpered and tried to twist free as a blush rushed across his face, "No…"

"You're refusing me- but your body isn't," Slade hissed and the teen's breath came faster and heavier in response. "Now is your chance, Robin. Escape that fate you gave yourself years ago- if only for a small moment."

"Please," Robin moaned though his hips bucked into Slade's hand. The only feeling strong enough to compare with the intensity of the sensation was unbridled hate. Hate, for him, was good, it kept him fighting, kept him strong- but this… this feeling that rivaled the one extreme sentiment he allowed himself, overwhelmed him completely. He was powerless.

Robin had always considered anything that was unnecessary to fighting unnecessary to life. He'd often awoken to soiled sheets and rock-hard erections but he never paid them any mind. He'd clean himself off, wash the sheets, and begin his daily regimen of training, fighting, and waiting for the next evil ploy to surface. He never once took the time to soothe away his most manly of urges, he only let them boil down and evaporate to nothing. Heroes didn't have the time for such things.

"Haa-ah!" Robin cried out as he felt the strangest of sensations building up inside him. It was a hot and unsteady feeling, pooling down into his penis and suddenly bursting out into the gloved hand of his assailant. He panted for breath, allowing his mind to catch up with his body.

His first semi-intentional orgasm.

"That was quick." A voice like Slade's echoed in his brain.

He unconsciously let his head fall back onto Slade's chest, ignoring the feeling of the villain's breath moving from behind his mask and tumbling over the hero's black hair. It was the sound of metal clasps coming undone that snapped him back into reality. He struggled to see more but the villain was behind and to the side of him, making the angle uncomfortable… but he had to try. He had to see. His eyes widened behind his mask as scene seemed to move in slow motion before him. Slade's left hand lifted his faceplate by the chin, slowly, painfully revealing a scoundrel's smile and the very tip of a narrow nose before his right hand was lifted to view, covered in Robin's cum. The villain's teeth parted and a thick tongue extended out to lick away the viscous liquid before it lost its warmth to the cool air. The smile turned content and the left hand lowered the mask back to its position.

'Caucasian; male; mid-to early thirties; facial hair: light silver, maybe white; no visible scarring.' Robin repeated the freshly learned facts inside his head as if he would forget them- though he never would. Every fact he ever learned about the villain was embedded deep within his mind.

Slade laughed and pulled the chains from the hooks that held them in place. Robin fell to his knees and quickly pulled his pants to cover himself. "Calculating as ever, aren't you?" The larger man chided. Of course Slade had seen right through him. "This is exactly what I mean, Robin. You're too preoccupied with your own obsessions to enjoy being human. A literal slave to your own compulsions, aren't you?"

Robin growled and tried to kick the villain behind him, but he was forced to stop as he reached the length of the chain with a loud crack of metal testing metal.

Slade moved fast to recapture the chains attached to Robin's wrists. He hoisted the boy's arms in the air and quickly pinned the boy's calves under his knees, "Heroes that don't learn to take breaks will often break down before their time. Remember that." His free hand moved down Robin's chest and rested on his groin, "And you're not a child anymore, Robin. Buy yourself a cup." The smirk behind the two-toned mask was practically audible.

The young hero bared his teeth and hissed wildly as he tried to break free of the villain's grasp. He growled as Slade shoved him forward as he stood to his feet and began to walk away.

"Don't forget what I've said, hero. You may be tested in future lessons."

Robin let out a low and frustrated roar as Slade disappeared from his sight. He thrashed about madly trying to free himself from the chains but failing. He took a moment to compose himself, letting his fast and heated breath simmer down to a single inhale and a long, focused exhale. He opened his eyes to the chains once again and found the network of rusted hooks where they were attached to the floor. Once freed, he walked to his utility belt and pulled out his lock-picks, making short work of the shackles.

He groaned and rubbed his newly freed wrists and ankles before walking out of the abandoned building with an angry frown planted firmly on his features.

Slade only smiled as he watched the teen climb onto his bike. He revved the engine once and let a cloud of smoke billow up behind him before taking his fingers from the brake a speeding away into the darkness of Jump City.

It was a slow but promising start.

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