Hi! I know, I'm shocked too, I'm writing something for Doctor Who, something I haven't done in a long while! Well, I've been writing the story me and BananaBabe903 are doing together (please check it out – it's on her profile), called 'Here Come The Girls' but apart from that, I've done no Dr Who stories of my own in a while, but then inspiration hit!

Updates might be slow as I now have four stories in progress, but I hope you'll enjoy it all the same!

P.S – This is set some time after Fear Her, but ignores The Army of Ghosts and Doomsday – of course.

Disclaimer – Dr Who, of course belongs to the wonderful BBC, without whom we'd all be very bored. =D

Prologue – Forever Is Short

Tears welled up behind Rose's warm brown eyes as she stared, heart-broken at The Doctor. The man she knew. The man she trusted. The man she loved. She could physically feel her heart slowly cracking down the middle, breaking into two halves, both belonging to him. He couldn't do this. Not now. He couldn't.

'You can't do this, Doctor.' She whispered as he gazed back with shining eyes.

'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. But I have to, Rose.'

Rose shook her head, her mind reaching for anything that would hold her life together, something to stop her world from falling apart, she could feel it cracking at the seams, it was going to break into tiny pieces.

'No you don't, Doctor. You don't have to do anything.'

He took a gentle step towards her, feeling both his hearts beginning to tear. He hadn't wanted to say those words, those words he had uttered just minutes before. But what else was he to do? He loved her, he couldn't destroy her life.

'Rose, please, trust me. You have to do what I said.' He told her, imploring her with saddened eyes. This was breaking him, his soul, his mind and his hearts. But he would do it. Do it, to protect his Rose. His Rose Tyler.

Rose bit down hard on her lip to stop it trembling, this wasn't happening. Her worst nightmare was coming true. 'Doctor, I made my choice. I'm staying with you. Forever. I promised you, remember?'

This time he shook his head sadly and reached out his hand, taking hers in his, one last time. He relished the memories that flooded back, though each one cut him a little deeper. Running, endlessly running, away from something, towards something. Running for the sake of running.

Never again.

'And I'm making my choice. I won't let you waste your forever, I can mess mine up, you haven't got time for that, Rose. Your forever is short. Go home, Rose, and have a wonderful, gloriously human life. Please.'

She stubbornly shook her head again, the movement shaking free the tears of despair from her sorrowed eyes, The Doctor watched as they tragically wound their way down her cheeks.

'No. I don't want that. I can't, I have to stay here. With you.' She insisted, her voice close to breaking as she put up her fight. She wouldn't let go, she would not go home. She wouldn't do as he had asked.

She would not leave him. She wouldn't not leave her Doctor, her lonely Doctor.

'Rose, the universe is beautiful and you've seen and done more than anyone could imagine. Your memories are so much brighter...but it's terrible, and it's scary, and it's dangerous. And you're going to die. You'll die, Rose. Way before your time, and I won't let you.'

He took a deep breath, preparing to repeat the words that had made her cry just minutes ago, to repeat the words that tore at his soul and ravaged his hearts.

'Rose, I want you to leave me.'

So, that was just a Prologue, hopefully the first chapter will be up soon. Please review! X =D