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I don't think I can life anymore, but really … what would you do if you got rejected from someone you truly love, well maybe I can't say 'rejected' because he hasn't answered me yet. And yes, it's a 'he', the person I love is a male (or would you say it a boy). I'm Taichi Yagami, the captain of the soccer team in my school, the idol of every girl at school (a little narcissist aren't we ^ ^), and leader of the first generation of the digidestined, loved such a beautiful creature in a form of Yamato Ishida, my own best friend (and love) since forever.

"Tai it's time for dinner, you can't keep hiding in your room" that's Kari, my lil sis. I have already told her about my feelings for Yamato and thanks God, she didn't freak out when she found out about that (which Yamato did). She's the most open-minded person I ever knew being in the world, she accept me for who I am and even she is the only one I came after if I was in a trouble. And guess what? She even introduce me to some boy she met in facebook, I think I can't hope a better sister than her.

"Yeah, I'm comin" I replied cheerfully like nothing happen. Yeah, I'm Taichi Yagami must keep acting all cheerful and energetic. I've been used to faking my emotion in front of my friends and family because I don't like anyone to know how I truly feel (except my sister of course).

I went to the kitchen and there's my family . . the simple and happy family. My dad is the never-ever-to-give-that-miserable-look people, he's very funny, he liked to make some kind of joke if there's nothing to do. My mother is the kind of gentle and caring woman, I like her because she liked to hear to my problems and giving motherly advices for me, maybe that's where my sister got her character, and I got mine from my father.

After dinner, I got back to my room and became the miserable Taichi again. That's until Kari called me (again). "Hey Tai someone wants to talk to you" "Tai is sleeping and he don't want someone to disturb him" I called back. "C'mon Tai, I think you'll regret it if you don't speak with this person" Kari said, she's in the doorway to my room now. "Okay, okay I'm comin' my sweet little princess" I replied. Kari huffed and said "I'll be very happy if you don't use that name on me anymore Tai" "As you wish my princess". Kari rolled her eyes and said "Yeah whatever".

"Moshi moshi, you're speaking with Taichi now" I said to the other person on the phone, I don't know who was it. "Ummm . . . hi Tai, it's me" OH MY GOD!!! It's him . . .

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