Title: Return of the Watcher

Author: Ripper's Girl

Rating: FRM (mature persons)

Spoilers: AU season 6

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss, Mutant Enemy, FOX, etc. I'm just borrowing them to have a little fun.

Feedback: My name is Kristin and I am a feedbackaholic.

Summary: Sequel to 'A New Watcher'. Nigel goes back to England and convinces Quentin that a one-legged Slayer is a liability to the Council.

Pairings: B/G, W/T, X/A

Note: Thanks to Trinity for the idea for the title


Nigel walked stiffly through Council Headquarters well aware that wherever he went, people stared. He didn't blame them; he would have stared, too. He had a black eye and a swollen lip. He also had to walk very slowly so as not to jar the broken ribs that he had. By the time he reached Quentin's office, Nigel was gasping for breath. He didn't bother knocking; he just opened the door and made for a chair.

Quentin looked up from his desk, ready to tell off whoever it was for not knocking, when he saw that it was Nigel. "Nigel, what the hell happened to you?" Quentin cried. "And why aren't you in Sunnydale?" He paused for a minute but continued before Nigel had a chance to speak, "Did our lovely Miss Summers finally go to her eternal reward?"

Nigel, having finally caught his breathe, looked sourly at him and said, "Unfortunately, Miss Summers is still very much alive. The reason I look like this and the reason that I'm not in Sunnydale are one and the same." He paused for effect before saying, "Rupert Giles."

"What?" Quentin exploded. "I thought that idiot was here in England."

"Apparently he found out about me and went to Sunnydale," Nigel replied. "He got there, kicked my arse, and told me to stay away from his Slayer. Now, what are we going to do about him?"

Quentin contemplated this for a moment. What would hurt Rupert the most? A smile began to spread across his face. "Well, he can't be a Watcher if he has nothing to watch."

"What?" Nigel asked, confused.

"A disabled Slayer is a liability that we just can't have," Quentin answered. "You tried to train her, what do you think?"

Nigel smiled as he understood where Quentin was going with all of this. "Quite right, sir," he replied. "She cannot be trained and will only serve in getting those around her killed."

"Well, then," Quentin said. "We will have to deal with Miss Summers immediately." The two of them laughed and set to work.