After 10 Years

I was in France with my wife and 2 kids for a vacation. I got an invitation. I don't know where he invitation came from then I read it. It came from my high school classmates that we will have a reunion and I'm happy about it because after 10 years we will see each other again. So the next day I immediately leave France to go back in the Philippines for the reunion. When I was in the plane I saw a black man driving the plane and I noticed that it was Siraj Trent with his steward Kc Reyes my high school classmates. I asked them if they got an invitation for the reunion. And they also have the invitation. And I asked them how's there life. And Siraj told me that he has already 2 kids and wife. And Kc became the wife of her long time boyfriend Joseph and they have 1 child. And while we were in Korea for a stopover I saw 5 Koreans talking to each other. And when I go near them I saw that the 5 were Joel the doctor, Vince the dentist, Terry the soccer player, Johnny the speaker of Korea and Steve the Korean rocker. They will also go back in the Philippines for the reunion. When we arrive in the Philippines I go to a bank to withdraw money then I saw Sharlie Magne Bayan and Wendy Igong-Igong in the one of the famous bank in the Philippines. Then I ask them how's there life they said that they were the owner of that bank. Then the next day it's our reunion day. And the Venue of that reunion is in Amor's Rest house and it was a nice house I asked who did that then she answered that it made was by engineer khinton Chang and it was designed by Janine Malig. Then Nurse Sarah Taroy and teacher Ina Cuison arrive with there Ferrari. After they arrived I saw 2 gentlemen and it were Mel Nofiel and Sylver Silvestre the business partners of Henry Sy. And Mel will ne soon the nest owner of all Sm malls and Sylvester the soon to be owner of the Trinoma malls. And Shiela Saldajeno, one of the famous product endorser arrived with his boyfriend. And all of our teachers arrived. Ms. Jen the owner of MQA, Ms. Glenda the principal, Ms. Judith the most outstanding math teacher, Ms. Arlene one of the most famous professor in U.P, Ms. Grace the businesswoman, Ms. Margie the teacher, Ms. Evelyn the professor, Ms. Lucy the retired teacher and of course Madam Fernandez the secretary of DepEd. All of us are there already and the party will start already. When the party goes by there was a two men arrive it were Benz Pagaduan and Nino Carayugan. Then Benz apologize because his ship has just arrived from Europe. And Nino also apologize because he has a game in Araneta Coliseum. And the party continue until the dawn is over. And we also hope that this is not the last time that we will see each other but this is the first of all of our many reunions that we are complete and nothing will change....... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

-Bryan Steve C. Ngo