A/N: Wilson never did give a good reason (at least good enough for me) for why he sabotaged 13's plans...


House would call it irrational. She was broken. Heartbroken. Wilson was the doctor. The guy who needed everything to be perfect. Needed everyone happy. He was the guy that needed to fix everything.

House would say that it was a phase. Maybe it was, who knew.

What Wilson did know, was that he was curious. 13 was interesting. She had Huntingtons. She was bold enough to stand up to House. She was beautiful. She was bisexual. This all was interesting. I mean, come on! How many people can say that they know a bold, beautiful, bisexual doctor with Huntington's chorea? She was a great doctor too.

Sure, she had killed a patient right off the bat, but she had learned from her mistake. Wilson had been curious as to why House had let her stay, and settled on the reason that he was intrigued by her too.

Right now, Wilson realized just how irrational the situation he was currently in, was. He sighed and fell back against his seat, running a hand over his face. It was to late to back out now. She was already in her seat, which was several rows in front of him. If he tired to sneak out, she'd most definitely see him.

He'd have to wait for the plane to take off before revealing himself. That way, she couldn't angerly storm out, and he couldn't run like a coward.

Sometimes, being irrational sucks.

A/N: I was a Forteen shipper, but lately, Foreman has been on my nerves. I suppose Wilson/13 could work. They're definitely cute...

Anyway, this is my first House fic. Ironic, considering House was my first love, first fanfic read and my first shipper supported (Go, Chameron!).

Truthfully, writing House intimidates me. But this fluffy little oneshot was too good to pass up (evil plot bunny).

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