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Epilogue: Forever is just....well, Forever

Rose hugged Jack one last time and jogged the few feet over to the TARDIS where The Doctor was patiently waiting. It was growing dark in the small alleyway outside the Torchwood hub and the oncoming smell of summer hung in the mild air.

As Rose reached The Doctor, Gwen sighed happily and rested her head on Jack shoulder, bringing her right hand up to rest comfortingly over the smooth bump protruding from her torso. Jack glanced away from a waving Rose and Doctor to look at Gwen; he smiled at her glowing face and pressed a chaste kiss on her forehead before wrapping his arms around her and placing his chin on the top of her head. He hadn't noticed until a couple of months ago – but she was the perfect fit.

It was picture of almost surreal bliss that The Doctor closed the TARDIS door on, just before the little blue box materialised away. They had left the day after their confrontation with the Nestene Consciousness, right after they had been assured that Gwen was clear of any danger. After receiving the inevitable however many slaps from Jackie, The Doctor had whisked Rose away just as he promised – he'd taken her to Barcelona; the planet, not the city – of course.

A month later, they'd come back to drop in on Torchwood and visit Jack to find him and Gwen kissing softly in a corner, happily together as if nothing ever happened.

The Doctor slowly turned around to see Rose leant against the controls, smiling at him with tired eyes. 'What now?' She asked.

The Doctor smiled and shook his head. It was typical her – trying to keep up with his Timelord energy, why wouldn't she just admit that she was human and as a human, she needed her rest? 'You're tired, Rose, admit it.'

'I'm fine!' She exclaimed indignantly, fiddling with a lever next to her. 'C'mon, where are we going now?'

The Doctor sighed and moved over to stand in front of her as he reached out to intertwine his fingers with hers. 'Rose,' he said seriously, 'go get some rest for a few hours, then we'll go somewhere, ok?'

Rose sighed in defeat and pouted slightly. 'Fine.' She conceded, slipping out from beside the controls. 'See you in a bit.'

The Doctor nodded and smiled at her. 'Love you.' He told her, the phrase sounding familiar now after six months.

Rose smiled back, her tongue poking through her teeth in the way he found irresistibly adorable. 'Love you too.' She replied, turning her back on him and leaving the control room.

Ten minutes later and The Doctor couldn't see anything better to do than to go to bed himself, he could perhaps do with the rest too. He locked the TARDIS controls (he could never be too careful) and left the control room. He found the door to his room quickly and turned the door handle, opening it and flicking the light on casually as he did so.

His eyes flickered around the room, expecting to meet nothing. But no – in spite of himself, a grin spread across his face. There, sat on the edge of his bed, was Rose – looking at him with expectant eyes. As soon as she noticed him walk in, she moistened her lips with her tongue and walked over to him.

'I thought I'd told you to get some sleep.'

Rose smiled and slipped her hands around to the back of his neck. 'I thought of something better to do.' She told him quietly, glancing at his lips.

The pit of his stomach stirred and he let himself rest his hands on her waist. 'Do you ever listen to a thing I say?' He asked with half-hearted annoyance.

'Nope!' Rose replied cheekily, pressing herself closer to him.

'I said that I thought you should go to bed, Rose.' The Doctor insisted in a low voice, but already his resolve was breaking. He knew it, and she knew it.

Rose smiled. 'And I think....' She murmured, toying with the hair at the back of his head, 'that you should come with me.'

The Doctor let out a long, slow sigh and smiled at her. 'How come you always get your way?' There was no annoyance left in his voice now as his eyes grew that darker shade that she'd come so accustomed to.

Rose giggled quietly and slipped one hand down to his chest, fiddling with the knot on his tie. 'Clever, me.'

'Don't I know it?' The Doctor agreed in a murmur before lifting her chin up with two fingers to face him. He tenderly pressed his lips to her moist ones, their mouths instantly moulding their way around each other just as they always had. And as they stumbled their way over to his bed, The Doctor's hand at the small of her back, you could just hear him mumble, 'companions...they never bloody listen.'

Rose and The Doctor had learnt their lesson – Forever isn't short at all, forever is just....well, forever.

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