Author's note: I have been thinking about writing some drabbles set in the TOS'verse, so I was glad to accept this challenge :-)


What Moons Are For

The landing party was separating out into two groups. Captain Kirk was taking several people with him to meet with some officials in the city. Meanwhile, Commander Spock was to take Lieutenant Uhura some way north to study the strange atmospheric communications interference they had encountered. They had several pieces of equipment they were going to set up and take readings for several hours.

Spock followed Lieutenant Uhura into the shuttle craft and sealed the hatch. He sat down in the pilot's seat and fastened his safety harness, then started the checklist procedures. Lieutenant Uhura sat down in the second row of seats.

"Lieutenant, I would prefer that you sit up here." He wasn't really sure why he had said that. Strange.

Uhura looked up in surprise. She wasn't sure why it made any difference where she sat, but if he wanted her up front, then she guessed she'd better sit up front. She moved into the indicated seat and fastened up.

The shuttle lifted into the air and flew north for 35 minutes, then landed in a small clearing, surrounded by trees on three sides and a cliff face on the fourth. Spock unsealed the hatch and started carrying the equipment out into the clearing.

Uhura began immediately to set up the equipment to make the required readings. It did not take long to set everything up. When she was finished, she looked around the clearing. She wasn't sure where Commander Spock had gone. When she turned around, she found him lounging against the side of the shuttle, his legs crossed at the ankles and his arms folded across his stomach. He looked so... sexy. She shivered. He was so handsome, tall, silky dark hair, all lean muscle (she had seen him in the gym, sparring with the captain, bare to the waist), and those ears! She just wanted to bite them! She shuddered, taking a deep breath. She needed to get hold of herself.

Spock had watched the lieutenant set up her equipment. For some reason, most of it was so short that she was continuously bending over to reach the controls. He had had an excellent view of her shapely thighs and trim bottom. He had found it exceptionally enjoyable to watch her. He found that he was somewhat aroused - a bit unusual, but not uncomfortable. The lieutenant was quite an attractive young woman. He had watched her working on the bridge ever since the first day she had reported to the Enterprise. As a slight breeze crossed the small clearing, he caught her scent. She was definitely aroused. This was interesting.

Uhura fidgeted. She walked around the clearing, checking her equipment needlessly. It was functioning perfectly, doing exactly what it was supposed to do. It would continue as she had programmed it for the next four hours. She looked around at the trees, at the cliff side, anywhere not to stare at the Commander. She looked up at the sky and gasped. There were six moons, spread out all over the sky, all different sizes, and even different colors. Before she knew what was happening, the Commander was by her side.

"Is there something wrong, Lieutenant?"

He was so close she could feel his body heat. He was so tall. She looked up at him and swallowed. She remembered flirting with him on the bridge, calling him 'sugah'. How had she ever been so brave, so foolhardy? "There are six moons, Commander. Just look at that."

Spock cocked one eyebrow at her. She was upset over the moons? That was illogical. He recalled her talking about moons before, asking about Vulcan's moon. Of course, Vulcan had no moon. He lifted his eyes and looked at the sky. That was quite a sight. Six moons was impressive. Then he realized that she had miscounted. "There are actually seven moons, Lieutenant."

"I only count six. Where is the seventh?" Her eyes scanned the sky, but she could not see it. Suddenly she felt warm hands on her shoulders, turning her about. One hand slid up the side of her neck, tilting her chin. She felt his heat all against her back as he bent about her, aligning her body to point her toward the seventh moon. She felt damp all over. She began to tremble.

"Do you see it?" Warm breath in her ear.

She couldn't focus on anything, much less a moon way up in the sky. "No, sir, no I can't. Where exactly is it?" She couldn't even breathe.

"You are too short, you do not have the same line of sight as I do."

Before she quite knew what was happening, she felt herself being lifted up, one warm arm down her side and under her knees, the large warm hand clasped about her thigh. The other arm was across her body just at the level of her collar bones, that hand clasped around her upper arm. Her back was against his chest. She was completely surrounded by his heat. Her face was now almost level with his. He moved his head so that his cheek was firmly against hers, then leaned his head backwards, taking her face along with him. Now she was staring up into the sky.

"Do you see it now?"

That voice was doing very bad things to her. She had shivers all up and down her body. She could feel her nipples poking hard against the inside of her bra. "Yes, I can see it." Why did her voice sound so strange. She waited for him to put her back down, but that did not happen. He just stood there holding her. She couldn't tell how much time had passed when he began to speak again.

"It seems, Lieutenant, that we have a situation here." His voice was much lower than usual, and seemed to be vibrating against her.

"A situation, sir?"

"Yes." He paused, spoke again, perhaps even lower than before. "Could you please not call me sir again right now. My name is Spock."

"But you called me Lieutenant, sir."

"My fault. Uhura."


"Nyota." Her name fell off his tongue like liquid fire. The sound rolled down her nerves and enflamed her. "Yes, a situation. It seems that we are both...more than a little aroused. What do you suppose we should do about that?"

"What... Uh... what would you... like to do about it, Spock?" Oh, that was way too forward. On the other hand, he was still holding her, with one hand clasped about her bare thigh.

"I wish you to feel under no compulsion, Nyota. My rank is higher than yours. What happens next must be your decision." He seemed to be trembling now. She could feel him vibrating against her back.

"I...I..I" Her voice failed.

"That does not seem to be any sort of answer, Nyota." His lips moved right against her ear, causing the most wonderful set of goosebumps.

"I think.. I would to do whatever you want." The last words came out in rush. She raised her hands and laid them over his, feeling his warmth on her palms.

Behind her she heard him gasp. Then she was being flipped about, clasped to his chest again, face to face this time. Automatically, her legs spread and clasped about his waist and her arms went around his neck, trying to hang on. The next thing she knew his hot lips were on hers. First soft, barely tasting, then the tip of his tongue sliding along the seam of her lips, gently prying them apart, sinking in, then swiftly it was more, until she was starving for air, so hot that it was unbelievable. She pulled back enough to breathe, her fingers sliding in the short hair on the nape of his neck, her fingernails just barely digging into his scalp. She moaned. In response, he made a low sound, almost a growl. She realized that one of his hands was on her bottom, cupping her, pulling her against him. The other was splayed across her back, supporting her while pressing her so close to him that her breasts were flattened out.

The hand on her bottom moved, adjusting her against him and she felt his arousal between them, pressing against her stomach. Oh, my God, he's huge! She wiggled against him, trying to be sure that was actually all him. Oh, yes, that was. She was so wet now that surely he could feel it. He was making that growling sound again. That was so sexy!

Suddenly he was moving. A few steps and she felt the side of the shuttle against her back. Now he bent his head and began to assault her neck, kissing, sucking, tiny bites. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. She moaned and moved her hips against him and suddenly he froze in place.

"Nyota." His voice was very hoarse now. "Are you sure? I can stop now, but soon I will not be able to."

"Oh, God, please don't stop, Spock."

As if released from confinement, his lips were back against hers, his tongue plunging deep into her mouth, setting her afire. Then they trailed all over her face, her neck, down to the collar of her uniform. She heard a frustrated noise. He was rooting in the neckline of her uniform, trying to go lower, but it was too tight. "Spock. I can take it off if you set me down for a minute." As first she didn't think he had heard her, and then she was set down so fast she stumbled. He immediately caught her to steady her. She turned around, showing him the zipper. Fumbling hot hands pulled it down, so slowly, revealing her skin inch by inch, his mouth trailing along behind, setting her back on fire. By the time the zipper was all the way down, she was mewling into the side of the shuttle. His hands spread the back of her uniform and eased it down off her body, until it pooled at her feet. She bent down and picked it up, flinging it into the open door of the shuttle. Then she turned around and grabbed the hem of his uniform shirt, pulling it up and over his head. He pulled his arms out and she threw it after her dress. Her hands immediately went to the waistband of his trousers and they went flying after the other parts of their uniforms. Now they stood there in underwear and boots. She felt like some old porno film from the 20th century. But it was incredibly arousing - as if she wasn't so aroused already that she could barely stand.

"Nyota - I do not trust myself to handle your underwear without ripping it. Please remove it NOW!"

With shaking hands she did exactly that, and then tugged at his, untangling him from it with difficulty. When he was free, she gasped. Oh, he was gorgeous! She dropped to her knees, taking him into her mouth, feeling that lovely hard cock, skin like silk inside her mouth, oh this was wonderful. She heard him roaring at her, then he reached down and grabbed her arms, pulling her back up into his arms, sliding her down until he was just touching her where she was so, so wet. He began to slide into her, so so slowly, stretching her until she felt so full that she didn't know whether she could take any more, but he was moving, moving, slowly moving in more and more and she was going to come any time now he made her feel soo sooo gooooood. She arched against him, screaming, "SPOCK!"

She felt him convulse against her, all hard muscle clenching, arms almost too tight, heat filling her. He was growling loudly now, continuously, and then soft, so soft "Nyota." He sighed, such a long, lovely sigh and all the tension drained out of him.

She wasn't sure but what she hadn't lost consciousness there for a minute. Her back was hard against the cold metal wall of the shuttle, her legs wound around him, her arms around his shoulders, her hands clasped at the back of his neck. He was all around her, supporting her, keeping her warm. She leaned forward and bit the side of his ear and felt him convulse against her once more.

For several long minutes they stood there, supporting each other against the cold metal. Then he slowly straightened up and turned, sitting in the open doorway of the shuttle with her still wound around him. He raised his hands and stroked her hair, her back, any part of her that he could reach. "Nyota. We will have to be very discrete. I do not wish your reputation to suffer. I will protect you."

"Okay." She would have agreed to almost anything to be able to repeat this experience. "I'm sure we can figure out how to make it work if we try."

The rest of their time in that clearing seemed to fly by. She really hated to get back in the shuttle and head back to the city.

The captain was waiting when they arrived. "Well, what did you do out there all alone?"

Spock looked at the captain, one eyebrow raised. "We did the research we set out to do, Captain." He paused. "And we looked at the moons. This planet has seven of them."

"Seven moons, Spock? And all you did was look at them?"

"Is that not what moons are for, Captain?"

She tried very hard not to laugh, to give them away. She saw him glance sideways at her. It was very difficult. Oh, but very much worth it.